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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: The Singularity

"Lesser species my ass."

As a season starts to wind down you tend to get a lot of episodes like this. Episodes where the heroes run around and around doing this and that and end up achieving nothing, their actions proving so futile they might as well have not bothered at all.

By the end this episode Team Save Daisy was no closer to saving her and stopping Hive than it was at the start. With the finale only a few episodes away we're at the stage where everything has to go wrong for our heroes so that the bad guys can come within spitting distance of achieving their goal. No one ever defuses a bomb with an hour left on the clock. Because storytelling conventions demand it, we have to see our heroes lose before we see them save the day at the last second. Which can make for a frustrating viewing experience. Just once I'd like to see a bad guy taken down before they get a chance to set their evil plan in motion. I know that might not be the most dramatic solution, but after seeing the same thing over and over again, a change would be nice.

Poor Daisy. Her crazy stalker ex-something has come back from the dead and has her under his control. Jesus, even when dead and possessed by an Inhuman parasite Grant Ward still can't take "Fuck off and die" for an answer. She is living Jessica Jones' worst nightmare right now and she doesn't even know it. Or does she? I am still a little fuzzy on exactly how Hive's powers work, so bear with me. From what I gather Hive does what A.L.I.E. is currently doing on The 100 and Spock's brother did in Star Trek V: taking away pain so people are really, really happy and more susceptible to its influence. Does that mean that Hive's victims – that's the term I'm going with – actually have some form of self control? Could someone break free if their will was strong enough or would the parasites kill them if they did?

Of all the Inhumans currently under Hive's thrall, Daisy seems to be the least assimilated. She might be snuggling up to her kidnapper (did anyone else shudder at that moment?) but there is a conflict and a sadness behind her eyes.  Is there still some part of her fighting to be free of Hive?  She didn't destroy the base even though she could've done. Or maybe this is Hive or some remnant of Grant Ward that wants everyone to live so they can all be one big mind controlled family. Because that is Hive's endgame, right? Either it is looking for a way to expand its abilities so it can infect humans as well as Inhumans, or it is looking for a way to turn humans into Inhumans and get the same result.

Coulson and May were on the warpath this week. Hive took their daughter and that is a big no no. You can steal their plane, you can trash their home, you can even touch Lola, but you do not brainwash their little girl. Coulson's paternal love for Daisy does affect his judgement and I am glad that May called him out on his double standards. It was unfair of him to hand her Lincoln's kill switch, especially when he was on the mission, too. He more than anyone should know that May is not the emotionless killing machine she appears to be. Just because she was able to shoot Andrew doesn't mean she is going to be okay with killing her teammates, too.

I found it strange that the supposed fall of HYDRA was relegated to a D-plot. Are they seriously expecting us to believe that the primary antagonist of this series up until this point was taken down for good off screen by Glenn Talbot? Sorry, nice try, but I'm not buying it. What is this, like the fourth time they've apparently taken down HYDRA for good? It won't last. As soon as the Hive threat is dealt with another HYDRA cell will pop up, lead by some special guest star (Michael Emerson would be my choice) to cause all sort of trouble next season. The end of HYDRA? Pull the other one.

Ant-Man's sudden appearance was a surprise to all.
Intel and Assets

--Hive called Daisy Skye because that is what Ward knew her by. He never found out she changed her name.

--As nice as it is to see John Hannah on the show, I sense he is going to be wasted in a generic scientist role. And those transhumanists were just a tamer version of Orphan Black's Neolutionists.

--And Simmons was dressed like she was appearing in an 80s pop video because...?

--When he's alone Coulson totally plays Captain America with his new shield.

--I loved that Lincoln sees May and Coulson as Daisy's mom and dad.

--Directors sure do love their single take tracking shots.

May: "You really are a stubborn bastard."
Coulson: "It's why we get along so well."

May: "I’ll do your dirty work, Phil, but don’t you dare pretend your hands are clean."

Two and a half out of four Kree thingamajigs.
Mark Greig is a man of constant sorrow. More Mark Greig


  1. The way Coulson described it, Hive just exaggerated feelings already existing within its victims so Daisy's desire for family and a world where Inhumans were safe and happy became so extreme she would be willing to kill her friends. If that's true, hopefully she'll be able to snap out of it at some point. Maybe she'll be face to face with Coulson or May and need to kill them but won't be able to?

