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House of Cards

Season 1 | Season 2 |
BBC Trilogy | Cast

Programming note: We are no longer covering House of Cards.

Take one part Scandal, a show set among the power elite of Washington D.C. Add in an equal part of Revenge, a show in which our protagonist sets out to right the wrongs done to him or her. Add in the extra spice of amazing actors, especially Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright. Stream all thirteen episodes at once on Netflix and you have House of Cards. Absolutely addictive, so beware. Like a great book, this is hard to put down.

Season One

1.1 Chapter One
1.2 Chapter Two
1.3 Chapter Three
1.4 Chapter Four
1.5 Chapter Five
1.6 Chapter Six
1.7 Chapter Seven
1.8 Chapter Eight
1.9 Chapter Nine
1.10 Chapter Ten
1.11 Chapter Eleven
1.12 Chapter Twelve
1.13 Chapter Thirteen

Season Two

2.1 Chapter Fourteen
2.2 Chapter Fifteen
2.3 Chapter Sixteen
2.4 Chapter Seventeen
2.5 Chapter Eighteen
2.6 Chapter Nineteen
2.7 Chapter Twenty
2.8 Chapter Twenty One
2.9 Chapter Twenty Two
2.10 Chapter Twenty Three
2.11 Chapter Twenty Four
2.12 Chapter Twenty Five
2.13 Chapter Twenty Six

BBC Trilogy

House of Cards: BBC Trilogy


Kevin Spacey (Francis Underwood)
Robin Wright (Claire Underwood)
Kate Mara (Zoe Barnes)
Corey Stoll (Peter Russo)
Michael Kelly (Doug Stamper)
Sakina Jaffrey (Linda Vasquez)
Kristen Connolly (Christina Gallagher)
Constance Zimmer (Janine Skorsky)
Mahershala Ali (Remy Danton)
Sebastian Arcelus (Lucas Goodwin)
Sandrine Holt (Gillian Cole)
Michael Gill (Garrett Walker)
Ben Daniels (Adam Galloway)
Boris McGiver (Tom Hammerschmidt)
Dan Ziskie (Jim Matthews)
Molly Parker (Jackie Sharp)
Nathan Darrow (Edward Meechum)
Rachel Brosnahan (Rachel Posner)