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iZombie: Liv and Let Clive

“Too bad those visions of yours don’t come with footnotes.”

iZombie has had a terrific start thus far, and ‘Liv and Let Clive’ continued that hot streak by adding more nuances to supporting characters and setting up new circumstances that promise even more fun in the coming weeks.

The majority of this episode focused on Liv and Clive and their partnership that’s so far been full of fun back-and-forth banter and some confusing clue chasing thanks to Liv’s “visions”. This episode added more depth to that relationship, even hinting that there was a sort of respect forming between the two, even friendship, after Liv’s mistrust of Clive’s shady dealings with an Asian gang.

Learning about Clive’s background in vice gives a little more meat to the already well established supporting player. It could be fun to see this come into play again, maybe putting Liv on the side of the superhero saviour. She may not always have kung-fu on her side, but that zombie strength doesn’t seem to be as temporary as the traits she gains from the brains she eats, so it looks like she can handle herself in any situation.

Another relationship this episode established was Major and Ravi’s. It may not be as important but it’s obvious where this is going. Not only does it bring Major into the fold a bit more, but it also brings him closer to Liv herself. Up until now we haven’t gotten any indication that what happened between them before she turned zombie was anything special, so it’ll be great to see more sparkage between them. I did enjoy Major and Ravi geeking out together, too. It’ll also be nice to see Ravi do more separate from Liv.


Blaine is continuing to plot in the background. We learned a lot more of his plan though, with an empire starting to form around him.

Liv’s brother Evan is hilarious. I wouldn’t mind seeing more of him and his weird obsession with Peyton.

He Said, She Said

Liv: “I don’t know how many take back the night self defence seminars they gave at your sorority house, but I could pretty much take out Batman with a spiral notebook and a student ID card.”

As the weeks go by, iZombie is continuing to build a strong foundation of well constructed plots and compelling characters. It’s already showing a lot of promise, so hopefully it can continue to deliver on the fun its promising, whether it’s the guaranteed awkwardness that will come of the doomed living situation Ravi is in, or the bloody repercussions of Blaine’s villainous scheming.

4 out of 5 double jalapeno pizzas

Originally posted at PandaTV.


  1. There aren't enough superlatives for how much I'm loving this show. Rose McIver is a fantastic lead, evoking many of the best elements of Rob Thomas' previous spunky blonde heroine Veronica Mars, only with undead superpowers. Liv's banter with both Ravi & Clive is a hoot, the whole "whore-y Memento" scene between Liv & Ravi at the video store had me in stitches. Learning more about Blaine's network was interesting, curious to see if he has any big plan besides a traditional organized crime empire. Nice progress in the friendship between Liv & Clive, I loved that last scene between them. And yes, even though it's a total cliche, I giggled at "I know kung-fu!" :)

  2. It seems that Peyton was unavailable, so they through in this Evan guy. I don't remember him. I mean, we saw Liv's family before, but they were more or less generic.

    The show so far is funny and interesting. Let's hope it doesn't lose it.

  3. They should replace Peyton with Evan. He's funny and cute. Also, Rose McIver hits all the right notes, it really is like Veronica Mars come to life again, an undead Veronica Mars. =D

  4. I would actually disagree. There was only one major caracter in VM I cared about (Keith Mars), and here we have at least three (Liv, Ravi, Major). So, for me it's much better.


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