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The Returned: Esther

"We're going home."

At long last, the Ségurets have the heartening reunion for which they have longed (hell, we all have!), but most everything else looks murkier than ever in this episode named for one of Serge's unfortunate victims.

A great many things happened in 'Esther.' There was Esther and a truly unexpected shift in her demeanor once Serge asked for her forgiveness in the place she potentially lost her life to begin with. But did she start speaking again because he apologized? Because she was in the spot of her demise? Or something else all together? Who knows?! I mean, this is The Returned, after all! Milan returned (again) seemingly changed, but is he really? Madame Costa is shot and 'killed'...? Claire hallucinated a knife in Virgil's hand which caused her to almost stab herself. Is this a feature of the mind-reading the revs seem to profile or a feature to Claire losing her own damn mind? Say it with me, who knows.

The really real mystery is Victor! Does he get a new name every time he's taken in? Aww. The difference in how he is regarded by his mom and dad probably says something about gender. Something very French, no doubt. What is his story. The real story. The whole story. No matter how ambiguously he's been portrayed, that one moment he warns Esther from going in the tunnel shows, without a doubt, he is not a harbinger of evil! But then, what? Also, what does Lucy need from him? And he's still seeing Julie fall, like a tree falls in the forest, into the dam. Merde.

On a more philosophical note, the spirituality of the series is really well done. It's simple, clear and realistic. It never veers into indulgent or outlandish or trite. As we near the end of the season, this remains a show about love and humanness.

Little pieces of intrigue and dread: Audrey's sores on her face, okay, that is the WORST TUNNEL in the history of tunnels, Julie really was pregnant, is Thomas going to make a more corporeal re-appearance, how is Chloe ever going to process that her dad killed himself? And big ones: Julie and Adéle are more similar than I ever recognized, will the Ségurets find safe passage?


Still j'adoring.

Good god this scene was well-acted.

Constance Dollas as Sandrine -- A+++
If this is it for Mme Costa, I am going to miss her.
Not even remotely tired of seeing these two together,
traipsing over hill and dale!


Pierre: "We must find their weak spot." (Eek.)


  1. It was lovely to finally learn that Victor was trying to help people, even if he wasn't succeeding. He originally creeped me out, but now I care about him. And the Segurets. And Julie and Ophelie are so cute together.

  2. Billie,
    Should we be picking out China patterns or what? (An X-Files reference!) We seem to be watching the show through very similar eyes. :)

  3. Wedgwood is great. I like basic florals, too. :)


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