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Highlander: Methos, Fitz and Amanda

When I was reviewing Highlander, I put together a list of episodes featuring Methos, Fitz, and/or Amanda. Why? Isn't it obvious?

Methos (Peter Wingfield)

3.16 Methos
3.21 Finale, Part 1
3.22 Finale, Part 2
4.10 Chivalry
4.11 Timeless
4.14 Deliverance
4.16 Methuselah's Gift
4.18 Through a Glass Darkly
4.20 Till Death
4.21 Judgment Day
4.22 One Minute to Midnight
5.9 The Messenger
5.10 The Valkyrie
5.11 Comes a Horseman
5.12 Revelation 6:8
5.16 Forgive Us Our Trespasses
5.17 The Modern Prometheus
5.18 Archangel
6.11 Indiscretions
6.12 To Be
6.13 Not to Be

Fitz (Roger Daltrey)

1.22 The Hunters
3.15 Star-Crossed
4.20 Till Death
5.15 The Stone of Scone
6.7 Unusual Suspects
6.12 To Be
6.13 Not to Be

Amanda (Elizabeth Gracen)

1.18 The Lady and the Tiger
2.7 The Return of Amanda
2.19 Legacy
3.4 The Cross of St. Antoine
3.5 Rite of Passage
3.21 Finale (1)
3.22 Finale (2)
4.5 Double Eagle
4.6 Reunion
4.7 The Colonel
4.16 Methuselah's Gift
4.17 The Immortal Cimoli
5.5 Dramatic License
5.6 Money No Object
5.15 The Stone of Scone
5.16 Forgive Us Our Trespasses
6.12 To Be
6.13 Not to Be


  1. Thanks for the lists of the, ahem, important episodes!

    The episode Immortal Cimoli should also be included under Amanda for anyone else using this resource, for some reason it got left off.

  2. Vimesy, you're welcome, and thanks for the correction -- I did indeed miss "The Immortal Cimoli." I also misspelled Roger Daltrey's name! I can't believe I did that.


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