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Veronica Mars: Gods of War

"Shit, Veronica, how low is the bar for you?"

Veronica of all people should know by now that if you play with fire...

Ever since he’s gotten into town, Veronica has been threading a thin line with Leo. Their flirty exchanges have always gotten Veronica close to the point of no return, but something always tips her back. She came super close in the previous episode but was stopped by an unexpected home intruder. In ‘Gods of War’, Veronica’s temptations are dealt with head-on, but it’s not an outside force that stops her this time, it’s her love for Logan.

After a steamy sex dream starring the former deputy as the love interest (and Wallace as the judgmental on-looker), Veronica wakes up and feels relief. She may have nearly gone there with Leo, but she didn’t. She never hurt Logan, and realizing that was all she needed to push her to say yes Logan’s marriage proposal; a timely epiphany considering Logan’s already back in town. It’s a wonderful moment, one that felt earned thanks to the heavy work the writers have put behind this season’s stellar character beats.

The same can't be said for Veronica's friendship with Nicole, though. Veronica crossed the line with her the second she put a bug in her office. When Veronica comes clean to clear her conscience, Nicole doesn't exactly take the news well. She told Veronica her darkest secret and Veronica betrayed her, so who can blame her for not seeing it Veronica's way. But Nicole doesn't see that invisible divide Veronica seems to have in her head between her real life relationships, and her job. I don't think Veronica meant to hurt Nicole, but she sure as hell didn't think her actions through when she let the pull of her job get the best of her. Now it looks like the bridge between these two women is well and truly burned.

On a more positive note, Weevil’s arrival at Penn’s girlfriend’s cabin to stop Alfonso seems to hint that he may still care more about Veronica than he made it seem. I was really worried that Weevil would let the chasm that’s grown between him and Veronica influence him into turning the other way when he learns she’s right in harm’s way. Thankfully, the well hasn’t run dry on the favors they used to do for each other, and he sends Alfonso packing. But will the hitman leave Neptune empty handed? Probably not since Clyde has used a recording of Big Dick confessing to the initial bombing to steer Alfonso towards the real man behind the death of his boss’ nephew. Yikes.

As for the other bombings, it looks like the party responsible is behind bars... maybe. The guilty frat boys we saw brief glimpses of prior to this episode feature more prominently here and one of them spills serious tea about a pizza delivery guy they thought they might have killed several years ago. Was that guy Penn? And did he want to get revenge on similarly minded douchebag spring-breakers? Penn swears he’s innocent, and he would want to be if he’s looking to hire Mars Investigations to clear his name considering their strong track record.

This might be Keith’s last case, though. His condition strikes again, right when both he and Veronica are facing down two deadly gunmen in the middle of nowhere. His mental degradation is no joke anymore. He could have gotten his daughter killed. She seems quick to forgive, but I don’t think Keith will be risking a situation like this again so long as he’s not in his prime mental state. And both detectives need to be at the top of their game to stop this next bomb from going off. If the threat the real bomber sent in is real, of course.


The nails at the first bombing appear to have come from a piece of art Matty had hanging in the motel. It stands to reason that the nails in the subsequent bombings were copied, nails Penn would have had to hand since they were embedded in this back after the first explosion.

Big Dick tried bribing Matty with a new car to convince her to sell the motel, but she staunchly refuses. She does, however, steal away in the trunk in order to get access to the Casablancas home to prove Big Dick's guilt. With Alfonso headed that way, things don't look good for Veronica's protégé.

Leo takes off at the end of this episode but, as always, I don't think it's the last we'll see of him.

He Said, She Said

Keith: "I screwed up. My screwed-up brain almost got us killed."

Veronica: "When I woke up after my Leo sex dream, all I felt was relief. Relief that I hadn't done anything to hurt Logan. And a few hours later, when I thought, 'I'm going to die tonight,' the only person I thought about was Logan."

Penn: "There's still a bomb out there set to go off in 24 hours. And when it does, and more innocent people get killed, you're gonna wish you had listened to me."

Tightly plotted, and full of suspenseful action, 'Gods of War' was an incredible way to bring us into the finale of this solid run of episodes. I'm excited to see how it all wraps up.

10 out of 10 unloaded guns.

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  1. I normally do not like sex scenes even if they're plot-relevant but good lord the one in this episode was a clear exception. So sexy. Did make you feel sexy too? This commenter hopes so

    Phenomenal acting from Veronica -- not for the sex scene though! I mean the one where she comes clean to Nicole. The way the urge to confess dawned on her with the camera capturing that whole moment.


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