The 100: A Lie Guarded

"It's not your blood that defines you, it's your heart."

There was no filler in this episode whatsoever. There are so many balls in the air that it's almost too confusing.

I realized this episode how divided the story is. AGAIN. I mean, do we really need three separate threads going on all the time? I didn't love it last season and now I borderline hate it. I mean, if we are gearing up to spend any length of time locked back in the Ark (which I don't think is the case) then maybe it makes sense to give our characters space while they can still have it. Or maybe Clarke and Co. are just too strong together that the writers thought there wouldn't be enough discord? Whatever the reasons, stop it. You hear me PTB? Stahp. I want everyone gathered around the same camp fire, giving each other Eskimo kisses and arguing like a proper family. And since The 100 always gives me what I want***, I'm sure this will happen next episode. You're welcome.

In Arkadia, Jasper is grating on my nerves. And basically everyone else is, too. On one hand, I can't fault people for being human. No one wants to die in the terrible gut-wrenching way that is coming for them. I get it. But aren't they all friends and neighbors? Riley was all 'no offense, Sally, but I'm a better shot than you so you definitely deserve the acid rain bath more than me.' Did your time as a prisoner teach you nothing? I'm paraphrasing and that chick's name wasn't Sally, but hey, asshole, maybe you deserve the acid bath for being such an asshat to your friend. Or maybe not. Morals are a tricky business in this universe.

As annoying as his attitude has been, I liked what Jasper said about it being time to rethink your life choices when you start agreeing with Jaha. Clarke was put into the Ark prison because she thought it was right tell the people the truth. Her dad died trying to do that very thing. Clarke can't say she hasn't changed because Ark Clarke wouldn't have kept this secret. Of course, maybe it's time for me to reconsider my rational thinking skills when I start agreeing with the suicidal prankster. And can we all give Jaha a round of applause? He got the mob to stop panicking and start working again. Finally, his years of experience are showing through. Plus, let's all note that he said to 'consider it shredded' but didn't actually tear it up and gave it back to Clarke.

This show loves a parallel. Now Luna is the quasi-prisoner with magic life-saving blood just like Clarke's friends were in Mt. Weather and the Grounders were to the mountaineers for decades. Raven is the real MVP this season. Getting off the boat, she doesn't take any flack about her bum leg, telling Miller to try and keep up with her. When the killer drones showed up, she didn't let her pride stand in the way of what was clearly the best option. She was brave enough to try and get to the damaged drone, saved Abby's life in the nick of time and talked Luna into staying when she could've forced her to comply. Oh, and Murphy continues charming the pants off of everyone.

Luna kept looking longingly at the boat. Did it just represent her freedom or was it more of a reminder of her home on the water and all the people she has lost? Maybe both?

Octavia and Echo's fight scene was so good. Dramatic, edge-of-the-seat good. Heart racing good. I cheered on my favorite assassin, I panicked when things didn't look great, I don't love how unrealistic surviving that wound and fall are, but I'm glad she isn't gone.

Roan is still wearing that hideous crown and I think it's cutting off circulation to his brain. Even if Ice Nation took the Ark, it's not ready yet to save anyone. Stupid. And he has no knowledge of how to make water or grow food without sunlight. Stupid. Telling Bellamy that Octavia is dead when they still need him to walk back to Arkadia in chains. Stupid.

I had to save Polis for last, because Bellamy broke me. He has been defined by his love for, devotion to and the protection of his sister since he stepped off the dropship and into our hearts. Haha. But in all seriousness, Bob Morley gets all the gold stars here. He did a superb job of displaying the utter despair and shock and panic and probably fifty other emotions that I missed. I had to watch that scene three times before I saw the whole thing. His anguish kept forcing me to look away. Very, very well done.

3.5 out of 4 horses that know where home is.

Bits and pieces

Jaha finally came in handy. Well, well.

Bellamy, Raven, Jackson, Abby, Octavia, and Jaha are all on the list. Monty, Jasper and Harper were definitely not. Kane, Miller, Bryan and Murphy weren't mentioned either way.

How does Luna get such fabulous volume without hair products and a teasing comb? Tell me and lifeless locks your secrets!!!

Abby's great plan to distract the drone was so, so stupid.

I usually don't notice or comment on the score of episodes. Was it me or was this one particularly good??

Octavia death count: Echo's two fighter friends.

Jasper: "Hey Jaha, looks like you got floated."
Pretty funny and the least annoying Jasper was all episode. I laughed out loud.

Jasper: "When did everyone around here lose their sense of humor?"

Echo: "It's over, Octavia. Don't fight it. Roan wants you alive. Come quietly."
Octavia: "That'll happen."

RIP Nyko.



Billie Doux said...

Best horse ever. Seriously, Helios gave Lassie a run for her money.

Great review, Laure. :) You made me laugh three times. The "you definitely deserve the acid rain bath more than me," that the stupid crown is cutting off the circulation in Roan's brain, and the volume Luna manages to get with her hair. Jasper almost made me laugh with the float joke, but I am still annoyed with him. And I still hate Jaha.

Poor Bellamy.

Anonymous said...

Aragorn moment for Octavia..I still like Echo, she is crazy and hates Skye people but has a soft spot for Bellamy.
I liked all the ongoing stories and the characters that were paired together. I wonder if Luna and Raven can find some common ground in there loneliness.

Patryk said...

Damn, not Nyko. Why do they keep killing all the great grounder characters. Maybe it's time to trim some of the Skaikru cast. Jasper is the prime candidate of course. Or that new guy Riley who's not getting any points for being likable so far.

I hope the lab contains some resaerch notes in video form from Becca so we can get more of Erica Cerra. But all in all a very cool looking set. I always like the contrast between such pristine enviroments and everything else in post-apocalyptic stories.

I thought the action would stick to Polis longer and that boy who survived ALIE would be more important but it seems everyone is moving to the Ark fulltime so he'll just dissapear probably.

On the this season is what last season should be front: if Bellamy believed Octavia to be dead before he joined Pike in season 3 and massacred grounders it would have been totally believable and his arc would make sense. But now the writers have written themselves into a corner and can't reapeat the same storyline.

Leigh said...

Where is the new review?

Billie Doux said...

Leigh, it's here:

That's my fault. I didn't put it in the right side panel. Sorry about that, Laure!