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Witches of East End: Unburied

Ingrid: "I'll kill you as many times as it takes."

The flashbacks thus far have been a favorite for me, which isn’t saying much because flashing back to different time periods has always been a guilty pleasure of mine. Even cheesy flashback scenes where everyone speaks English and has perfect teeth no matter the setting or time period. This show adds an extra layer to it, though, making me wonder how much of Ingrid and Freya’s past lives affect their current ones.

1906 Ingrid certainly seemed a far cry to current Ingrid. I can’t imagine present day Ingrid torturing anyone, let alone a family member.

Now we know what Athena wants. The serpent key, and she raised 1906 Ingrid from the grave to help her find it. I get that Wendy killed past Ingrid, but it was basically an accident. Plus she did get reborn. Plus if Ingrid hadn’t betrayed the family in the first place, they wouldn’t have been in such a mess. Plus wouldn’t over a hundred years be plenty of time to forgive and forget? Guess not, because 1906 Ingrid was pissed and ready to get her vengeance on. There was torture. There were questions. It didn’t seem like a fun time, but as torture scenes go I didn’t have to change the channel so I won’t hold it against the show. Ingrid killed Wendy and I started to wonder how many lives she has left so I started to make a list of the times we know of that she has died before. We find out later, though, she’s officially on her last life so my list-making skills were wasted. I can see how running out of lives is necessary to the conflict, since there is no real danger of death if she’s just going to wake up in a few hours, but I really, really don’t want Wendy to die.

Aunt Wendy is awfully cute with Leo the butterfly man. (Freddie Prinze Jr. is just getting more and more attractive as time goes on, isn’t he?) Leo even helped save the day by alerting Joanna to Wendy’s abduction. I wonder if Joanna uses that locater spell to find lost cell phones and keys, because I could really use something like that.

Joanna lying to Wendy about destroying the key really rubs me the wrong way. Wasn’t it just the last episode that she berated Wendy for not telling her the truth about Ingrid’s affair? Pick a side, Joanna.

Freya’s love life is a mess. Having steamy dreams about Killian while in bed with his brother is starting cause problems and as soon as she thinks this situation is resolved, Dash finds out the truth from Freya, no less. Joanna dealt tarot cards for Freya. Turns out she will fall in love with Dash and Killian (I think that ship has sailed), but one is her soul mate and one is her “destroyer,” but we all sort of saw that coming, right? I wonder if this means one of them is or will end up working with Athena against the Beauchamps? I don’t really trust Dash, so maybe it’s for the best that he ran off to London alone. Besides, who would make the magic cocktails if Freya went on vacation?

2 out of 4 red necklaces.

Bits and pieces

Wendy’s necklace was much more beautiful green than it is red.

When the girls get reborn, are they essentially the same person with different experiences?

1906 Ingrid: "But you don’t kill people."
Joanna: "You’re already dead."
This exchange stuck with me. 1906 Ingrid really didn’t think her mother would kill her, and neither did I. We could’ve had two Ingrids, couldn’t we?


  1. Welcome to the site, LaureMack! Billie's been trying to convince me to watch this show, so I'm really excited we have reviews of it here.

  2. Yes, I have indeed been harassing Josie to try this show. :)

    I actually didn't realize the butterfly guy was Freddie Prinze the first time because he was so cute! And he's so cute with Wendy. Ingrid and Wendy are by far my favorite characters and they both could use a good love interest, which is why I was so happy to see Enver Gjokaj (Mike). I haven't seen the next episode yet, and am hoping he'll be a continuing character. They've been knocking it out of the park with the female characters, but so far the guys have been a little boring. And that includes Dash and Killian, sorry to say. Although if one of them is truly evil, it might make him less boring. I'm voting for Dash.

  3. I'm so glad someone is reviewing this show! I started watching it because I was on an Eric Winter binge and got hooked. So yay!

    As much as I love Dash (which is a whole lot), I reckon he's going to be Freya's "Destroyer" as wouldn't Killian be too obvious a choice?

    I think this is the first time that I'm rooting for the "good brother" in a TV show love triangle thingamajig.

  4. Welcome to the site Lauren! Glad to see someone review this one, it's been a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine. I've liked Madchen Amick for quite awhile (which is the main reason I tried this show), and Wendy is probably my favorite character.

    Still,I'm definitely enjoying what they've done so far. It has a Charmed vibe, without feeling like a rip off of that show. I'm intrigued by the idea of the duplicates, how many Ingrid's and Freya's have there been? Will we see more resurrected versions of them down the line if it is that easy to bring them back up? How cold was it that Johanna basically destroyed the risen Ingrid with barely a moment's hesitation. Wow. She's really not exactly a good guy is she?

    Really good job on your first review, I'm looking forward to next week's episode even more now.

  5. Thanks Josie! Hopefully my reviews can convince you to give it a try!

    Billie-Thanks for the introduction. My instincts say Dash is evil, but maybe that's exactly what the writers want me to think.

  6. Morgan-Killian being too obvious is exactly my thought, but then maybe they'll throw the obvious choice at us to keep us on our toes.

    Thanks Jd! I'm exciyed to be here. Wendy is definitely my favorite character too. Ditto on the Charmed vibe...

  7. LaureMack -- welcome to the site! I loved the pilot of this show, but decided not to continue watching as I had too much on my DVR at that time. I may have to use the holidays to catch up.

  8. Dash must be evil..and Enver's probably on for a while..
    More Charmed than Eastwick..trust me that's good. Love Wendy and Virgina Madsen's soo hammy it's fun.


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