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Witches of East End: The Old Man and the Key

Joanna: "I love you, Frederick."
Frederick: "Thanks."

I can't yet tell how I feel about this season, and I didn't realize this until I wanted to clean the bathroom before writing this review. I do not like cleaning the bathroom.

Joanna is one thing this season is doing very well. When she sees Frederick's brand of the kings symbol, she knows what it could mean, but she desperately doesn't want to believe that her son could be her enemy. Not again. She still feels so much guilt about leaving him in Asgard and for all of the suffering he has endured. Wendy just doesn't have the same luxury. The sisters see the same set of facts but one is influenced by her guilt while Wendy is influenced by her pain and fear. She is on her last life after all. Not to mention that Frederick's behavior makes it pretty easy to think he is up to no good.

The version of Killian that has been haunting Dash is much darker than we have seen real Killian act. I guess that's how Dash sees him. It'll be interesting if he continues to be haunted now that Killian has returned. Speaking of our favorite feuding brothers, is Killian Freya's soul mate? Is Dash her destroyer? Were the cards wrong, did they change, or are we still waiting for it all to come together. This would be a part of the show I am not enjoying. It feels too convoluted. Almost as if there is no forethought and the three characters are just bobbing along until the writers figure out what they want to do. Silver lining: Freya's reaction in Santo Domingo was beautifully heart-breaking. Gold acting stars to Jenna Dewan-Tatum this week.

This episode had an ick factor. First, the sacrificed dove. Ick. Again at then with the blood and rats. Ick. Also, if Ingrid ever was the good girl like we've been told, she certainly isn't now. Aiding and abetting a murderer is very illegal and pretty dangerous. If the WoEE powers that be put Ingrid and Dash together I might lose my lunch. 1906 Ingrid was shacked up with Dash's grandfather. Ick. Nothing so far has been as disturbing as the end of episode one, but it's safe to say that the show is trying to be darker.

Bits and pieces

The Lottery countdown was super annoying.

Aunt Wendy was smart enough not use the earring that Frederick spelled. I love it when characters act as intelligent as they should be! Points for her.

Killian and Eva the owl girl are married. How very All My Children.

Did Eva perhaps know Freya from Asgard? She seemed to know she was talking to someone important (like a princess) or at least someone powerful.

Wendy's necklace was blue before the curse. Pretty, but I still prefer green.

Ingrid has officially moved out.

Victor has been abducted. Presumably by the beast.

The Old Man and the Sea is a novel by Ernest Hemingway.

Joanna: "Where have you been?"
Frederick: "Running. This place is so flat, it's almost too easy. I love the air here. Everything smells like food."
A little insight into Asgard is always fun.
There are also thunderstorms and blanket forts in Asgard.

Grandpa Beauchamp: "Death is too forgiving a punishment. I want you all to live a long time in misery and pain. I want you to suffer as you've made me suffer for what you did to me."
Is Gramps the beast?


  1. Is this season a hot mess or what?
    Of course he married owl girl, whom he's known for all of five seconds.
    Good review as ever.

  2. I can't yet tell how I feel about this season, and I didn't realize this until I wanted to clean the bathroom before writing this review. I do not like cleaning the bathroom. lol, LaureMack. I know what you mean. I just haven't gotten into this season yet. I'm wondering if the first season was a flash in the pan.


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