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The X-Files: Ghouli

Case: Two teenage girls attack each other, but claim that they were attacking a monster.

Destination: Norfolk, Virginia

Morgan and Wong! The bad boys of FOX are back, you guys.

William is magic, y'all! In case we ever had any doubt, right? I mean, of course he is. (He also has very floppy teenage boy hair.) He can implant images into your head so you see something else instead of what, in reality, is in front of you. Is there a better metaphor for the child of Mulder and Scully? I don't think so. The answers are there. You just have to know where to look.

Oh boy, but 'finding' William aka Jackson Van de Kamp proves to be very complicated for a series that all but denied he ever even happened after they made Scully give him up (!). As a huge fan of this show, this has always been the bitterest pill to swallow, in a series that's, frankly, full of them. As ever, the writers should be regularly worshiping at the altar of Gillian Anderson, who can sell that monologue in the autopsy bay, to whom she thinks is her now-dead son she gave up for adoption, like no other.

William's entrance from STAGE LEFT is as bumpy as it could be, too. I don't trust this show enough to go back and watch 'William' to see how much of 'Ghouli' lines up. (There's something sad about that sentence but I'll move on.) Yet, continuity or no, times are different now. Is William a Malcolm X fan? Does he like snow globes? Windmills? How is the DoD and DoJ connected at this stage in the game? Is he a player or does he genuinely like two different girls and is likely conflicted? Why in the Sam Hill are we just finding out about Project Crossroads? (That scene with Skinner on the boat – Jesus, Mary and Joseph.) ARGHH.

One good thing – Anderson and Duchovny are doing a great job. The latter is playing the softest and most gentle version of Fox Mulder I have ever seen.

Watching these last two seasons, I find myself grasping at beats, like someone who knows a relationship is long over but can feel still the most indelible memories, though now feathery. Flashes of episodes past climb into my viewing experience and take up residence for long enough to make me long for my fandom of this once-great show from years ago. In 'Ghouli,' 'Conduit' passes through me, and briefly takes my breath away. I get a glimpse of 'Folie a Deux,' out of the corner of my eye. I even smile for a second over a fleeting thought about 'Rush' or 'D.P.O.' It's haunting being a fan of this show.

Are we likely to have a livable resolution in our lifetime on any this? I don't know. Scully's face in the last few seconds was priceless.

Other Thoughts

* "Bob".

* Most everything that happens in that coffee shop, especially the phone call with Skinner, is very funny.

* Note to FOX: I am purposefully NOT going to buy a Ford if / when I need a new car.

* Ep 11.5: Mitch Pileggi is still killing it.

* William heard Scully's teary confession but has no connection to it at all?

* How did girlfriend #2 know to upload a picture to the DoD from her hospital bed?

* Is the DoD really going to shoot at William to stop him from running?

* Did the fourth act have a different director than the rest of the episode?

* Does FOX have one person who edits every show they produce? (In fairness, I've been wondering this one for awhile.)

* Does Jackson know who his parents are and that's why he's changing his form to deliver 'wise words' while disguised as an author?

* See what I mean about bumpy?


Mulder: "Keep cracking wise. You have no idea my state of mind." Heh.

Final Analysis: Let's see where this goes.


  1. Nope, nope, and...wait for it...nope. I've always felt that the "Baby William" plot ruined the X-Files from the birth, and now the specter of "Grown-up William" is ruining these last two unnecessary seasons. I'm getting bad vibes from being reminded of Angel's Connor and Xena's Eve. I did like Gabrielle's Hope, though. She was delightfully evil and led to the great "Bitter Suite" musical.

    The only thing that I'm enjoying about this season is Darren Morgan's weird sense of humor and the way that Scully and Mulder are getting closer. What a wasted opportunity for a better story. Go away, William, please.

  2. Mallena, you just reminded me of something -- William has his own song, crafted by Mark Snow. It was first introduced when Scully looked in the mirror at herself when she was pregnant. I meant to add that to other thoughts as if to say, why not use the music you already have to take people back to that time was Scully was beside herself with all kinds of feelings? Sigh.

  3. To be fair, NOT buying a Ford is always a good idea.

  4. At least X-files did not have to magically age him up. They just waited 15 years to film more episodes. ;)

  5. It's a bit of strange one there is lovely moments between Mulder and Scully, and there are some nicely directed scenes on the boat, and the scene between Mulder and Skinner where project crossroads is revealed is an "oh boy" moment, however the rest of the of it feels like half a story or a tease for later things.

  6. An episode with some lovely scenes between character but the episode feels like half a story and tease for later.


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