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The Flash: News Flash

"The dagger part still doesn't make sense. I mean, things cannot become metas, right?"

Last season's aborted enlightenment has caused a new problem: meta-hardware. You don't need to be a meta to be a super bad guy, you just need meta tech in your hands.

Meanwhile, we finally know what's going on between Nora and Iris.

Iris cooks as bad as I do. And that's bad, folks. But she's working as hard as she can to connect with her future daughter. You have to feel for her as every single attempt is a miserable failure.

But, at last, we learn the reason. Nora's powers were "dampened" by Iris at some point in the future. We don't know the details, but we know Nora somehow removed the dampener and learned to use her speed to travel back in time and meet her father. As far as Nora is concerned, Iris unfairly kept her from being a hero, and Nora's not getting over it any time soon.

It's very refreshing to see Barry side with Iris. Without hesitation, he lets Nora know that she's out of line. In a lot of shows, we would have see the father figure waffle between loyalty to his wife and the fear of losing the special bond he's built with his daughter, but Barry didn't need a single moment to think about it. He's team Iris, all the way.

Speaking of teams, anyone else have a hard time believing Barry is that bad at softball? He's gotten more and more athletic through his training, so I'd think he could be at least average out there on the ballfield. Or whatever you call a place where people play that game. Look, I know about comics, not baseball.

Weaving stories together is what makes an ensemble cast work. Iris is a reporter again, and our villain of the week is a rival reporter, somehow scooping Iris left and right. But this has to be the most petty villain yet. With her powers of hypnosis, she could stop wars or convince drivers to stay under the speed limit. But she's using her meta tech to... make her app a success?

But it's a good thing she doesn't have much ambition. On a whim, she decides to have the Flash battle his daughter, just for headlines. A person that devious could do some real harm if they had bigger ideas.

Does that stadium look familiar? That's because it's where Barry fought the Reverse-Flash for the first time. That's no accident; the writers are up to something.

Also, it looks the stadium Danielle Panabaker owned on the show Necessary Roughness.

Parting Thoughts:

-I always think the glass white boards are useless. If you can see through them then it would be really hard to read anything. Especially when Sherloque uses a white marker when there's a light grey wall on the other side.

-Ralph is right. The mask is a key. I'm a big fan of Sherlock Holmes, and he told people to focus on the details that seemed to make the case seem complicated, because those details would actually point to the solution and make things easier. It's too bad this lead didn't go straight to Cicada, but it did provide a small break in the case.

-Calling your app "Spin Zone" doesn't give it a sense of being trustworthy.

-Also, it's hard to believe the evil journalist doesn't change the time stamps on her stories. Not the sharpest villain we've tangled with.

-Sherloque asks to be punched in the solar plexus while pointing to the bone just under his sternum. This... is a really bad place to get punched. Also, it's not the solar plexus. I'm guessing no one on set knew that.

-"Looks like you'll trading this cell for another." The Flash has a daughter, so he's making dad jokes.

-What are Cicada's powers? Is he really strong? I don't know how he works.

Final Analysis: Good show. Good reveals. The story unravels and everyone in our big cast has a fun part to play. Five out of five blue screen stadiums.

Adam D. Jones is a writer, historian, and something of a speedster himself, having recently been the first customer in Home Depot on a Saturday.

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