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The Veronica Mars Movie: What Now?

"dear pope: Im sorry VM fans stole ur thunder on ur 1st day. I mean,Im not really that sorry,but i thought it would be polite 2 say so."

That’s what our favourite Marshmallow (Kristen Bell) had to say when the Kickstarter campaign, which was started to raise $2million dollars in 30 days to fund a Veronica Mars movie, reached its goal in less than 10 hours. Now, with the campaign over, it has smashed Kickstarter records for the highest number of backers (91,585), and grossed a final tally of $5,702,153. That’s almost 3 times the original goal! But I’m not here to discuss how mind-blowing and possibly game-changing the campaign was (and it was pretty nuts). Now that it’s official, I’m more interested in what this film will be like. Who will be involved? What will the story entail? And how many snarky put-downs do we have in store for us?

Personally, there are a lot of things I want out of a Veronica Mars movie, so it’s safe to say that expectations are pretty high, here. First and foremost, I think the biggest reason I’ve been hanging on to hope for something like this for so long is to see the show reach some kind of resolution. Now, I’m not one of the fans who berated the finale. As an episode, ‘The Bitch is Back’ stands up well in its own right, but as the closing chapter in one of the greatest shows of our time...not so much.

Where did Ronnie end up after her rain soaked walk through Neptune after the Sheriff election? What happened to Keith after he risked his own job to destroy damning evidence on Veronica? What about Logan...and Mac...and Wallace...Is his life still a non-stop Nelly video? They’re probably the biggest questions left hanging for me. But, it’s not just follow-up that I want. This is something that should retain all of the magic of the original series; the wit, the mystery, the sass; it all needs to be there, along with some exciting story that can feasibly fuel a feature film. Plus, all the familiar faces; Logan, Keith, Mac, Wallace and Weevil are must haves for me.

Of course, I’m not delusional. I know there’s going to be limitations, like scheduling and budget. But I think Rob’s got his head straight with this. He’s always known what fans want, and almost always given it to them. His fan appeasing nature was a bit of an issue at times (the LoVe train was a little over-powering during season 3), but in this instance I think it will be exactly what we need. He’s also given us as much insight as possible into where the money is going. I’m confident it will be used to its full potential.

So, what do we know for sure already? As far as casting goes, we’ve got this to go on: "We now have three actors officially cast. Veronica. Logan and the waiter who says, 'Your check, sir.' Don't worry. We're busily working on bringing your favorites into the fold.” So that’s good news. I heard rumours of Max Greenfield being sought out, so he’s cast his net wide on this one. Even Vinnie is involved (I’m sort of over the moon about that one), most likely as reigning Sheriff of Neptune.

The script itself seems to be underway, too. Story details are starting to arrive now that the first draft has been completed. Apparently since leaving Neptune, Veronica [and minor spoilers here] transferred from Hearst (most likely after the scandal of the second to last episode) graduated from Stanford (like she wanted to), and just finished law school at Columbia. We also have the synopsis we started with: “Life has taken Veronica away from Neptune. In the years since spoiling Keith's chances to be re-elected sheriff, Veronica hasn't taken a case. But something big is about to bring her back home and back to her calling.” It’s not a lot, but it’s enough to get the fanboy in me going.


Looks like the cast are headed for Comic-Con! It’s not something I’d ever attend, but it’s great news all the same. Their own booth is pending, but the fact that the campaign got them there is amazing on its own.

A huge thank you to Rob and Kristen and anyone else who was involved in getting this movie off the ground! It couldn’t have been easy, but I’m so glad they did it.

The records broken by this Kickstarter campaign:

  • Fastest project to reach $1 million.
  • Fastest project to reach $2 million.
  • All-time highest-funded project in FILM category.
  • Third highest-funded project in Kickstarter history.
  • Most project backers of any project in Kickstarter history.

Kristen: “Lilly: I've got a secret, a good one. ***the secrets out: RON MARS FANS ARE THE BEST IN THE WORLD.*** #veronicabars #veronicamarsmovie”

So, what about you guys? Did you make any donations? What are you looking to see? More brooding from Logan, maybe? More father/daughter time for Veronica and Keith? Sound off in the comments. And stay cool soda pop(s)!


