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Mark's Best of 2012

Seasons greetings, faithful readers, and welcome to my Best of 2012.

Because I am the fussy sort, I thought I would do something a little different this year. Rather than just run down my favourite and least favourite shows from the past 12 months like I did last year, I've decided to just make up a load of awards and hand them out to the people, series and things that I feel deserve them the most. So sit back, relax and enjoy.

Best Kept Secret - OMFG! Is that who I think it is? (Doctor Who)

No one saw this coming. And I mean that. Somehow in this day and age, where nothing is ever a secret for long, Steven Moffat and his team were able to keep Jenna Louise Coleman's appearance in 'Asylum of the Daleks' a complete secret right up until broadcast. Amazing! That she also turned out to be all kinds of wonderful was just the icing on the cake (or should that be souffle?).

Best "Now how the hell did he do that?" – Sherlock's "death" (Sherlock)

The consulting detective stood on a wall. The consulting detective had a great fall. And Moffat and Gatiss better have a bloody good explanation for how he survived or all the king's horses and all the king's men won't be able to put them back together again.

Best Beard – Saul Berenson (Homeland)

Utilizing the power of his mighty facial hair, Saul was the calm centre of the hurricane of craziness that was season two of Homeland.

Best Hat – Raylan Givens (Justified)

There were a lot of strong contenders this year, Sherlock's deerstalker, the iconic Heisenberg, but it was always going to be Raylan. The Marshal and his Stetson are simply inseparable. He always looks so naked without it.

Best Jumpers – Sarah Lund (The Killing)

The defending champion retained her title for the third and (weep) final time. Farewell, Sarah Lund, I will deeply miss you and your iconic knitwear.

Best Xena Replacement – Regina Mills (Once Upon a Time)

With her luscious black hair, killer wardrobe, struggle to redeem herself for past sins, and staggeringly large lesbian following, the former mayor of Storybrooke is a Xena for the 21st century. A lot of praise has to go to the amazing Lana Parrilla, who is able to make us want to root for Regina whether she's naughty or nice.

Best Radio 4 Fan – Hal Yorke (Being Human)

Mitchell was my favourite character. There was no way I was going to be able to love the new guy as much as I loved him. And I was right. I ended up loving him even more.

Best Couple to Ship Because the Alternative is Much Worse – Caroline and Klaus (The Vampire Diaries)

No matter how much chemistry these two have, the idea of Caroline hooking up with Klaus is still completely absurd. But if he keeps her away from Tyler I'm all for it.

Best Scene Not in the Books – Arya and Tywin (Game of Thrones)

In A Clash of Kings, Ned Stark's tomboy daughter and the Lord of Casterly Rock never once interacted. But the producers of the series clearly couldn't resists the urge to put two of their best actors together. And a good thing too, because the scenes between Charles Dance and Maisie Williams were some of the best of the year.

Best Babysitter – Daryl Dixon (The Walking Dead)

There are no limits to the amazing things Daryl Dixon can do. Not only can the man pull of a poncho, he is great with kids. He is also great at picking out baby names. Any child would rather be called Little Ass-Kicker than Judith. Honestly, Carol, if you don't marry this man I will.

Best Science Experiment – "Yeah, bitch! Magnets!" (Breaking Bad)

Jesse Pinkman is my spirit animal.

Best Election Result - Pawnee Votes Knope (Parks and Recreation)

Yeah, Obama being re-elected was nice (and Romney losing was just delicious), but the best election outcome of 2012 was our Leslie Knope beating the odds and winning that city council seat. I swear, if Amy Poehler doesn't get the Emmy next year there will be blood. More than likely mine because I am a weakling, but that still won't deter me.

Best Partnership We Seriously Needed To See More of – Simon and Etta (Fringe)

I would've gladly watched an entire series about Desmond and the little Bishop solving cases and fighting Observers. Instead she died and he ended up as a head in a jar. Thanks, Fringe. See you in another life, brutha. And sista.

Best Episode of Law & Order That Wasn't Really An Episode of Law & OrderBasic Lupine Urology (Community)

The more episodes of real Law & Order you watch the funnier this episode becomes.

Best Episode With An Adorable Behind the Scenes Photo of Katie McGrath Holding Hugo - Arthur's Bane (Merlin)

This is probably what I'm going to miss most about Merlin.


  1. Brilliant list! Now those are some awards I can totally get behind! :o)

    I never thought of Regina as a new Xena... but you're right!

  2. Great list, Mark! I'm with you when it comes to best ship and best babysitter, for sure.

  3. Mark

    AWESOME !!!! Love the photo montage at the top.

    TOTALLY agreeing with you about Fringe. Argghhhh

  4. I didn't know Regina had a huge lesbian following. 'Twere I a lesbian (yes, 'twere), I'd be more invested in a possible Ruby/Belle love connection. ;) Your comparison of Xena and Regina is interesting. Although I don't think Xena was as into couture as Regina is.

    Have to disagree with you on 'Best Election Result.' Leslie finally getting her seat on the city council was amazing, but real life was actually more awesome this year. :)

    How did Sherlock survive? It's literally kept me up at night! LITERALLY.

    Arya and Tywin met this season!? Huzzah! I don't have HBO and thus have to wait for the DVDs to catch up. I kept waiting for them to run into each other in the books and it really pissed me off they didn't.

    Community's L&O tribute was beyond amazing.

    Great list!

  5. What a fantastic piece, Mark!

    And, wow am I with you with your choice for best hat!

  6. Such a fun array of awards, Mark! They definitely made me smile. Except for that "Partnership" one. That just made me sob quietly in a corner for a while, mourning what could have been. *Snurp!*

  7. Mark, what delightful categories!

    Can't disagree with you about Caroline and Klaus, though. He's so smarmy. No matter what he says, all I hear is "singles bar, singles bar, singles bar."

    I'm starting to ship Caroline/Stefan. It'd be nice for Stefan to get a girlfriend who talks back and bosses him around. At least for a while.

  8. Always happy to know people enjoy my ramblings.


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