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iZombie: Maternity Liv

“Please, fate, no more surprises.”

What was so great about this episode was how it managed to marry the case of the week with the on-going Blaine saga, even without the creepy guy himself showing up. It’s remarkable how easily iZombie is able to play around with all its different elements so early on. The same can’t be said for other series out there that have been on the air for a lot longer.

Though the case was removed from the “candy man” saga in theory, the inclusion of Clive’s zombified boss brought the two different stories together. Though we saw little progression in terms of the investigation into the missing skater kids, seeing how much power these zombies have, with Suzuki taking control of said investigation and focusing it elsewhere, it makes me wonder how deep Blaine’s power is starting to spread. It certainly hints at a bigger world out there, outside of Liv’s circle.

The whole personality absorbing thing is still working really well, and this week’s taste of a potential mother’s brains was both funny and heartbreaking. Emily helped Liv to learn a lot about appreciating those around her, particularly her mother and brother who are struggling to understand this new side of her, but it also got her thinking about her future with Major, the only person she ever imagined herself having kids with. Will she find a cure and win him back? Probably not anytime soon, since the show is reliant on Liv’s zombie form, but maybe there’s a way for her to bring Major in on what’s really going on.

I’m pleasantly surprised with how well Major has been developing these past few weeks. He’s finally become a character in his own right, thanks to his struggle to understand what’s behind the disappearances of those kids. He’s a lot more rash and impulsive than I thought he was initially, what with his breaking into a car and all. That decision can’t have come from a rational part of his mind. Maybe his incapability to help out his missing friend is driving him to do very un-Major things. I wonder what Liv will make of his arrest. Either way, I think it makes him a lot more interesting so I’m all for it.


Lowell needs to become a permanent thing immediately.

Not much happened with Liv’s brother and his potential job at Meat Cute, but I’m still on the fence about the idea.

He Said, She Said

Ravi: “I can’t give you the girlfriend experience.”
Liv: “I don’t think that means what you think it means.”

I still can’t believe that a premise like this is working so well. There’s very little iZombie struggles to get right, and the most important pieces of the TV show puzzle are fitting together perfectly. ‘Maternity Liv’ showcased that with how well the stand-alone plot and long running arc flowed together so smoothly.

4 out of 5 Animal Control trucks

Originally posted at PandaTV.


  1. Liv and Lowell's not-date was absolutely adorable.

  2. The whole scene with Lowell confessing that he was temporarily gay because of the last brain that he ate had me in stitches. He & Liv are so cute together it hurts. :)

    Seven episodes in and this show hasn't had a miss yet, I'm thrilled.

  3. Oh, and how could I forget the Ravi/Lowell Brit-bonding scene? Seriously, the writers on this show seriously rock.

  4. Oh yeah, Liv's boyfriend being also her Best Gay Friend was terrific.

    I don't want Liv to go back to Major. He slowly becomes cool on his own. I like him alone.

  5. "I still can’t believe that a premise like this is working so well."

    I agree; I wasn't even going to watch the show originally because the premise sounded so stupid to me. I will say the show is sometimes a little obvious and sentimental for my tastes (much like Haven) but the humor and appealing lead more than compensate for that (again like Haven). I'll be watching.

  6. I'm just saying - how cool is this show?!?:)

    Loved Lowell being Liv's best GBF. Lollollol again:)


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