  1. I'm so excited, I have checked out a lot of Kickstarters but this was the first one I donated to. The biggest thing I want is some good father/daughter time, if I don't get that I will be so sad. I like the idea for the script so I'm very happy to see the what happens. I would have donated either way but they really went all out with the rewards for donating.

  2. I donated a small amount of money, mostly because I wanted to be a part of it and this whole Kickstarter thing has just made me smile. And during the month, I kept checking to see how high it was going, and smiling. What a success for the fans, being able to take action and actually getting a movie!

    Like Brandi said, I want father/daughter time. And I want Logan/Veronica LoVe time, too. I want to be able to rewatch the series in the future and be happy with the way the story finally ends. And that's pretty much it. I do hope Thomas has rethought how he left us, and that he won't get creative and piss us all off.

  3. I can hardly wait, I'm dying to see this movie!

    I would LoVe for Logan and Veronica to get a real ending, a happy one, because I didn't like the way they ended in the series.. they're one of my favorite couples ever!! (and I'm a hopeless romantic, at the end of the day, I just want the guy to get the girl..(a little Everwood quote for you))

  4. Great post Panda! It's pretty clear your a Marshmallow! ;o)

    Ok Douxers, confess: how many Marshmallows are there hanging out here?

    I'll come clean: I'm definitely one! And I backed the project from day one (then upped my backing when they allowed for other countries to get the rewards), was super excited as it passed the original minimum $2mil objective and then super-duper excited to see it breaking all those records!!!

    I can't wait to see what Rob has in store for us. Definitely some adorable father-daughter time please! And some LoVe!!!

    I read it's centred around a 10 year high school reunion (what else would bring everyone back to Neptune?), so hopefully we can get everyone back!!! And like Billie said what I REALLY want is for it to be a great ending to the series (à la Serenity for Firefly).

  5. Yeah, definitely a proper ending! Its a show I love to re-watch, but the experience is always dampened by the ending, or lack thereof.

    I'm definitely a Marshmallow Cris :) I donated a sort of OK-ish (fanboy reference, anyone get it?) amount so I could get access to the film when it comes out (I doubt it will get a theatrical release over here).

    It's definitely my favorite show, pretty much ever. The excitement for this film is kind of killing me!

  6. Panda I was really happy when they opened up the rewards to countries other than the US and Canada because I'm pretty sure it won't hit screens here in Spain... and if by some miracle it did I'd be stuck seeing it in Spanish! So all hail that digital version available after the movie has premiered!

    And it's a good thing (for my budget) that I don't live Stateside or my crazy fangirl personality might have taken over my mind and signed me up for one of the movie premieres (NY or LA)! :p

    As for excitement... to the moon and back! It feels wonderful to be able to just participate in a project like this! To be able to say later "I helped that movie get made!" :o)

  7. Yeah, I think my wallet is thankful for the Atlantic Ocean right now :P

    But yeah, it's so great to be able to participate in this kind of a way. There's a lot of naysayers out there, but I don't think they understand that we all have the right to spend out money how we like. I like to think of this as pre-paying for the movie more so than a donation. We all get something out of this!

  8. If Veronica and Logan don't end up together, I will be very upset. I also want something to go right in Keith's life for a change. Poor guy.

    Completely unrealistic wish: I want to see a cameo by Lincoln Bell Shepard! Because that has to be one adorable baby, right?

  9. I donated to get the digital version, and I really feel like the rewards we get are well worth it. Mostly what I want from this movie is a lot of snarky, snappy vmars dialog, a lot of familiar faces, and for it to be a success to help legitimize this funding avenue. I don't think it this will get done for (many? any?) other shows, but I definitely think it is a step in the right direction towards letting viewers have more of a say in what gets made.

  10. I donated the $100 US one - I hadn't actually realised they had opened up rewards to other countries like NZ and then got really excited that they had! So I wanted all the visual movie stuff possible (not so worried about the T-shirt or poster)

  11. I am so excited and also scared about this one! I am also from Spain and I donated to get the DVD, happy about the T-shirt as well!

    As mentioned, Spanish dubbing for VM sucks and I doubt it would have much distribution, I want to watch it as soon as it's out and be able to say "I helped make that!"

    Wishes for the movie? Logan and Veronica NEED to be together by the end, their story is epic! I would be very disappointed if it's not so... Rob Thomas wouldn't do that to us!


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