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Witches of East End: When a Mandragora Loves a Woman

"Can we finally have a boring Sunday, please?"

Either my wishful thinking is getting the best of me, or these last two episodes have been improving. Maybe I am just relieved that we are finally getting some answers.

The mandragora is on the hunt for a new body. The library is his first stop, and Hudson was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Poor Hudson. Barb got a magic baby, Ingrid got a magic job, and all he got was a magic death. Life is so unfair.

Killian's mind reading power is starting to affect him. It was all fun and games when his gift was winning him cash, but back in the real world other people's thoughts are unwanted. He sees it as an invasion I think, which is kind of endearing. He is the brother that would care about invasion of privacy and yet he is the one with the power to invade. I wonder if he had a choice, if he would read Eva's mind without her consent. It certainly seems like he is desperate to know more about his wife, but all she wants to do is rock his socks off in bed. At first I thought it was a diversion so Killian wouldn't ask her any more questions, but after what she said in the end... I guess there are certain things that need to happen in the bedroom to make a baby. So, is the potion to keep Killian from reading her mind? Or is it to make him extra fertile? Maybe it's a combo pack. Either way she is spelling him without his consent which I don't think he will appreciate once he finds out.

Freya and Dash had some intense screen time this week. You know, the usual. He tried to kill her and harshly berated her about her life choices. She stole secrets from his family's book of magic and stabbed him in the ear with something that smells like dog vomit. The rage we have come to know from Dash was right there on the surface for Freya to see, but after it was all over he apologized and said he believed her. Are we supposed to believe him outright? Was it just the poison talking during his little tantrum or should Freya still fear her destroyer? On the one hand it would be nice to have some peace brewing between them, but on the other that would be a pretty huge plot thread to drop.

Too bad Freddie is definitely in cahoots with Grandpa and communicating with him in Asgard to boot. Even worse, now Wendy (and everyone else for that matter) seems to have put their suspicions to bed. He has officially been accepted back as a part of the family at the exact moment that the audience found out he officially shouldn't be trusted. Very Days of Our Lives story telling. He did save Wendy's life though, when he could have just let the mandragora kill her. Probably just a diversion.

That brings us to Joanna and Alex. Alex is gone again and it's probably for her own good. If someone that isn't a sibling gets too much screen time, it's usually a sign they are close to death. Joanna is easily the least likable to me and I found their entire sordid past yawn worthy. She broke up with her girlfriend so that she could mourn her daughters alone when it came time for them to die again? Give me a break. I don't want this invitation to your pity party, Joanna. I wonder if that's the same reason Joanna kicked Victor out. If she did kick him out. We never really found out the story there, did we?

3 out of 4 combo pack spells.

Bones and Spices

When a Man Loves a Woman was a romantic comedy starring Meg Ryan as an alcoholic and her enabler husband. Hmm. Does that make the mandragora the addict and Ingrid the enabler?

Killian's mind reading power is reminiscent of what happened to Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Charmed. I guess it's a supernatural fallback. Hopefully it works out better for him than it did Buffy and Prue. That scene was fun though. People individually can be a little nuts, but for the most part we keep the worst of it to ourselves. However if you string together everyone's collective secret crazy and it's enough to drive anyone over the edge.

I really thought the beast would turn out to be someone that we knew or someone that our characters knew. Guess not.

This week's ick factor would have to be the ear stabbings, but (thankfully) it wasn't too graphic so I don't know if it counts.

Next week, James Marsters guest stars. Who's excited?

Freddie: "Freya?... This is crazy. We're in the middle of a crisis and you're still avoiding me. You haven't spoken to me since..."
Freya: "Your friends killed our father."
Freddie: "They weren't my friends, and I've beaten myself up every day since."
Freya: "You look fine to me. Must not be punching hard enough."

Wendy: "And you think just because the two of you are magic, he's going to forget that you left him at the altar?"

Hudson: "Hello, Joanna. I was chosen. He wanted to wear my skin, but it wasn't a good fit."

Wendy: "Okay, Hudson. We're going on a little ride."
Hudson: "On a magic carpet?"
Wendy: "Close. It's a station wagon."

Killian: "Some people's inner dialogues? Disturbing as shit."

Ingrid: "I'm so sorry. I wish there was something I could do to help."
Hudson: "It's okay. I always knew there was magic in the world. Now I know for sure. I love being right."
RIP Hudson. We will miss you.

Dash: "We had a little..."
Freya: "Issue. With some mandragora venom."
Ingrid: "That's right! He attacked you."
Freya: "It's all right. I managed to break the spell."
Dash: "She stabbed me in the brain."
Ingrid: "They got me too. Right in the ear."
Dash: "Hurts right?"
Ingrid: "Like a mother! I'm so glad you're okay."
I have not been a fan of the Dash/Ingrid shipping, but this was absolutely adorable.


  1. We are finally rid of the Mandragora-yay. And he was nobody we knew. Oh well.
    Poor Alex, ah at least she survived.
    James Marsters-yes, I am excited. Wonder if he'll be put to good use though?
    Enver Gjokaj was kinda wasted last season.

  2. Boogie Nights and When A Man Loves A Woman were songs long before they were movies. No idea if that changes the interpretation, though. I think they just like the puns (and to be fair, so do I).

  3. Combo pack. Good one, LaureMack.

    I was thinking of the Buffy episode "Earshot", too. And I'm very excited about James Marsters in the next episode, which I am about to watch right now.

    Poor Hudson! Tom Lenk deserved a better plotline.


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