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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Devils You Know

"I'm not merciful, I'm necessary."

This week S.H.I.E.L.D. teams up with the ATCU so Phil and Rosalind can flirt and talk classic cars. Oh, and also capture Sonic the Steroid Inhuman.

Phil has been in the intelligence gathering business for a long time. He knows that more often than not the best way to learn everything you need to know about your enemy is to get into bed with them. Sometimes literally. He also understands that in order to defeat a common enemy you sometimes have to work with people you don't like. Or in this case, people you clearly find quite attractive, much to the annoyance of your adopted daughter.

Skye Daisy's hostility towards Rosalind is understandable. When parents separate, kids rarely ever like their dad's new girlfriend. Plus, she's the head of an organisation tasked with hunting her kind down for purposes unknown. Of course, that's exactly why Phil wants this new working relationship with the ATCU to work, so they can find out more about this agency and what they plan to do with the Inhumans. Not to mention they are going to need all the help they can get if they are to stop Lash. Can Rosalind be trusted? I doubt it, but I don't think Phil is ever really going to trust her. After everything that happened with HYDRA and H.U.F.F.L.E.P.U.F.F. last season I would imagine that Phil has taken Deep Throat's advice to heart and no longer trusts anyone. Except May, of course. And Skye Daisy. And probably Fitz too. And Captain America, because who doesn't trust Captain America?

So just who is Lash when he's not running around killing people and collecting gold rings? They clearly want us to suspect Rosalind. It was no coincidence that she suddenly appeared just as Mack and Daisy started asking the question. Another likely suspect is Barns. He made a suspiciously timed exit after they apprehended Ash. Then again, maybe it is neither of them. After all, they were both with Coulson and Hunter when Lash went after Lincoln. Maybe it is Powers Boothe's character or possibly even a member of S.H.I.E.L.D. That would explain why he didn't kill Skye Daisy and how he knew about the pre-outbreak Inhumans, something Rosalind claimed the ATCU was unaware of.

There's an old proverb that says before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves. Which is sound advice, because when May is done with Ward she is totally going to kill Hunter. There was always bound to be a clash of styles between those two. May is an experienced spy who knows the value of taking your time and treading carefully. Hunter on the other hand is a former merc who lacks the patience necessary for successful espionage. May could tolerate that, but Hunter has allowed his thirst for vengeance to cloud his judgement and turn him into a reckless idiot, which did make the last few minutes of the episode intense as hell.

Despite knowing he is going to be in the spin-off, I feared for Hunter's life a few times, until May showed up. Then he possibly got Andrew killed and I feared for it all over again. If Andrew is dead, which is not likely due to Josie's Law, then there is no power in this universe or any other that will protect Hunter from May's wrath.

But it is extremely unlikely that Andrew is actually dead. Just look at the evidence. We never see his body. We see a pool of blood and a body, but there is nothing to clearly identify it as Andrew. Then there's the fact Werner is running out of that shop scared and alone. Where were the guys who were with him? Why was he so afraid? Did Andrew break out some patented Melinda May moves and send HYDRA packing? Wait, you don't think Andrew could be Lash, could he? It would explain why he mysteriously left May. And how Lash knows the Inhumans since Andrew has access to all of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s files on them. And why Werner was so scared when he ran away. Oh my god, Andrew is Lash!

Intel and Assets

--Ward's "oh shit" face when he saw May was priceless.

--We didn't learn anything more about Simmons' off world experience or why she needs to go back because it is all being saved for next week's designated flashback episode.

--Ward's new HYDRA isn't going to last that long if they don't do even basic background checks on their new recruits before letting them into their secret bases.

--So how did May know where Hunter was? I suspect she placed a tracker on him without his knowledge when it became obvious his blood lust was jeopardising the mission.

--Alicia Vela-Bailey (Alisha) is also a professional stunt woman and often doubles for Adrianne Palicki. She also doubled for Bridget Regan on Agent Carter.

Hunter: "Sorry, is that coming from the guy who shot his own girlfriend?"

May: "How many do you count?"
Hunter: "Eleven, including Ward."
May: "I've taken out five."
Hunter: "Slow day?"

Coulson: "I think the conspiracy nut in you had a few too many lattes this morning."

Mack: "Ahh, it's gotta be long gone. I mean, something that big can't slip away without a-
*doorknob rattles* Damn, I just had to jinx it, didn't I?"

Three out of four excuses, I've heard them all before, a million times or more.
Mark Greig has been writing for Doux Reviews since 2011. More Mark Greig.


  1. The ATCU keeps making me think ACLU. And I love the continuing joke about Coulson's missing hand; it's such a Whedony thing to do.

  2. Oh my god, Andrew is Lash!

    You mean Andrew's with Lash?

  3. No. No. Andrew is Lash. Lash's Andrew. They're one and the same.

  4. I like the "Andrew is Lash" theory. It's probably why Andrew broke it off with May.

    One side not is that, with the team scattered and the usual pairings mixed up, I like Mack and Daisy together. They make a fun duo.

  5. My weird theory is that Lash is, somehow, Simmons. Or some part of her. Mystically connected to, well, the rest. And she needs to go back, because that's the only way to stop him.

    And Andrew was just lucky enough to have Coulson's men secretly guarding him. Like Bobbi was guarding Simmons in the beginning of season 2.

  6. So you're saying Andrew and Lash...have a connection?

  7. Yes, sunbunny, you got it right: Ben is working for Glory.

  8. Now, do we suspect there may be some kind of connection between Andrew and Lash?

  9. Another tidbit potentially in support of the "Andrew is Lash" theory (a theory I love): when counseling Jemma, Andrew mentioned something about understanding not feeling comfortable in one's own skin.

    I also love how some of our commentary lately keeps devolving into running Buffy quotes. Too fun!

    One more thing: I'm sure I'll grow tired of the narrow escapes eventually, but for now, I'm loving Ward as the villain that always manages to survive to torment our heroes another day. I hope they never try to bring him back to the good side. He's so much more entertaining in this mode. When his time is over, hopefully they'll just let him go out with a gloriously appropriate "bad guy" death.

  10. Speaking of Buffy, does anyone else think Chloe Bennet has been channeling some SMG-ness lately? There’s something about her line deliveries that remind me of Buffy, although physically she’s more of a Faith.

    On the Lash/Andrew theory, maybe it’s a big red herring? Maybe they do have a connection, but not the Ben/Glory type? I don’t know, but I think it would be too much of a coincidence that May’s ex-hubby just happens to be another Inhuman.

  11. My weird theory is that Lash is, somehow, Simmons. Or some part of her. Mystically connected to, well, the rest. And she needs to go back, because that's the only way to stop him.

    That would be interesting, and quite the way to connect two separated storylines. But, somehow, that scenario reminded me of Cordelia/The Beast from Angel season four, and, oh dear god, show, please don’t pull a Jasmine on Simmons.

  12. Intriguing thoughts about Lash and Coulson and the ATCU. I think he's getting in bed with them to take them down from the inside. Like what HYDRA did to SHIELD.


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