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The Returned

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Programming note: We have covered only season two of The Returned.

The Returned (Les Revenants) is a supernatural French-language ensemble series set in a small mountain community in France. Each episode focuses on one of the town's deceased who has come back, without explanation, unchanged and unaware of their death. The ripple effect this has on their loved ones is explored inside the show's moody atmospheric disquiet with cutting intimacy. Often referred to as a 'French zombie series,' The Returned is really a much closer companion to Twin Peaks than The Walking Dead.

Season One

(not yet written)
1.1 Camille
1.2 Simon
1.3 Julie
1.4 Victor
1.5 Serge & Toni
1.6 Lucy
1.7 Adèle
1.8 The Horde

Season Two

2.1 The Child
2.2 Milan
2.3 Morgane
2.4 Virgil
2.5 Madame Costa
2.6 Esther
2.7 Etienne
2.8 Les Revenants

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Tara Pilartz (Camille)
Anne Consigny (Claire)
Jenna Thiam (Léna)
Frédéric Pierrot (Jérôme)
Jean-François Sivadier (Pierre)
Clotilde Hesme (Adèle)
Pierre Perrier (Simon)
Samir Guesmi (Thomas)
Céline Sallette (Julie)
Alix Poisson (Laure)
Swann Nambotin (Victor)
Guillaume Gouix (Serge)
Grégory Gadebois (Toni)