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iZombie: Pour Some Sugar, Zombie

“I bet you think this dead stripper's about you, don't you?”

The story collision, exciting confrontations and wonderful world building we’ve become accustomed to with iZombie continued in ‘Pour Some Sugar, Zombie’, as a stripper brain brought the comedy, and Major’s escapades started to catch up with him.

It was only a matter of time before Major was caught out, and I’m slightly surprised, and pleasantly so, that it was Ravi who unmasked him as the chaos killer. Their confrontation in their shared home was so emotionally charged it may as well have been Liv standing there with Major’s “weapons” on display. But then, Ravi has become just as close with Major, and to discover that the man he was living with, and arguably his best friend after Liv, has been offing zombies left and right is a serious blow to their friendship. Rahul Kholi was wonderful here. Ravi’s always been sidelined where drama is concerned, so I’m glad he was the one to discover something as big as this, giving the Kholi something great to work with.

The unmasking aside, I think something was definitely up with Major from the get go. The gone off milk thing stood out like a sore thumb, and what was with his face when Ravi stuck him with the tranquilizer? Is he reverting to zombie form? If he is, things aren’t looking good; the cure that Blaine decided to take doesn’t exactly work right, since it’s caused him to forget who Liv even is. Hopefully Ravi will come up with a quick fix in time to save his friend.

He might need to lend some more help to Blaine as well. Not only did he take badly to the cure, but now Blaine’s lackeys are turning on him in his time of weakness. I’m all for a zombie Don, though. He’ll probably screw up Blaine’s operation royally but the chaos that will inevitably ensue will be a lot of fun.

Liv’s stripper antics provided a brief escape from the dramatics going on with Ravi, Major and Blaine. The highlights were definitely the lap dance, and any scene with Liv and Peyton teaming up. She was such a place holder when the series started, but Peyton has become really likable this season. She absolutely deserves an expanded role in the third season and I wouldn’t mind seeing her team up with Liv again sometime soon. She’s been a major part of the on-going fight against Mr Boss, using Liv’s visions to take down a huge part of the crime lords operation this week. She’s well ingrained in the series now that she deserves to become a core part of the cast.


Gilda went right back to Liv’s apartment to find brains. Unfortunately she was abducted before Liv even knew she was there. Who took her?

I replayed the “Oh-Liviaaa” scene about 10 times.

Can Minor please come back?

10/10 for the Friends comparisons. Peyton is definitely a Monica. Why is being a Rachel such an insult, though? I mean, Liv is a Rachel, but Rachel was great. Why does everyone take the comparison badly?

He Said, She Said

Liv: “Remember the episode when Ross and Rachel break up because she's a zombie who wants to solve murder cases?”

Liv: “There's loyalty and there's being an idiot. Sometimes it looks the same. If you love someone despite what they do, you're lying to yourself. You can't love someone you don't really know, but it can sure as hell feel like you do.”

The trajectory towards the finale is continuing at a solid pace, with all of the plots this season coming together in dramatic and exciting ways. ‘Pour Some Sugar, Zombie’ managed to balance the case of the week and the aforementioned end-of-season build-up wonderfully, with one balancing the other out as necessary. If Liv giving Peyton a lap dance can peacefully co-exist in the same episode as Ravi and Major’s blow out then there’s something very special going on here.

4.5 out of 5 lap dances

Originally posted at PandaTV.


  1. This show is my absolute favorite on TV right now and I can never get enough of it. All the characters are sooo well established by now and it feels like all the moving parts are coming into place. iZombie is such a well oiled machine, Veronica Mars had its missteps, but I can openly admit there isn't a SINGLE iZombie episode that I've disliked or got bored of or found a bunch of plot holes in. It just keeps hitting the mark!

    I'm all for bringing Minor back!

    The friends comparisons killed me, also: "Boooooty calll." "Family emergencyyyy." "Butt diaaal" lmao.

    I don't get it either, I love Rachel, although I'm definitely more of a Pheobe.

    I'm glad Ravi had more to do this episode, I also loved everything that came out of Liv's mouth on stripper brain: hilarious. The lap dance scene was awkward and wonderful, and now that sound is stuck in my head. Rose McIver is such a talented actress, she can pull off absolutely anything. I feel bad for poor Blaine, even though he's a dick, right now, he doesn't know he's a dick, and his crazy cronies are about to ruin his tea party. I can't wait to see all these plot lines come to a head in the next episode, and Liv's reaction to finding out that her ex-boyfriend's the one who took out her current undercover detective boyfriend. Well, at least Major wasn't killing people, right? There must be room for forgiveness. One thing I'm confused about, did Major kill a few zombies before he starting icing them? Or has he always just 'iced' them? I can't seem to remember.

    Anyway, awesome episode and awesome review! :)

  2. 2Lydia: YES! I completely agree, there was not a single episode of iZombie that was below "very good".

    As I remember, the first zombie that Major "killed" was shot while in a body bag. We've never seen an actual body, so, by Josie's law, even the first one wasn't killed for real.

    I haven't seen Friends, so, please, tell me Rachel was not a zombie?

    Blaine losing his memory as a side effect of the cure was a bit random.

    I think the best part of the lap dance scene was a look on Peyton's face. She was so incredibly annoyed!


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