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Vampire Diaries: Somebody That I Used to Know

“Don’t try to get the band back together.”

Well, now we know the trick to winning over Bonnie: trap her in a house for numerous years and limit her contact with the outside world. It worked for Damon in the 1990s pocket universe, and it worked for Enzo in the flashbacks. Hubba-hubba?

Bonnie and Enzo have a fun chemistry, and I’m happy Bonnie finally gets a boyfriend, but I don’t have a lot more to say about their relationship. I did enjoy Bonnie, Damon, and Enzo on a vampire scavenger hunt, especially when they finally hit a snag in the vampire slaughter when they ran into Beau the Heretic. (“Small world” indeed.)

Stefan and Alaric, meanwhile, briefly put aside their Caroline issues by bonding over their complicated relationship with Damon. (That stone just keeps producing blood, doesn’t it?—she said sarcastically.) The speed with which Stefan said he could get his hands on a “vamp arsenal” to help Damon save Bonnie reminded me of Paul’s comment on last week’s review: “I miss the story of moderately naive people discovering supernatural shit and reacting to it. They're all so battle hardened now that a dinosaur in a pink tutu riding a broomstick could appear and no one would be particularly surprised.” Yes.

Stefan and Alaric aren't the only ones struggling with Damon. This week, Bonnie acted out her anger at Damon’s departure by giving him the silent treatment. I can only assume that her magical detox has the side effect of turning her into a five year-old, since the Bonnie Bennett I know and love is way too grown up for that.

Bonnie does get some leeway, of course, since she's dying. (Again.) Will Rayna's ever-expanding to-do list of vampires to kill prove too long for Damon and Enzo? It's an interesting question, but one that doesn't result in much potential substance--are we going to get another episode focused on vampires driving around the country, slaughtering other vampires?

Or maybe we could get some Caroline/Alaric moments. They clearly need to talk about their relationship, which is more cover than reality. Do I want Caroline to choose Stefan over Alaric? At this point, I have no idea...

Bites and Pieces:

• The Armory killed Lucy Bennett. The internet helped me remember that Lucy Bennett is Bonnie’s cousin.

• So, Rayna is ready to give up the ghost. Hundreds of years with no day off does sound awful. (I blame the new economy.)

• Caroline is back! She's so organized that I expect her to fix everything that's wrong immediately.

Two out of four mystical Google maps.

Josie Kafka is a full-time cat servant and part-time rogue demon hunter. (What's a rogue demon?)


  1. Not quite sure why, but I really enjoyed this one: the Bonnie/Enzo romantic backstory, the extreme vampire hunting. Although what I really wanted, and am hoping for soon, was the Alaric/Caroline backstory. Maybe next week?

  2. I enjoyed this one, too. Getting an unwilling group together to tackle problems (usually in a violent manner) is what this show was built on.

    I'm still not really clear on where all the vampires from the stone are getting their bodies. I assume the majority grabbed human bodies since they were more plentiful (in theory), so those don't have long for this world anyway (not as short as where Stefan ended up, but how long did the vampire in Jo's body last?). But all the ones they encountered in the montage seemed to be in vampire bodies, pretty much none of which would have empty like Stefan's. So did they displace the current occupants, or are co-existing with them? How did so many manage to find vampires, and was Stefan especially dumb not to? How come none of our friends got hijacked if that was the case?

    Or, was it possible to turn their human bodies into vampires? I feel like if that was an option (probably not, since the bodies had already died without vampire blood), they would have tried that with the body Stefan had. Did they try with Jo's body? Too long ago for me to remember.

    I figured they couldn't have taken dead vampires, because they'd be missing heads or hearts or have a stake through the latter. And they'd be unlikely to regrow the missing part just to lose it again during the montage of attacks.

    Probably too much thinking on a minor plot point, but for some reason it bugs me.

  3. Katie, it was my understanding that the freed vamps in the Phoenix Stone jumped into the first recently dead body they could find, which sort of makes sense.

  4. Katie, some ended up in dead humans some and some ended up in dead vampires. The humans would have died by now and they're not a threat because they don't have their vampire powers anyway so they're focusing on the ones that ended up in vampire bodies. That's all.


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