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The Flash: I Know Who You Are

"There's no such thing as normal. Love is the only thing that makes the fight worth it."

Holy. Freaking. Lightning. Butt. It's Killer Frost in all her glory versus the Flash — while they search for the woman with the knowledge to defeat Savitar.

I love this episode's opening on Joe and Cecile exercising. The two of them look fantastic together. This episode was a huge step forward for these two; not only did Cecile pop the big L word, but Joe truly opened up to a woman for the first time we've seen since this series began. I was ready to kill Joe when he broke up with her, and I was tearing up a little bit during their reconciliation speech. Joe is still dealing with his overprotection issues — but he can sure apologize. Cecile is now part of the Flash fold, for good or ill.

It was also interesting as a frame for the bigger storyline — another possible step towards defeating Savitar, found from the future in the past: grad student Tracy Brand. This firebrand, however, is being targeted by the ice queen. Savitar knows what Barry knows, and they both know Tracy has a secret that could be the clue to taking down Savvy. This opens the door to some TRULY awesome moments in the show. When Killer Frost comes forth in all her glory, what will we see? Tonight had to come close. The ice bridge! I mean, forget Iceman, the icewoman cometh! Caitlin is truly unstoppable tonight, because she is far more than just the villain in Flashpoint: she is both Killer Frost and Caitlin Snow, and has the technical and medical knowledge of her Jekyllish counterpart. Honestly, if I had to choose between fighting Savvy and Frost? I'd choose Savvy. Frost terrifies me. Even if I still have no idea why she's choosing to fight with Barry.

Cisco can't really deal with this duality. He sees Caitlin, but what's coming at him is the Killer. His inability to act against his friend during the episode comes to a head at the end when his friends are injured. I always love to see Cisco coming to a point where he decides to use his power — it's always been difficult for him. And he wins, oh my god, he wins.

All this fighting has given Barry enough of an idea to confront Savvy. I absolutely loved the moment of realization; the process of everything coming to Barry was just so well portrayed. Then his courage in going out — his need to know — and the final reveal.

"I am the future, Flash." "I am the future Flash." Has any left-out comma caused as much confusion? So it wasn't Eddie. It wasn't Ronnie. It wasn't HR. In the end, Savitar is no other than Barry Allen himself — a Barry Allen ravaged, somehow, by time.

Bits and Pieces

At one point Caitlin gets called the White Witch; if you've read C.S. Lewis then you know Jadis ruled over Narnia in eternal winter until Aslan came.

The sketch artist sucked. He was not Michelangelo.

HR giving Tracy the Speech.

Did anyone else think Freddy Krueger when they saw the Savitar reveal?


Cisco: So our hopes of defeating an evil speed god, depend on a grad student? [Oh yeah (says the grad student, me.)]

Caitlin/Frost: Better to reign in hell, and all that. (Is this a clue for what's going to happen with Cait?)


Can't wait to the final reveal next week! Four out of five — not too much happened tonight, it was more a buildup episode than anything else. But, the buildup was lovely buildup with great tension, and watching Killer Frost let loose is sublime.


  1. I guess Flash turning into Savitar has something to do with the newspaper and the Flash dissapearing in the Red Sky Crisis. WOuld be nice to finally get to know what happens there. We saw that newspaper first way back in the pilot.

  2. I always thought that red skies headline was a shoutout to the Crisis on Infinte Earths maxi-series where Flash played a very prominent role. And it was basically the first big reset button for D.C. Comics.


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