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Nikita: Aftermath

"Nikita, we're at war. Bad things happen when we're at war. No one knows that more than us."

Although I didn't love this hour, it contained some great character work for Michael which ultimately makes it a necessary step in the show's mythology this year.

I've often harped on Shane West in the past but he was superb here, perfectly embodying Michael's pain and torment after losing his hand. While I wasn't pleased that the episode began three weeks after the accident, I was glad that they didn't gloss over Michael's suffering and we still got to experience his trauma. In addition, his relationship with Nikita has undoubtedly been affected and I'm looking forward to seeing it evolve going forward.

I wish I could praise the episode's standalone plot, but the psycho cleaner wasn't particularly compelling. I know that Melinda Clarke hasn't signed on for the whole season but Amanda's absence was definitely felt with this week's disposable villain. After her imposing presence in the previous weeks, I do hope she returns soon because we can't have our Big Bad disappear for episodes at a time.

One aspect I quite liked about this hour was Owen's involvement. as it kind of seems like the writers are hinting at the love triangle once again. They never really went there with Owen and Nikki but he was a bit too protective of her in this one, and it gave off a romantic vibe instead of a sibling one. Devon Sawa did some good work and I'm glad he'll be more active in the proceedings in the future.

And can someone please tell me where Sean is? Seriously, it's laughable that one of the core members of Team Nikita has been such a non-presence this year, particularly as Alex is going through such a difficult time. At least mention his whereabouts with a line or two, because it's getting quite frustrating.

Bits & Bullets

- Michael's robot hand is admittedly cool.

- The heated conversation at the gun-range between Nikki and Michael was a good one. Less appreciated was Owen overhearing them, soap-opera style.

- Excellent Owen and Michael scene. Particularly with the latter jealously exclaiming "she's with me" before getting punched in the stomach.

- Nikki-Alex bonding at the end was way too short. And what is Alex's reason for medicating? They really seem to be setting it up as some sort of big revelation.

- The episode's closing scene was undoubtedly effective, with Michael blaming Nikki, and banging the wall in a haunting moment as she cries outside.

Nikki Notables

Michael: Take a good look, everyone. If you're nice to me, I'll even let you touch it. But no high-fives.

Liam: Owen? What are you doing here?
Owen: Cleaner class reunion.

Ryan: The day I met Nikita, Michael shot a rocket-propelled grenade at her, so it's not like I don't expect some fireworks.

Owen: It's not right, what happened to you. It sucks.
Michael: You always had a gift for poetry.

Michael: She's with me. Stay out.
Owen: You get her a ring and what? You own her? You're the only one that can care about her?

Birkhoff: I got eyes like Beyonce got thighs.

- Great character work but an average plot made this one a so-so episode of Nikita.

2.5 out of 5 robot hands.

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  1. Don’t kill me, Nadim, but this was yet another episode in which Alex felt forced into the story. She’s come clean about using again, but what else is she doing? I would be more willing to accept her if she were playing a larger role with Nikita (I agree that their scene was too short), but Nikita is not willing to confide. Something really important needs to happen with this character and soon. And, you’re right. Sean needs to either come back or an explanation of his absence needs to be given.

    I agree that Shane West did a very good job this week. I really felt for him, but am a bit confused about what suddenly allowed him to make a fist. It couldn’t be anger or frustration because he had felt them before. It can’t be jealousy because he is the one pushing Nikita away. Thoughts?

  2. I am not happy with the ALex story either. She has great moments with Nikita or Michael but the drug thing is getting old and she does not add anything else to the story. And I wonder how she is able to be so much in Devision while at the same time having this public life. Her using will probably have something to do with Sean or her mother/past, I guess.

    Shane West really did a great job this week. But his Anakin-Skywalker hand is a joke. This is really the best Devision can come up with?

    I love Owen and I`m glad he´s back. I got the vibe that he is playing Michael and deliberately made him jealous. It would not be really original from the writers to bring up the love triangle in this situation - only to create really boring drama.

    There is one thing that is bothering me though. Being a fan of the original Nikita series and especially of the chemistry between Michael and Nikita there, I have trouble shipping Michael and Nikita here. I really don´t feel the chemistry that Nikita has so much more with Owen and Michael with Alex.

  3. Haha I won't kill you Chris because I agree about Alex. Totally useless in this episode. I do hope she gains a pivotal focus soon!

    You're right about the fist. When I saw it, I wondered that perhaps it was sadness or regret for hurting Nikki and sending her rushing out of the room? I don't know but it was admittedly sort of bizarre that they placed so much emphasis on the "trigger".

    And Anonymous it did feel like Owen was being deliberately sneaky and ruffling Michael's feathers. Hmm...

  4. This ep is purely a Nikki/Michael ep.
    The Operation Liam is just a prop this time to
    give us a update on how things are with these two.
    Michael needs closure to what happened.
    It would be interesting to see how the writers will
    approach Michael's closure of this particular incident.
    IMO, that closure will come once Michael's brain has
    "accepted" his new hand, thus, giving him control over it.
    Operation Liam gave him a bit of his confidence back
    by doing what he do best: orchestrating an operation.
    Work wise, he's on the mend; personally though,
    he's still not over the lost of his hand.
    It actually is a choice: Nikki or his hand.

    I love Birkoff referring to the opening credit lines of
    the original The Six Million Dollar Man TV series. :)
    I'm just wondering about the mech hand.
    There are shots that make it look like a bit bigger than
    when a glove is on.
    Especially on the first scene it was shown.
    The trigger finger looks like it won't fit in a gun's
    But, yeah, it is a cool hand.

    I'm with you, Nadim, regarding the sudden disappearance
    of Sean.
    I guess the writers are still trying to come up with a
    scenario. :)
    I agree with you on the thought; to at least drop a line
    or two wherever he is.

    What deep secret is Alex withholding?
    I have a feeling that Nikki knows but is letting Alex
    voice it out or accept it herself.

    If the powers that be is not bringing back Amanda, might
    as well develop a new Big Bad.
    But Amanda has "roots" that will be quite difficult to
    There are more than 20 former Division bad and evil
    operatives they can develop, though.

  5. I guess at this point it would be redundant if I talked about how great Shane West was. So instead, I'll say that I don't think Alex is actually hiding any big secret. The psychological underpinnings of her relapse seem pretty obvious to me: deep down, she really doesn't like herself all that much, which leads her to self-destructive behavior (see also her desire to rush back into the field , "the field" in this case being full of things which can kill her).

    I think Michael/Nikki/Owen are ALREADY a love triangle, and have been for quite some time. The catch is that it's a type 4 (see tvtropes' page on TriangRelations for an explanation).

    Alex was forced. Didn't particularly miss Amanda. Hardly even NOTICED Sean's absence.


  6. I really liked this episode, it was pretty emotional and Shane West did a good job.


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