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Nikita: Broken Home

"Not everyone can be saved."

How was this not the season finale?

Amanda's backstory was always going to be one hell of a twisted story and I gotta say it made a lot of sense in the grand scheme of things. We discovered that her father was studying PTSD through brutal experiments on her twin sister Helen (who ultimately was revealed to be in fact Amanda herself). That was pretty awesome twist that I did not see coming, culminating in our favorite villainess slaughtering her family and setting her childhood home on fire. It's all remarkably warped and fitting of a psychotic character whom we've been watching unravel for the past three years.

But most importantly, they killed odd Sean! While I am a fan of him and Alex, I have to say Dillon Cassey has been supremely underutilized this year so at least his death will have enormous ramifications on the rest of the season. His goodbye scene with Alex was positively magnificent and both Casey and Fonseca seriously knocked it out of the park with their emotionally-charged performances. Is there any doubt that the writers will eventually put Alex with Owen now? All that butterfly bonding earlier in the season finally makes sense.

I truly have no idea where we're going to go next in the final episodes of the year, particularly with Owen and Amanda on the run, and Alex probably on the verge of a rampage. Too many exciting prospects to consider so let's see if the standard can be maintained.

Bits & Bullets

- Nikita was pretty useless this week huh? All she really did was tag along Amanda's induced mindtrip and hear babbling about saving and redeeming people who can't be saved. I am intrigued to find out what Mandy did to her though. Hopefully it's something different than Owen and Alex.

- It's simply hilarious that Daddy Mandy use to drink the same tea in those tiny little cups.

- Owen/Sam is still a hoot with his sarcasm and brutal efficiency.

- How cool was Sonia wielding a machine gun? More please.

- It was insanely satisfying to watch Alex gun down annoying Rachel. Good riddance.

- All Sean wanted was to see Alex get better. Pretty heartbreaking. And what a haunting final shot with Nikki and Michael standing over Sean's body in a decimated Division.

Nikki Notables

Birkhoff: I'm not leaving without Sonia.
Owen: I got goosebumps.

Sean: I can't let Birkhoff be braver than me.

Michael: I'll push them off.
Owen: My hero.

- A powerful and layered hour of Nikita.

4 out of 5 Daddy Mandy teas.

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  1. Brilliant episode.
    What will happen to the agents that jumped ship. Will they be able to survive how nikita was able to when she first escaped.
    What will happen to nikita and co once the president finds out.
    I have a feeling that the black box contents will be realeased or some of them anyway.
    Evil owen is a BOSS.
    What has amanda done to nikita, I'm sure what ever it was, it will be something that effects nikita and michael. Also its clear that amanda/helen did not complete nikitas procedure.

    Sean Nooooo.
    Birkhoff was mr agent in this episode.
    Sonia looked smoking hot with that gun.

    Amanda escapes again. Michael jus wanted nikita back but what was stopping him from killing amanda and owen as soon as he entered the room.
    Amandas whole story was epic. She truly is badder than all these bitchs. The little twist although seen before was unexpected all the same.
    Sean Noooooo.
    Where did alex go?

    Enter amanden? helanda? hemanda?
    Amanda or helen shipper???

  2. That was finally a great episode again.

    I loved to see Amanda´s story although I could see the twist miles away - the second Helen said that she has no papers I knew what will go down. But I enjoyed it very much.

    I don´t think that Amanda will mess with Nikita´s brain. Maybe she makes her believe that she did but I think she wants to beat Nikita they way she is in order to educate her.

    I am sad to see Sean go. The writer´s should have done more with him. He was still quite the outsider or he felt like that to me and I did not like that. I am so glad that in that scene Alex was not so annoying than she was earlier in the episode.

    I don´t think Alex and Owen will be a couple (soon). Owen now in Sam-mode has the potential to be killed (please no!) off and Alex will be on a terrible guilt trip now that she is basically resposible for Sean´s death. Maybe there is a chance if there is a time jump.

    I loved Birkhoff this episode (even more than usual). He developed so nicely from season one and I am glad that he is now more than comic-relief.

    Btw., has anybody else the therory that Sam is the character invented by Amanda and that Owen is in fact Owen?

  3. Funny, but I could see the Amanda twist coming right from the start. It didn't make sense to me that Amanda would have Nikita "become" her, so she as Helen was the only other solution. As soon as she told Nikita/Amanda (Namanda?) that she "will have to live with the consequences," I knew I was right.

    Are we now meant to feel sympathy towards Amanda? My daddy did these icky things to me, so it's kind of all right that I probe people's brains? Suffice it to say, I feel no sympathy.

    I am very sorry that Sean is dead. I agree with you completely that the character has been underutilized this year, but I did like him. I'm pretty sure his death will cause some ripples.

    Can I just say, I love Birkhoff; but, when he kicks ass, I LOVE him.

    I like Anonymous' theory about Owen. That may be how the writers redeem him if he sticks around until next year.

  4. Owen and Alex maybe. Sam and Alex? Never!!!

    Brilliant episode! I was completely surprised by the Amanda twist! Explains A LOT!

    Poor Sean! But I'd rather it have been him than Birkhoff. No killing off my favourite nerd please! Sean I won't miss to much... He's mostly been around to help Alex progress, and now she will again.

    What will the President do???

  5. When alex saw owen in this episode there was a subtle little hint that may suggest a future pairing between the two..
    If you notice sam never tried to hurt alex, he shot at sean, michael and birkhoff.

    While the death wasnt that surprising it was the mellow nature of it. Everything was quietm we as an audience thought everyone was safe and then BOOM internal bleeding. and seans gone.

    The same with amandas story..It wasnt altogether original and fresh but the way it was done and the timing is what made it surprising even if yo had guessed already..Thats quality writing.

  6. The twist with Amanda was well done for me. It adds a new dimension to her and makes her somewhat sympathetic but not relatable at the same time.
    It also adds depth to what we have seen from her character before.
    Even when she had alex or nikita at her mercy, she never became 'the inquisitor' with them.
    She was always attempting to break them down mentally. As seen in "all the way' with nikita, and with alex on numerous occasions.

  7. The episode was amazing and intense. I didn´t expect to see Sean die.


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