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Forever Knight: The Code

"Tonight your Nightcrawler is ruminating on friendship. I say a friend for life is a leech, someone who bleeds you. There is no real or lasting friendship, and no one is to be trusted."

An old friend drops by to cheer up Schanke, but there's too much trouble brewing for an enjoyable reunion.

Friendship is our theme today, and it doesn't seem to work out for anyone.

We open with another side-by-side intro. Schanke is having car trouble while a model freebases coke. The two scenes, as usual, don't compliment one another, but it's enough to kick off the plot.

"Dogs go to the end for each other," is what Schanke and his friend say. That's going to be tested. Don's being offered everything he wants just to look the other way while an evil drug company gets away with murder. It's actually an ethically hazy situation since the drug company is going to save lives with its work, but Don has no trouble navigating the maze of right and wrong. He may be in a bad place right now, but his heart, as always, is exactly in the right place. No matter how much it hurts.


A handsome cowboy saves Nick in the dusty badlands of America and they become BFFs and probably swap friendship bracelets or something. It's VERY unclear how Nick keeps himself from dying when the sun comes up, or what he's doing out there since he's also in Europe around this time. Or how a poison affects him at all when he has no circulatory system. Or why he thought he could drink a normal drink since that usually hurts him.

Previously, Nick was able to smell things like poison and drugs. Not this time. Fortunately, La Croix was around the corner to save the day.

Little Bites:

-Schanke is always right: Sure, he lets his feelings get in the way. That's a human thing to do. But, once again, the moment his mind is on the case he solves it in seconds. And he immediately recognizes the medicine that shows up in multiple crime scenes.

-How long will it take for Nick's heater to heat up? Schanke says it will take... wait for it... more than eight centuries.

-Once again, Schanke demonstrates his encyclopedic knowledge of models, recognizing the deceased as "the Wednesday Jeans Girl."

-That nun needs to have her license revoked. Schanke's car is hard to miss.

-Schanke takes his best friend on every step of a police case. That is really unprofessional.

-Schanke's bud is a great character. Is he a bad guy? Yep. But his friendship for Schanke is unquestionable. Villains are not always mustache-twirling menaces. Some of them are your best friends, just barely hiding their dark side.

-Does Schanke wonder how Nick jumped in through the window? By the end of the season, we'll see why Don keeps forgetting about these oddities. (If you're watching on DVD, you know how this works because you already saw that episode.)

-Nick says he's on a... wait for it... liquid diet.

Final Analysis: Schanke carries the episode wonderfully. Not much about vampires, though. Four out of five really, really, really close cowboy friendships.

Adam D. Jones is a writer, historian, and undefeated cat wrestler. He is also known for rebelling against drug companies, having recently taken two aspirin when the label said to only take three.

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