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Once...in Wonderland: Dirty Little Secrets

“There’s a darkness in you.”

Wonderland is going hard and fast since it’s returned from the winter hiatus, but what it needs to do now, more than anything else, is to better define the characters that are driving it.

With Cyrus, the main issue is that he’s far too bland to be considered the main love interest of the series. So far we’ve learned very little about him, and while ‘Dirty Little Secrets’ was important in filling in some of his charismatic black holes, he still remains as painfully dull as ever.

The Queen has other issues. In past reviews I’ve paid a lot of attention to her and the journey she’s been taking towards redemption and willing Will over again. This week I was a little frustrated at her back and forth between two different goals; save Will and win back her kingdom.

It’s hard to tell, even after her wishes were forced out by the Jabberwocky, which motivates her more. She used her last loyal subject to get word to Alice and Cyrus to escape, and didn’t make any attempt to escape. It seems like she’s given up on both of the things she seemingly wants more than anything.

I hope she doesn’t though, because it’s this plot that’s been the highlight of the show for me. It definitely entertained me a lot more than Cyrus’ B plot here. Although, I was admittedly surprised by the fun little twist involving Amara being his mother.

The show does a lot with a small cast, and tying them all together. Most shows can’t claim the same with cast lists twice the size of this one, and that’s something that works in Wonderland’s favour. There’s less room for poor character development since more time can be dedicated to those that are less important.

I could be wrong about the motivations driving people like Ana. Maybe they need time to take root. But I don’t think that time is really there right now. I honestly did enjoy this episode. It was punchy, fun and exciting, but the flaws with regards to the characters is something that needs to be addressed before the show bows out, or else this journey wasn’t really worth much at all.

3.5 out of 5 wishing wells


Peta Sergeant needs to cool it with the scene chewing, but other than that I love the Jabberwocky’s inclusion in the series.

He Said, She Said

Jafar: “I always get what I want.”

White Rabbit: “Why do you care if I forgive you?”
Anastasia: “Because I need your help.”
White Rabbit: “With what?”
Anastasia: “Becoming the queen that everyone deserves.”

Originally posted at PandaTV.

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  1. I think the Jabberwock was toying with Ana's mind so she couldn't know what she did with those wishes. The reveal with Amara being the mother was well-done. And yes, Peta Sergeant is great. Hope this show keeps being this strong.


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