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Continuum: Second Guess

"Crazy plus dead equals chaos."

So, a lot of stuff happened.

Lucas – scratch that, Julian – showed Vancouver that the people have already lost any semblance of privacy or control of their own lives. Jim Martin, a Liber8 shill, was elected mayor. Sonya and Travis got back together instead of killing each other. And Kiera and Alec now have a functioning time travel Grapefruit. Whatever will they do with it?

When Lucas began to hack the city, Inspector Dillon almost immediately grabbed the opportunity to violate everybody's civil rights. The VPD is already becoming Piron's corporate army, and now the public knows it. Kiera's suggestion to Dillon to tell the people the truth went over like a lead balloon. It's sad that Dillon is probably right about the people just accepting/forgetting the whole thing because of the constant news cycle.

It turns out Escher, in his master of the universe observation post, is a lot more involved and powerful than I thought. He's not just after a piddling attempt to corner the energy market; he wants time travel. And now, thanks to Lucas going temporally nuts, Kiera and Alec have all of the pieces of the Grapefruit. Their death star is now fully operational. Mwa-ha-ha-ha. Can Kiera go home now? Does her timeline still exist?

Kellog just re-inserted himself back into the story by trying to partner with Escher, and failing that, trying to get Liber8 to kill Escher. I think Liber8, and by that I mean Sonya and Travis, were too busy trying to control Jim Martin, who tried to control them right back. I thought Martin plotting to get Sonya and Travis to kill each other was pretty smart. Too bad it backfired into, um, smoochies.

Julian turned out to be the smartest of them all. He stole the ARC thingy from Alec, masterminded Lucas' attack on the city, and walked right into the VPD and gave himself up to throw them off. Hilarious. Even Kiera fell for it. And I loved Julian and Jim Martin discussing revolution in the VPD station as they were waiting for an elevator.

Alec's ARC invention, which feels a bit like the Machine in Person of Interest, has just become a super loose end. It's interesting that Emily was the one to point out to Alec that even though he personally didn't do bad things with ARC, he was still responsible that someone else did. Alec must really love Emily if he would trust her with something so powerful. What will she do with that thumb drive?

And how could something so complex and powerful fit on one tiny thumb drive? Oh, well. For that matter, how could something as powerful as a time travel device fit into a grapefruit?


— In the brief flashforward, Kiera was at the CMR doctor having her brain checked, and she learned that every moment of her life since having the CMR installed was in the government's archives. But didn't we learn earlier that everything and everyone in the future was being observed 24/7, anyway?

— Kiera was worried about Gardiner. Enter Agent Lewis from CSIS. And then that plot bit didn't go any further. See next episode?

— Kiera was able to see the heat signature of Lucas's van. That was cool. Well, hot, but you know what I mean.

— Betty was clearly freaked about possibly being caught out as the Liber8 mole by the email thing.

— Escher was looking at an abstract circle. It resembled what Curtis was staring at in his future jail cell, but without the writing.

— The whole Kagame thing with poor temporally demented Lucas felt just a bit like Luke Skywalker and the ghost of Obi-Wan Kenobe, didn't it?

— Alec's voice thing was cool. Although wouldn't Lucas just imagine Kagame's voice if Alec said Kagame was calling?

— The final shot of Lucas in a rubber room hallucinating dozens of Kagames was just a bit sad. Or it would be if Lucas weren't such a vicious killer.


Kiera: "It's my life. Every second, every hour, every day."
CMR technician: (not getting the point) "I know. Neurotechnology is amazing."

Julian: "I'd like to report a crime. A crime against humanity. Assuming that that is an actionable offense."

Kagame: "There's a tsunami on its way."
Lucas: (looking around) "A tsunami?"
Kagame: "It's a metaphor."

Dillon: "If your friend Jim wins, it could be the shortest term a mayor's ever served."
Yes, if Travis and Sonya decide they're unhappy with how they were played. And I bet they will be.

Kellog: "What does he want with anti-matter? And try not to say it in nerd."

Kellog: "Assume it's not that. Think nefarious. Also underhanded, amoral and greedy."
Alec: "Are we still talking about Escher?"
Nice one, Alec.

Kellog: "I wasn't a fan of Lucas when his head was screwed on."

Alec: "Why is every woman in my life conspiring against me?"
He was kidding, but sadly, Emily is.

Much like the last episode, this one was something of a mess. Even though I enjoyed it, there was so much going on that I had to keep consulting my notes. (Yes, I take notes, but not using a system of different colored pens.)

Three out of four tsunamis,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.

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