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Terra Nova

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Terra Nova (2011-2011) is about the Shannons, a family of five from 2149 Chicago who join a pilgrimage to Terra Nova, a human settlement 85 million years in the past. Time travel, dinosaurs, action and adventure... could have been good, but unfortunately, it was disappointing. I reviewed the first four episodes as well as the series finale.


1.1 Genesis (both parts)
1.3 Instinct
1.4 What Remains
1.5 The Runaway
1.6 Bylaw
1.7 Nightfall
1.8 Proof
1.9 Vs.
1.10 Now You See Me
1.11 Within
1.12/13 Occupation/Resistance


Jason O'Mara (Jim Shannon)
Shelley Conn Dr. Elisabeth Shannon)
Stephen Lang (Commander Nathaniel Taylor)
Landon Liboiron (Josh Shannon)
Naomi Scott (Maddy Shannon)
Alana Mansour (Zoe Shannon)
Christine Adams (Mira)
Allison Miller (Skye)