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This Week: Important Viewing News

Mikey Heinrich: The third season of Is It Cake? has dropped on Netflix.

This is crucial information for us all.

Joseph Santini: This notification is valued. 🎂

Billie Doux: I love how, like the GBBO, they all help each other. Not that it in any way compares to the GBBO, but it's sweet and silly instead of being mean and competitive. I suspect that I've had it with nastiness in competitions.

Mikey Heinrich: I always loved that about Face Off too. Everybody was so supportive of each other.

And now I miss Face Off.

An Honest Fangirl: Face Off was one of my favorite shows. It was so interesting.

Blown Away also recently came out with a new season. It's not as cooperative as some the other shows, but it's still cozy.

Mikey Heinrich: I'm not familiar with Blown Away. Looking it up now.

OK, that looks amazing and I have to watch it.

Also, I just this moment became aware of the existence of the movie Hundreds of Beavers, and I need to see it more than anything.


I swear that's safe for work. All appearances to the contrary.

Joseph Santini:
Blown Away is awesome. The Repair Shop is one of my BBC go to's for comfort in watching people make stuff and they do work together. I love Forged in Fire as well and the blacksmiths sometimes cooperate and there’s always a politeness about the competition which I appreciate.

An Honest Fangirl: Forged in Fire is also great because you get to see them hack and cut stuff apart with whatever it is that they make! (Okay, that’s a little less cozy...)

There is also Forged in Fire: Knife or Death, which is the blacksmiths tackling an obstacle course and seeing if they can get through it the quickest with the fewest mistakes. Again, not very cozy? There’s fire and people yelling as they swing machetes around to cut through slabs of meat and fish and bamboo. But there’s that same level of respect and politeness that everyone has about the proceedings. It’s not cutthroat. (Ha!)

Mikey Heinrich: Oh my God, that sounds amazing.

Joseph Santini: The biceps are also occasionally amazing.


Samantha M. Quinn: I used to watch Ninja Warrior before G4 turned it into American Ninja Warrior. It wasn't so much about glistening biceps, but it was fun to watch. Reminded me at first of American Gladiator, which had lots of biceps. Many covered in a thick layer of sweat and oil... and I think I'm drifting off topic.

Um... X-men '97 is cool. Is that enough for a new direction? Oh, how many seasons of Killing Eve should I watch? It seems to be a controversial topic. Um... fezzes are cool.

An Honest Fangirl: I have very fond memories of the rebooted American Gladiator as well. The guy who won the first season was my favorite. The Titan Games hosted by the Rock didn’t quite capture the same magic, but if you’re looking for biceps...

Is X-Men '97 good? I was a bit too young to watch the original. I don’t know if it’ll hit the same way.

Samantha M. Quinn: I just started X-men '97 but so far the animation, voice acting and general vibe is much better.

ChrisB: I am completely addicted to Blown Away and have told everyone who will listen about it. My sister got so interested she took a glass blowing glass. It is amazing how quickly she was able to create gorgeous things.

You guys got me into Face Off and I watched every season of it. I miss it as well. Along the same lines is Glow Up. It is a makeup show filled with diverse people who do really cool stuff. The makeup is less extreme than Face Off, but still amazing to watch.

I’m a huge fan of GBBO, so have added Is It Cake to the list. Also added Forged in Fire. Sounds amazing.

My final shout out is to Billie who recently recommended Somebody Feed Phil. Although Phil’s demeanor sometimes gets on my nerves a bit, he is filling the huge gap left by Anthony Bourdain whom I was completely in love with.

Billie Doux: Chris, you're so welcome. Phil has grown on me. He keeps getting better.

Sunbunny: My mom’s best friend is close friends with Phil’s wife. If my thinking is correct. The Raymond guy, right?

Billie Doux: Yes, it's Phil Rosenthal who produced Everybody Loves Raymond. His wife's name is Monica. She's on the show sometimes.

(P.S. from Billie: this episode of This Week wasn't even intentional. We just spontaneously combust into conversation at times.)

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  1. Thanks for these posts - always love reading what everyone is watching/reading from this group!

    In the last couple weeks I’ve been traveling which leads to watching movies that I might not choose to watch otherwise, including Haunting in Venice (better than Death on the Nile) and The Marvels (so bad it’s good category). I also watched Andrei Tarkovsky’s Stalker, and it’s fair to say that I am not qualified to give that a review, but if you like an achingly slow burn, beautifully shot film with deep philosophical overtones, this might be a movie for you.

    I just started The Leftovers and I’m 4 episodes in. As a Lost and Watchmen fan, it’s fair to say I’m a fan of Damon Lindelof and finally decided to check this out. So far, I am cautiously optimistic - the 4th episode probably hooked me for good. I have some free time this week so will probably knock out the first season.


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