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Vampire Diaries: Fade Into You

“I saw that from a mile away, and my brain’s made of cotton.”

After weeks of hints about a powerful and ominous coven in Oregon, we finally got confirmation that a few of our regular characters are Geminis—and that their coven has even darker secrets than we may have realized.

Luke and Liv have been relatively underdeveloped, but the hints about a Gemini-coven backstory have been thick on the ground. The coven’s tradition—each generation’s twins must duel, then the loser gets merged into the winner—is bizarrely twisted. But Tyler, of all people, raised the key question: why not just start a new tradition? Isn’t that what Thanksgiving is all about?

Perhaps Papa Gemini won’t let that happen. He’s powerful and apparently rather single-minded. He’s also big on the invisibility, as is Jo. I really like that, as invisibility and going undetected are basically the themes of the season so far, especially as Elena tried to figure out whether or not to come out of the coffin to Liam.

I like Elena’s decision not to stay with Liam, and not to tell him the truth. Any goodwill he’d garnered (very little) dissipated for me last week. His quest for knowledge was a great chance to see how sweet Jo is though: she covered for Elena by switching Lady Whitmore’s medical records. Perhaps she can do something equally awesome to help her siblings Liv and Luke not merge?

I'll bet Bonnie can help her. Because she’s back in 2014, right? With her second gut wound in three weeks? If so, hooray! About her return, of course. Not about the way she keeps getting stabbed in the stomach.

Bites and Pieces:

• Bonnie: “You could have brought me to anywhere in the world, and you brought me to Portland?”

• Caroline: “Now would be an excellent time to shut down anything with an on/off button…No please, let the food get cold. I’m sure whatever that is, is far more important.”

• Stefan: “So, just to be clear, Jo was invited to Friendsgiving, but I wasn’t?”

• Stefan: “Well, I guess the disappearing act is their shtick.”

• Organizational skills are something men look for? I should be having better luck.

• Unknown relatives are another theme this season: the young Miss Salvatore living with Jeremy has been MIA for a while, but she’ll surely pop up soon, right?

• Damon compelled Alaric. No one messes with Alaric. Grr!

How many Friendsgivings out of four?

Josie Kafka is a full-time cat servant and part-time rogue demon hunter. (What's a rogue demon?)


  1. I thought the Salvatores and Alaric finding the invisible house was a hoot, and I am particularly enjoying Damon's quest to rescue Bonnie, a person he used to actively hate. The witch family stuff with twins absorbing each other was sort of idiotic because it just seemed like something very few loving siblings could do to each other, but it was a good way to explain why Kai went on a murder rampage. And I liked what Elena did with the boyfriend in whom none of us are invested. I thought we'd have to suffer through him learning the truth and getting involved with our vampires, but no.

    So maybe three out of four Friendsgivings?

  2. I want Bonnie out of that awful 1994 hell NOW! And, of course, I want Kai to come with her.

  3. Seconding the need for Bonnie to get out of 1994 immediately! I'm loving the Damon/Bonnie stuff though, and I also really enjoyed seeing Damon, Stefan and Alaric together without the girls. They should do guys' road trips more often.

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