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Wonderfalls is a delightfully quirky comedy series from Bryan Fuller, in which we meet Jaye Tyler, a sarcastic graduate of Brown University who lives in a trailer park and works as a clerk at a Niagara Falls gift shop to annoy her ├╝ber-successful family. In the pilot, Jaye begins receiving cryptic "missions" from inanimate objects that speak to her. The only way to silence the objects is to figure out what the mission is and complete it. Wackiness and hilarity ensue.

Although the premise is incredibly bizarre, Wonderfalls is quite funny and often heartwarming. The cast is extremely talented and appealing, especially Caroline Dhavernas as Jaye. Sadly, the show proved too bizarre for mainstream audiences and FOX pulled it after airing only four episodes in 2004. However, 13 episodes were produced and are available on DVD for your viewing pleasure. Although short-lived, Wonderfalls is a highly enjoyable and satisfying series, and well worth checking out.


1.1 Wax Lion
1.2 Pink Flamingos
1.3 Karma Chameleon
1.4 Wound-Up Penguin
1.5 Crime Dog
1.6 Muffin Buffalo
1.7 Barrel Bear
1.8 Lovesick Ass
1.9 Safety Canary
1.10 Lying Pig
1.11 Cocktail Bunny
1.12 Totem Mole
1.13 Caged Bird


Caroline Dhavernas (Jaye Tyler)
Katie Finneran (Sharon Tyler)
Tyron Leitso (Eric Gotts)
William Sadler (Darrin Tyler)
Diana Scarwid (Karen Tyler)
Lee Pace (Aaron Tyler)
Tracie Thoms (Mahandra McGinty)