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This Week in Cats: January 15, 2017

I’m hijacking this week’s Cat feature to spotlight a few exciting developments in TVLand. Click for lots of trailers, a few new premiere dates, and the Honest Trailer for The Princess Bride!

The folks at Honest Trailers just did The Princess Bride. I love Honest Trailers and I love The Princess Bride:

On Friday, January 13th, Netflix finally let us watch the A Series of Unfortunate Events premiere, a word which here means "clear your calendar and prepare for a delightful binge":

Legion premiers on FX on Feburary 8th. I don't know anything about this show except that it's got that pale guy from Downton Abbey and is from Fargo creator Noah Hawley:

And if that's not enough superhero for you, there's the sure-to-be bingeable Iron Fist on Netflix March 17th:

Speaking of bingeability, Fox just released the trailer for the Prison Break reboot, which premieres April 4th:

Hulu's adaptation of Margaret Atwood's iconic The Handmaid's Tale will premiere on Wednesday, April 26th:

The Twin Peaks reboot will premiere on Sunday, May 21st:

The entire Flarrowverse/Berlantiverse has been renewed by the CW, and so has Supernatural, for its thirteenth season. I wonder what surprises the show has in store? Maybe a cat. We can only hope:

This Week in Cats is a weekly (more or less) post about all things cat-related. The nature of what “related” means in this context will be determined by Sam T. Cat and his plucky sidekick, Josie Kafka. The nature of what “cat” means is unknowable to human brains; all we can do is read, hope for enlightenment, and provide more boxes for them to play with.

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  1. Legion is based on a character from the X-men comics. He is the son of Charles Xavier, and has what used to be called a split personality. He's a mutant, and some of his personalities are evil. So I wonder if prof X will be in the series at all?
    Iron Fist looks cool as does A series of..


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