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Midnight, Texas: Unearthed

Review by An Honest Fangirl

"It's the worst thing I've ever done. I wish I could take it back."

The episode title was definitely a little on the nose this week. A lot of secrets were, well, unearthed. A surprising amount, really.

Did Midnight, Texas just wrap up two major storylines at once? I was not expecting that. At all. And it makes me nervous. For such a big, important episode, it felt very flat.

Let's tackle Hightower first. I really thought that he would last the entire season, always lurking in the background and being menacing. What we got instead was a little disappointing. I liked him for the first half of the episode. The Manfred-in-a-box was creepy, and him threatening to shove a fork down that old lady's throat was very effective and unsettling.

But then Olivia and Manfred locked him up in chains, and Hightower lost all the menace that he had. It was a little hard to be afraid of someone who was taken down that easily. I wonder if they were trying to make him a sympathetic character. Yes, Hightower was trying to kill Manfred, but he was doing that because he blamed Manfred for Violet's suicide. And in the end, he killed himself as opposed to Manfred, presumably out of guilt. I didn't understand that. It was sudden and confusing, and I didn't buy that quick of a turn around for the character.  

The best part of this arc was that it allowed us more insight into Manfred. Last episode, the succubus said that he had caused a lot of pain, and she really wasn't kidding. I don't care what the context is, leaving someone at the altar is awful. But Manfred did try his best to make amends, and he wouldn't let Olivia simply kill Hightower and be done with it. What all of this tells me is that Manfred is not a bad person. He may have made bad decisions, but he's trying to do better now.

Olivia asked Manfred if he was doing all of this for Creek, and he admitted that she was right. I still don't really care about their relationship. Creek hasn't progressed beyond being just a love interest, and honestly doesn't feel like a full character at times. I guess I'm still waiting on an episode to fully flesh her out. We got Manfred, Lem, Olivia and Bobo. It has to be her turn soon, right?

Okay, so Bobo may not have been a Son of Lucifer, but his family was most likely connected to them. Onanymous had a great catch in saying that Bobo ran and checked his hidden cache when he realized that his house had been ransacked last episode. Well, now we finally figured out what was in it: lots and lots of weapons.

Bobo came out of this episode looking very good for himself. He was heroic, righteous, apologetic, and willing to do anything if it made sure that Fiji would be released unharmed. So why don't I trust him? This episode should have squarely put Bobo in the "Character I like and trust" camp, but if anything it did the opposite. I like Bobo as a character, but I don't trust him any farther than I can throw him. And considering that he's a big, muscular dude and I'm very physically weak, that isn't far at all.

Maybe it's Bobo's anger issues. which I feel like are always bubbling underneath the surface. Maybe it's the fact that he killed Peter Lowrey as opposed to just knocking him out or something. Or maybe it was the fact that Peter seemed convinced that Bobo had killed Aubrey. When Bobo denied it, Peter told him that he was only lying to himself.

I believe Peter when he said that he didn't kill Aubrey. He's dead now, so him being the killer wouldn't make much dramatic sense. Is it really Bobo, and he just blocked it out? Or is the killer someone else, someone that we haven't met or considered yet?

Regardless, this episode mostly seemed concerned about clearing the stage of almost all lingering storylines. Hightower's dead, the Sons of Lucifer are dead, Creek's dad now knows that she's seeing Manfred, etc. I can only assume that this means that we're going to shift the focus to the coming apocalypse and the Veil weakening. Yay?

Random Thoughts

Were those the same chains that Lem was locked up in a couple of episodes ago?

Lem is awesome. I loved him just completely disregarding all of that gunfire.

Speaking of Lem, he drank blood again this episode. That can't be good.

How much money does Olivia have that she can front Manfred $22,000 plus interest without even blinking?

Again, everyone in Midnight reacted very quickly when they saw that Bobo's pawn shop was in trouble. I really like that detail.

Another detail that I really liked was Peter wiping his hand on his pants after he touched Fiji, as if she was dirty. Really hammered home the fact that he's a white supremacist.

I somehow don't think that a shipping container would run out of air that fast. Or that those things are airtight.


Manfred: So, I'm not running anymore. And you're not hiding from your dad. This gonna get boring?
Creek: Let's find out.

Creek: I once asked you what you did.
Olivia: People have problems, and they hire me to get rid of those problems.
Creek: Right... Manfred has problems.
Olivia: Oh.

Bobo: Fiji's cat?
Mr. Snuggly: Yep, and oh my beeswax, the cat talks.

Mr. Snuggly: She feeds me. Can't be away for too long.

This was definitely one of their weaker episodes. Hopefully, it's just a temporary stumble.

An Honest Fangirl loves superheroes, science fiction, fantasy, and really bad horror movies. 


  1. I agree that this wasn't a successful episode. Two big hostage dramas at the same time? I actually got sort of confused about which was which and who was involved with what. Not a good sign. Plus what you said about the major plot threads.

    I did really like Francois Arnaud's performance in this one, particularly when he was channeling Violet's spirit. And Lem was awesome, as always. I also loved that Mr. Snuggly the cat went to Bobo to tell him Fiji had been taken because "she feeds me. Can't be away for long." :)

  2. Mr. Snuggly is hands down my favorite character. Everything that he says is just so pure "cat" if that makes sense.

  3. For something that was hinted at more than once, the bunker reveal was a bit of a let down. I was convinced it would have a bit more mystery to it, but now that storyline seems to be over and done with. Strange.

    I do agree about Francois Arnaud's performance during the Violet possession though. His entire body language changed and actually managed to mimic the little bit we saw of her as a spirit.


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