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Continuum: Rush Hour

What do you mean, my wig is distracting?
"You're out of your own loop."

Exciting. Fun. A little dense, but it's Continuum so I'm okay with that.

I've always wondered who Jason's mother was, but I always assumed it couldn't be Emily. Maybe it's a subconscious math thing. Alec was 82 in 2077. Ian Tracey, who plays Jason, just turned 50, but Jason spent 20 years in the past so he was probably born in the neighborhood of 2050. Emily would be too old to be Jason's mother. Plus, if somehow she were, it would have come up by now. Maybe he's adopted?

When Emily asked him point blank, Jason shook his head no – or was he shaking his head no as in, "I'm not going to tell you?" Not that it matters, because oops, she's gone. She did keep getting into danger because of Alec; maybe she'd just had enough. Maybe she finally went to Thailand. Is she out of the story? Will she return before the end of the series? Will we ever know who Jason's mother was?

Lucas told Alec quite accurately that the electronic world is Alec's superpower. And yet, Alec felt a pretty serious need to go out there, kick butt and rescue his girlfriend, leaving Lucas behind to back up Kiera. It was very much in character that Alec didn't rush in like an idiot without a plan; he masqueraded as his "inner shitheel," and he nearly pulled it off. I wonder if Alec would have failed if Emily hadn't gotten herself loose already? (Note how the fear on Emily's face vanished as soon as the minion left the room. She's awesome.)

I am still loving how the lines has been blurred and how all of these complicated characters keep changing sides. Lucas just helped Kiera save Kellog's life, but he did it to save Emily's. Dillon is loyal to Kellog and Piron but he just saved Carlos' life. Garza just hit up Kiera to help rescue Travis, even though she and Travis just tried to kill Kiera because she was with Kellog. Garza even dropped by for dinner. Dinner! Round and round we go. It's my favorite thing about Continuum these days.

Interestingly, as Emily and Alec were fighting Kellog's minions and Kiera drowned and revived Kellog in a fountain to save him from the poison gas (which was really cool), the thing that got to me was Travis shooting Carlos in the chest multiple times. Yes, vest, but that had to be horribly painful and I bet Carlos has a bunch of bruises and broken ribs. Plus I think he got hurt when he rammed his car into Travis' car. Why do I love Carlos so much? Maybe it's because he's one of the few characters in the cast who doesn't have an evil side. Or even an ambiguous side.

Kellog is hanging out with Curtis again. I find it fascinating and totally in character that Kellog must trust his future self, but he just can't seem to do it. And that future Kellog told current Kellog that he had to fix the timeline, just like future Alec told current Alec a couple of seasons back. I'm betting that Kellog simply can't handle being told to trust his six supersoldiers without knowing what they're doing. Shouldn't future Kellog have realized that? Doesn't he know himself?

Maybe future Kellog knows that the current Kellog won't do whatever it is he has to do? Yes, that makes sense.

Curtis said that Kellog will have the opportunity to send Kiera home, that it's doable. Since Curtis is a freelancer who has risen from the dead, I assume he'd know. Are there multiple existing timelines, after all? I thought the freelancers said that was a no-no?

I'm also confused about what's going on with Brad. He and Kiera met clandestinely, except that Brad told his guys that he's playing Kiera, and Kiera is telling Carlos that she's playing Brad. "I trust you." "I trust you, too." Hug. But Brad's face was all worry. Either he isn't trustworthy, or he doesn't think that Kiera is. I am missing their previous closeness. They were so cute together, and now they're not.

Is Brad loyal to his old buddies? It would make sense, now that they're there in 2015 with him. We still don't know what they're up to, either.


— The return of Inspector Dillon was almost an anticlimax, since he's something of a shadow of his former self. Although he did save Carlos' life. It's sort of sad that Kellog had Dillon deliver a dress.

— Future Kellog told Kellog that things went really well for six years, and then, total anarchy. I loved how Kellog kept walking around the hologram and it kept following him, by the way.

— Marcellus asked Kellog for some expensive supplies and a specific building.

— Alec has the "pen" Kiera took from the supersoldiers. Brad says it's important. I bet it is. Time travel related, like the cryptex thingy?

— Alec's "Kellog alert" is a scream. Lol. Seriously, I laughed out loud. Was that a Wilhelm scream?

— Jason kept talking about catching cold. Was he just talking about the virus, or was it something else?

— I just loved that the name of the restaurant across the way from the big action scene was called "The Change."

— I hope Travis doesn't destroy another hospital.

— Honestly, I'm already getting used to the wig.


Kellog: "Holy shit."

Marcellus: (salutes) "Commander."
Kellog: "You hear that, Jacqueline? Definitely my preferred title from now on."

Kellog: "I didn't age as well as I expected."
Marcellus: "Times have been hard."
Future Kellog looked exhausted and secretive. Yes, he didn't age well.

