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Witches of East End: The Fall of the House of Beauchamp

"Sleep well, my angels. We'll be together again soon."

I guess a lot happened in this episode, but I spent most of it being a little bored. Maybe because most of what happened we all saw coming.

The girls were brought back, but not before Joanna tried to join them. For someone that is supposed to be immortal, it wasn't that difficult for her to off herself. Thankfully, her sister was there to save her from the underworld. Speaking of... are there just tons and tons of Freyas and Ingrids hanging out together wherever this underworld is, because that sounds like it might be a real good time. Also, if there is a door to the past under the stairs, why doesn't Joanna just go back and visit the versions of her daughters that she lost? As it turned out, grandpa Beauchamp was the only hope to bringing them back and he came through. Joanna, however, is ever the skeptic and went running into the past to get something that she thinks they need for protection against him. Ingrid opted to not trust her mother and stay behind. Not cool, Ing. This isn't the first time that she hasn't trusted the people closest to her, though. Last season, she questioned if opening the portal was really as terrible as everyone thought and in the past she and Archibald planned on going behind everyone's backs to get back to Asgard.

I thought for a second that the brothers would bond over their relationships dying. Then Dash reminded us all that he's kind of a selfish prick and Killian went on a scavenger hunt. That store room has seen a lot of action over the course of this season, and Dash's romp with the FBI agent was no exception with the hot and steamy encounter. That should end well (insert sarcasm emoji here). Killian's journey might turn out to be pretty significant, too. Is he really suddenly trusting the family of the chick that tricked him into marriage? That kind of stupidity drives me crazy, but the Tarot cards were that of the emperor and the trickster, and I like the continuity from last season.

The new list of people that are around that we aren't sure if we can trust are the king, new Eva and her friend, probably still Freddie, and should we add Ingrid to the list?

Oh, and the king has returned. Whooptie freaking do. Him being angry with Tarkoff for killing Ingrid and Freya rang true for me... until I starting thinking about it. If they are different every time, then why would the king care about these two?? He doesn't know them, and the granddaughters he knew died a very long time ago. Am I the only one having trouble understanding this whole being reborn thing?

2 out of 4 unbreakable totems.

Spells and charms

Ingrid, the king and Freddie vs. Joanna, Wendy and Freya. Who would you put your money on?

I know I've mentioned how much I love a time period episode, so I am pretty excited for next week!

Wendy: "No, she's not okay. Two of her children are dead and the third one betrayed her... yet again."

Wendy: "Will you help us bring back the king... please?"
Tarkoff: "That's a good kitty."

Joanna: "You don't know him like I do."
Ingrid: "We don't know him at all."
Freya: "But we know Mom, and we have to trust her."

Whiskey drinking FBI chick: "You need a date to prom, don't call me. You want to screw someone after prom, you have my number."

The King: "You always had a flair for the dramatic. Even as a child."

Voodoo Guy: "I should kill you."
Killian: "Why is that everyone's go to today?"

1 comment:

  1. While I like Bianca Lawson I wonder why they killed Eva off only to bring her identical grandchild on?
    At least the girls are back. Only poor Tommy is really dead, or at least possessed.
    Nice to have James Marsters back.
    Even if he only was gone for a second or so.
    Oh, Ingrid, trust your mom okay?
    But , whee time travel!


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