    In any case, I want her to save herself, not to be rescued. Daisy is stronger than this.

  2. Just once you want the bad guy to be taken out before they could put their plan in motion, just as long as its not Hydra I guess.


  3. Love how you didn't talk at all about the huge Fitz Simmons subplot. I'm sorry but so many of all of your reviews for any TV show seem to lack plot lines and things that happened. Why do you half-ass all your reviews guys?

  4. "Half-ass" is a rather strong accusation, anonymous. Please remember that we are not paid critics. We do this in our spare time because we like to write about our favourite shows. We don't have screeners so we can't write reviews in advance, we often have to rush them out after the episode has aired so we don't always have the time to write about everything that happens in any particular episode. As for this review, I decided not to mentioned that subplot because I have nothing substantial to say about it besides I don't like it. I've made my feelings clear on the matter in the past and don't see a point in rehashing them now.

  5. Isn't it interesting how trolls are always too cowardly to leave their actual names and IDs, and how anything resembling good grammar seems to be beyond them?

  6. I’d like to point out that, even though I’m not watching the show anymore, I always enjoy reading the reviews. Both of you guys, Mark and sunbunny, do some very good work.

    And I do love this site for having such a healthy, hate-free environment.

  7. Thanks so much, Lamounier. And I should take this opportunity to add that I've read literally hundreds of reviews written by Mark Greig as well as sunbunny, and every single one of those reviews is clever, insightful and amusing. I also read every one, even when I'm not watching the show.

  8. Thanks, everyone. And a big thank you to Mark for re-taking the AoS reigns for the end of the season as I am shortly to be very busy with Person of Interest.

  9. "I'm sorry but so many of all of your reviews for any TV show seem to lack plot lines and things that happened. Why do you half-ass all your reviews guys?"

    Oh, how about I answer?

    This is a niche site. We're not IGN, we're not A.V.Club (may they burn in hell), we're not... any of those huge sites. If you want to read all about Fitz and Simmons sexing it up on the little screen, you can do so in any other review of this episode.

    Instead of bringing up Fitz and Simmons only to spew hate at it - as most any other review site would have - Mark decided to not mention it at all, as he didn't have "anything substantial to say about it" (his words.) In my world, that's rather admirable behavior, but your mileage may vary.

    We write about the things that interest us in the episode. The things we feel important to address. By using a more narrow scope, we are also able to go more in-depth about the issues raised than most any other review site. Yes, this is bragging. But, I'm putting my money where my mouth is.

    Have a nice day! ;-)

  10. Just want to add to the Doux Review hugs here. It is by far my favourite review site and always my first port of call after watching any covered episodes.
    Also Mark, I think your reviews are spot on and always good value. Carry on, sir.

  11. I'm so scared they're going to kill off Skye. Or Fitz or Simmons. Or even Mack. Kill Lincoln. Please. I mean, he's easy on the eyes but he's the ONLY character I'm not attached to.

  12. Lydia - I'm scared for Mack too! I really don't think AoS would kill of Skdaisy. Fitz or Simmons, on the other hand...they are a happy couple on a Whedon produced show. Might spell doom for one of them...

  13. Is there a spoiler that someone's going to die or what.

  14. Docnaz said...
    My daughter was excited to show me the FitzSimmons heavy show. I have to admit, I really only like FitzSimmons, Ward, Coulson, Daisy's crazy Papa and May. Everything else is ho hum for me. I really enjoyed this episode, as opposed to watching it for hubby's sake ( who carries his Agents of Sheild badge and loves to flash it:), The chemistry between them is so great. And the part where Jemma's old love was talking to her through Ward was amazing to me as well.

    In no way do I expect the reviews to reflect my personal taste. I did wonder if I had read the wrong review, because I thought this was the main plot, not a sub plot. But that is just fine. It is an enjoyable review anyway.

    And aren't the comments a place where we can add things not discussed in the review?

  15. Loved Coulson's shield. :) Ward and Daisy made me shudder. And I actually liked the FitzSimmons content. I don't ship them, but I like that they're finally becoming lovers. If they ever do. This is a Whedon-adjacent show, after all; it's very possible that they'll have sex and one of them will immediately die. (I haven't seen past this episode, btw, this is a guess.)


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