Kellog: "So you guys planning a real estate takeover or something? Do we renovate our way to a better future?"

Alec: "I'm getting Emily back. And I don’t have to become asshole me to do it. (pause) Or do I?"

Kellog: "Ah, the new inspector. Still no epaulettes. I definitely see you in epaulettes."
Carlos could definitely carry off epaulettes.

Kellog: "You got to kiss me. So we're even."

Dillon: "You don't have a monopoly on doing the right thing."

Kellog: "So?"
Kiera: "Oh, nothing. No, wait. Emily escaped. Check and mate. Knowing her, I'm sure there are a few bodies to clean up."

Curtis: "We all know there are so many paths, so many outcomes. A hero on one branch, a villain on another. But you can't achieve either all on your own."

I very much enjoyed this episode. Three out of four epaulettes,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. Two episodes in and I'm not frustrated or upset about the direction the series is going in. That's a nice change of pace for your typical, final; "We only have a few episodes... omg, what the hell are we going to do with all our plot-lines, rush to get the series wrapped up, season!"

    Of course this is Continuum, I should've expected it to be well thought out and appropriately complicated.

    This episode had a lot of really great moments, but I have to agree with you about the thing that I love the most; Lucas, Julian, Alec, Emily, Kiera, and Garza all having dinner together. Just amazing. I wonder what Sonya would think about that?

    Carlos is still one of my favorites, and he is doing such a great job walking the line between his office and the loyalty he has to Kiera.

    As for Kellog, I'm pretty much convinced at this point he is still in love with Kiera, but refuses to let himself or anyone know about it. He plays the suave card with her, but his final moment before he thought he was going to die was to touch her face. He didn't fight the woman who was drowning him. Well, he was poisoned at the time, and while he did struggle, it wasn't a fighting for my life struggle. Or maybe I'm reading too much into that scene.

    Anyway, fun episode and great review. I hope this season continues to be this good!

  2. Wow, J.D. I hadn't thought of the possibility that Kellog loves Kiera, but you're right -- the last thing he did as he was drowning was stroke her face. Huh.

  3. I’m still having trouble re-connecting with this show. I feel like I’m just kind of watching it play out, but I’m not fully engaging with it anymore. The shiftiness of the characters, their relationships, and the plot is making it tough for me to invest. Maybe if I do a series rewatch someday, it will all flow better without the big gap between S3 and S4. I’m certainly not going to stop watching or anything, but it isn’t clicking for me yet quite the way I’d hoped it would. At least I can get some vicarious enthusiasm through you guys!

    Carlos is one of the few characters that does still work for me, and that’s probably because, as you said, Billie, he’s one of the few whose nature and loyalties don’t shift. It’s easy to quickly reconnect with him. I really liked the first scene with him, Kellogg, and Dillon in Kellogg’s office.

    Kellogg not even being able to trust himself because he knows what a twisty dude he is, is just wonderfully spot on.

    I hope that shot of Sonya in the “previously on” isn’t the only face time we get with her in this final run!

  4. I did like this one. With only six episodes on the season, you’d think they wouldn’t devote an entire episode to rescuing Emily, but it was fun. It was classic Continuum, and it just reminded me how good this show is and how unfair its cancelation was. Oh, well.

    The first half of the episode, like the season premiere, had a lot going on and it looked like it would be another busy hour lacking a little on the coherence department. But it all led to (1) that awesome Kiera/Kellogg scene and (2) a very cool action piece, with the script handling well the many different sides and perspectives at play. Major kudos to everyone who worked on the stunts. They are amazing. Emily kicked some major ass again.

    Speaking of her, Emily left because she learned she’s not Jason’s mom. That was a poignant emotional development... But, hey, she probably didn’t meet Alec on Elder Alec’s timeline, and so many things have changed already. Did she feel rejected/defeated by fate, somehow? In any case, I think it’s important for us to see how Alec will react, how he will operate as his own person, with Emily removed from the equation. Can he be good after losing her?

    Last but not least, this episode made me like Kellog again. It’s not clear what part he’ll play in the end, but it was so good to see Kiera mock him. “You are out of your own loop”. Great line. And I agree with J.D. on Kellog having feelings for her.

  5. I am missing their previous closeness. They were so cute together, and now they're not.

    I agree completely.

  6. I enjoyed this one too, but I couldn't help feeling that the cheery scene with them all having dinner together is a temporary truce. It feels like there's too many competing agendas, almost as many as there are characters in the show.

    Poor Brad's in a tough spot. It makes sense for him to be loyal to his people, but he also knows they don't trust him enough to let him know what they're up to. And frankly, Kiera isn't trustworthy unless your goals align completely with hers. She's hiding what she's up to from Carlos again, she actually turned over this Alex to the Freelancers last season, etc. And I think what Brad wants is a life with Kiera in 2015, which isn't what Kiera's aiming for.

  7. Thanks, Billie. I found it at the public library.


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