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Continuum: So Do Our Minutes Hasten

"Don't tell me you're switching horses?"

I found most of this episode uncomfortably dense, although that might have been because I watched it when I was sleepy.

The problem with the evil corporations in this show is that they feel interchangeable and have awkward names: Fermitas, Vickerdale, Sonmanto. Except that Sonmanto again out-eviled their competition by gassing the board of Fermitas in order to make stock prices plummet so they could acquire a controlling interest. And they did their best to pin all that murder on Liber8.

What I'm finding most confusing is where Dillon stands on all of this. He either has tunnel vision about Liber8 being the source of all evil, or he's in Sonmanto's pocket as well as Piron's. Except didn't Kiera sound him out with her lie detector CMR? I'm really unclear about what happened with that, and I watched the episode twice.

At least Kiera and Carlos have arrived at the same place emotionally and are becoming partners again; it feels like the two of them will eventually turn rogue together. Kiera has even forged an information exchange relationship with Garza, which makes sense after their little bonding exercises this season. And Carlos went to Julian, just like he did in the previous timeline with Betty. The focus on Betty and her ankle monitor signaled to me in advance that she was going to be killed, and of course, she was. Carlos in particular was terribly broken up. I wouldn't be surprised if it pushes both of them over the edge and into action.

There are still so many unanswered questions. The big one for me is, what the frak is going on with Curtis? He's stalking Kiera, scaring the hell out of Kellog, and implying that he has succeeded in cheating death. If he has, that's certainly a big plot twist. Kellog has managed to plant Jason unknowingly undercover at Piron with his dear old dad. Sonmanto/Grey Point has a bug on Kiera's desk and knows that Alec is (reluctantly) helping Kiera. Bugs, bugs, everywhere.

And Garza is trying to help Julian. That was amusing. So was her beating up Neelon the merc, and breaking into Kiera's apartment to confront her. Garza is just an enjoyable character, even though she's such a badass. Or maybe because she's such a badass.

Nothing this week on Week Ahead Alec, who is still languishing in Freelancer underwear prison. But CEO Alec just hoodwinked the Piron board into giving him sixty days R&D on his Halo wristband. Personally, I'd love to have one of those because I'm something of a doctor-phobe and I'd never have to see one again unless I really needed it. But the loss of privacy issues are staggering. Is it worth it?


— "So do our minutes hasten to their end" is from a sonnet by Shakespeare. Appropriate, since a continuing character's minutes indeed hastened to their end.

— The flashback to Kiera inadvertently arresting her own mother was too brief. I liked the Vancouver skyline time transition, though. Very nice.

— It just occurred to me that Sonmanto is supposed to be Monsanto. Sometimes it takes me awhile.

— Betty's sig was "Metahari." Very clever.

— Fonnegra got a love scene with the pretty whistleblower and a bit of a nude scene, too. Can't be bad.

— Dillon's daughter Christine has indeed been targeted for recruitment by Liber8. Their secret plan is working.

— The Halo bracelet and Betty's ankle monitor. Interesting parallel there.


Kiera's mother: "You're not the only one who gets to take a leap for what she believes in."

Curtis: "Miss me, Kellog?"
Kellog: "That depends. Are you... you?"
Curtis: "The one you set up? The one you betrayed, the dead one?"
Kellog: "Well then, the least I can do is buy you a drink."
It was fun to see Kellog so shaken, even though he recovered mighty quickly.

Jason: (re: Halo) "It's a good product. Caught all your heart attacks."

Carlos: "People lie, cheat and murder. That's what 'corporations are people too' means."

Garza: (to Julian) "You gotta toughen up. You're about as threatening as a head cold right now."
I'm trying to picture Garza as Julian's mentor, and smiling.

I found this one a bit of a struggle to get through, so – two out of four ankle monitors,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.

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  1. Sonmanto is an anagram Monsanto, and Fermitas reminds me of Fermilabs. Not sure about Pickerdale...that is darn near cute!

    I think CEO Alex hacked Kira' s CMR so she couldn't tell he was lying.


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