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Interview with the Vampire: I Could Not Prevent It

“But I wonder, where lies their disgust now?”

In the climax of the story, we are witness to the greatest example of pettiness, ego and lies I’ve ever seen on film. And the unbearable consequences of such wanton actions alter Louis' life forever.

This was such an elaborate game, but who was pulling the strings? Was it Santiago as the episode framed it? Or was it Lestat, using this troupe of vampires he founded as a form of cruel execution for those who betrayed him? Or was it Armand, who seemed quite caged and despondent over his betrayal? I’m honestly not sure. There were some clues that gave me some theories, but those are akin to spoilers so I’ll keep them to myself.

Instead, what do we actually see? A farce, a joke, a runaway court of idiots treating their own kind as nothing more than props in a cruel example of coven justice. The five laws now feel petty and broken, because what were Claudia’s actual crimes? She did conspire to kill Lestat, who was to her, an abusive and dominating monster who broke her father. But Claudia and Louis, while instigators, did have to defend themselves against two vampires who would have done the same to them... or would they have?

Lestat was clearly being scripted, but at times he broke character and expressed feelings from his heart. Did Louis call him in New Orleans? Did Louis force Lestat to turn Claudia? It boils down to he said, he said and honestly I’m not sure what to believe. Except for that apology, Lestat was being absolutely honest when he expressed real guilt and remorse for the events that broke Louis. That fall, the recovery, it was all impossible. Yet did that moment where Louis threatened to kill Lestat while laughing maniacally actually happen? Did Louis break Lestat’s heart at that moment? While Lestat’s actions were clearly wrong, were they unjustified?

We have been given so many truths over the last two seasons, mostly about how Lestat was an abusive monster. But that truth has been tested and turned and thrown in a blender by Daniel and Armand and even Louis himself. Does Louis have the memory and perspective to claim the truth as his? I’m honestly not sure, but it feels like we need another narrator to give us that answer. Unfortunately with only one more episode it is likely not going to happen this season.

Okay, I’m avoiding talking about the trial because it was so hard to watch. The utterly unfair treatment of Claudia and Louis, was somewhat understandable. But why did they have to treat poor Madeleine so harshly? What crime had she committed, except to give herself to another out of compassion and love? I like that they gave her a choice, but it was a rotten choice. Claudia even tried to encourage her to take Santiago’s offer, but Madeleine was true and loyal, and it was heartbreaking to watch. What a waste of a wonderful character.

Claudia’s fate was equally tragic, from her declaration of wanting to haunt every single member of the audience, to singing out that horrible window song as a final fuck you to the coven she had hoped to build a future with. Armand’s account of their deaths was equally difficult to watch, with Madeleine succumbing so quickly, clutching Claudia almost like a child would clutch their mother. But it was that final moment where Claudia turned to Lestat, and that expression of horror and remorse on his face. It was as if he was finally seeing her for the first time, and I’m not sure he fully understood his own actions until that final moment.

So then we also have Louis, who is shoved into a coffin, which was then filled with small rocks. Then he was thrown in that crypt with other vampires who were sentenced to banishment, like Santiago’s maker. His name scratched into the door as though it were his tomb. Other than the obvious horror of the situation I don’t have much more on that, because honestly Claudia and Madeleine’s fate was far worse. That being said, the idea of spending eternity in a box where you may or may not starve to death is difficult to wrap my head around. Spending even a day like that would drive you mad, let alone with the knowledge that your family was being killed, and there was nothing you could do about it.

I’ll reiterate Claudia’s final diary entry: “Fuck those vampires!”


The small rocks Louis was buried with are identical to the rock garden in Louis and Armand’s flat in Dubai.

I absolutely loved Lestat taking down that homophobic soldier. It was vicious, but oh so satisfying.

So the timeline is a little fuzzy, because the troupe clearly had time to rehearse and draw all of those animations. Obviously sourced from Claudia’s diaries, because I doubt Lestat was at all forthcoming and cooperative.


Santiago: “Nicky went insane. He died by his own hand.”
Lestat: “No. With a little help from others.”
Louis: “I followed Lestat’s gaze and saw Armand in one of the boxes. It stopped my heart. Until I saw the vampire Sam, standing next to him blocking his exit.”
Sam standing in a super weird pose with a strange expression on his face, awkwardly holding the scythe. Wasn’t he also present when Louis was buried? Yet another example of fractured memory maybe?

Daniel: “To save your own life, Armand, you screwed over Louis, Claudia and Madeleine and then you sat in the best seat in the house watching the consequences of you screwing them over.”

Lestat: “Did you say something? Men embracing men, it disgusts you?”
Corporal Chaffin: “Um... I’m pretty sure it disgusts a whole lot of people.”
Lestat: “Oh? You fought at Bastogne. You vomited into your foxhole often, but what you didn’t do, Corporal Johnny Chaffin, is fire your M1 Garand rifle a single time. Germans overran your line, and three days later you ran off into the Belgium forest, during which time your friend who you share a matching tattoo with, Private Earnest Hughes arm was shot off! You tried to desert but you couldn’t read your map. And eventually you stumbled back to your line and claimed you’d been lost in the fog! There are fourteen men who served their countries honorably in attendance with us this afternoon. They may, like yourself, be disgusted by the transcendent love between two vampires of the same sex. But I wonder... where lies their disgust now?”

Louis: “I’ll do it myself!”
Lestat: “She will be at war with herself. She is of an age where her emotions will soar and plummet, mountains and valleys every day of her life!"
Louis: “I don’t care.”
Lestat: “Well, you must care! Her mind and her spirit will age but the world will treat her as she is now!”
Louis: “I found her in the fire...”
Lestat: “And she will be miserable...”
Louis: “... I heard her voice...”
Lestat: “... And you will love her!"
Louis: “... behind the door...”
Lestat: “And it will spiral beyond your reach!”

This was perhaps one of the best courtroom episodes I’ve ever seen, and a wildly upsetting hour of drama. I will miss Claudia and Madeleine, and the show will never be the same without them.

4 out of 4 Scripted Lines Spoken By Monsters

Samantha M. Quinn spends most of her time in front of a computer typing away at one thing or another; when she has free time, she enjoys pretty much anything science fiction or fantasy-related.

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