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The Fades

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The Fades is a supernatural drama from the BBC. It centres on Paul Roberts, a teenager who able to see spirits of the dead, known as the Fades. Paul and those closest to him soon finds themselves pulled into a conflict to prevent the Fades from destroying the human race.


1.1 Episode One
1.2 Episode Two
1.3 Episode Three
1.4 Episode Four
1.5 Episode Five
1.6 Episode Six


Iain de Caestecker (Paul Roberts)
Daniel Kaluuya (Michael 'Mac' Armstrong)
Johnny Harris (Neil Valentine)
Natalie Dormer (Sarah Etches)
Tom Ellis (Mark Etches)
Daniela Nardini (Helen)
Claire Rushbrook (Meg Roberts)
Lily Loveless (Anna Roberts)
Sophie Wu (Jay)