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After a tragic car accident, Detective Michael Britten lives two lives: one in a universe in which his son survived, another in a universe in which his wife did. Although short-lived, Awake gets our wholehearted recommendation: it is a deeply affecting show that successfully combines procedural elements, a dose of mythology, and a beautiful attention to emotional details.

Episode Reviews

1.1 Pilot
1.2 The Little Guy
1.3 Guilty
1.4 Kate is Enough
1.5 Oregon
1.6 That's Not My Penguin
1.7 Ricky's Tacos
1.8 Night Swimming
1.9 Game Day
1.10 Slack Water
1.11 Say Hello To My Little Friend
1.12 Two Birds
1.13 Turtles All the Way Down


Jason Isaacs (Michael Britten)
Laura Allen (Hannah Britten)
Dylan Minnette (Rex Britten)
Steve Harris (Detective Isaiah 'Bird' Freeman)
BD Wong (Dr. John Lee)
Michaela McManus (Tara)
Wilmer Valderrama (Detective Efrem Vega)
Cherry Jones (Dr. Judith Evans)