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iZombie: The Exterminator

“So it’s every zombie for himself, huh?”

This was the first instance of Liv’s new abilities taking a dark turn. Though we’ve only seen two examples of what eating brains can do to her, ‘The Exterminator’ showed that it’s not just flirtiness and kleptomania that can come with her new taste buds. It’s great that the show isn’t shying away from things like this. iZombie has such a laid back and upbeat tone, so it could easily opt to take the comical route every time.

After consuming the brains of an emotionally incapacitated hitman, we see that this situation could prove dangerous if it were to kick in at the wrong moment. When Ravi was left on his own in front of Marcy- Liv’s former colleague turned starving zombie -Liv was ready to watch him die. Thankfully she was able to snap out of it at the last minute, but she still ended up going full zombie and offing someone she later had to admit to herself was still a person.

It’ll be interesting to see where she ends up further down the line after she’s become familiar with even more of these less than appealing personalities and what they will force her to do. It will be equally interesting to see how much of an effect it will have had on those closest to her. I haven’t had much positive things to say about Peyton, but I liked how she was used this week. Maybe that was because she fit into the case of the week (I didn’t realise she was an ADA, did I miss it?) and wasn’t just an outside presence. I imagine she could be the first person to be driven away.


Blaine is still floating around makin’ zombies. Now that he’s found Major’s guy Jerome, things might start ramping up sooner rather than later.

Giving Marcy more brains didn’t bring her back to her usual self. It definitely makes things more serious for Liv if she ever gets cut off from
her brain supply.

I loved how they duped Don by using what Liv saw in the vision and hiding Ravi’s face.

Zombie recipe of the week: Brains on crackers.

Shout out to Liv’s amazing shirt (probably Ravi's?)!.

He Said, She Said

Ravi: “With great power comes-”
Liv: “Do not. Seriously.”

Everything about 'The Exterminator' felt easy and well written, and it gave us an idea of how cleverly the show can use the different aspects of the zombie story where both story and characters are concerned. I hope it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

4 out of 5 glocks

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  1. Seriously, Tuesday nights on The CW are the new Must See TV, between this and The Flash. What a delight this show has been(which is an odd thing to say about a show whose lead character is, well..a zombie). Rose McIver is a wonderfully charming lead, I can't wait to see what they give her to play with in future episodes.

    Panda, I don't think you missed anything, I'm pretty sure this is the first time we learned Peyton is a lawyer, never mind an ADA. Contrived? Sure, but at least it's a way to work her into the main storylines on a regular basis. Though any other ADA would probably look sideways at an assistant ME working so closely in the field and in the interrogation room with a police detective. But hey, if CSI's can do it over on another network, why not an undead medical examiner?

    Surprisingly moving scene when Liv had to put zombie-Marcy down for good in order to save Ravi's life. So I guess the thing Liv described in the pilot about getting dumber without a steady supply of brains has a point of no return.

    I must say, I absolutely adore the dialogue on this show. Rob Thomas hasn't lost his touch since Veronica Mars.

    Speaking of dialogue, I am totally impressed with Rose McIver's American accent. After listening to her on Once Upon A Time, she sounds like a completely different person.


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