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Lost Re-watch Notes

I rewatched the first five seasons in the summer/fall of 2009 to refresh my mind for season six because this show is so damned complicated. I took notes about what I missed and what jumped out at me in retrospect. Here are those notes. They contain great big honking spoilers for events up until the end of season five.

* * * * *
1.1 Pilot (1)

It's been awhile since I've seen the pilot, and I was impressed with how good it was. I like it even better now than when it aired, maybe because it has context.

Numbers are important in this series, for reasons that will be revealed later. Claire was eight months pregnant, it was sixteen hours since the crash when Jack, Kate and Charlie found the pilot, and the girl Jack talked about operating on was sixteen years old.

Way too many of these characters are dead now. And I hadn't remembered that the woman that Boone was going to trach was Rose.

* * * * *
1.2 Pilot (2)

This was many, many episodes before I started to love Sawyer. At this point the first time through, I really couldn't stand him. So even though I originally mentioned that he couldn't call anyone by their proper name, I didn't make note of his very first nickname -- Lardo, for Hurley, almost immediately followed by Doc (Jack), sweetheart (Kate) and Chief (Sayid).

* * * * *
1.3 Tabula Rasa

The constant lying and miscommunication among the Lostaways started in this episode. Sayid told the away team not to tell the other Lostaways about the Frenchwoman's distress call. And Jack lied to Kate about what the marshal told him.

Sawyer called Sayid "Abdul" and "Al Jazeera", and for the first time, called Kate "Freckles." Sawyer was also the one to officially dub the French woman as "French chick."

One thing that has driven me nuts during the run of the series is the constant car accidents in the flashbacks, and I've been determined to track them the next time I watched it. And sure enough, first episode with a flashback, first car accident. Kate deliberately wrecked Ray Mullin's truck in an attempt to get away from the marshal.

Patsy Cline is heard here for the first time and in several future episodes. Probably not coincidentally, she died in a plane crash, something I realized much later on.

* * * * *
1.4 Walkabout

This was the episode that made me want to write reviews of this series. At this point, the only other shows I'd reviewed were Buffy, Angel, Alias, and The Dead Zone, if I remember correctly. (In the past five years, I've added quite a few more shows.)

Sawyer called Jack "Jackass" and Boone "Metro." Hurley called Sawyer "Jethro."

Kate said she was a vegetarian. I seem to remember her eating bacon and eggs in "Tabula Rasa," though.

Jack was in seat 23A. Locke had been in a wheelchair for four years.

I remember at this point, we all thought Rose was delusional for thinking her husband Bernard was still alive. Who knew.

Another thing that jumped out at me was Jack and Claire interacting about the funeral service for the fuselage. They of course didn't know they were siblings.

* * * * *
1.5 White Rabbit

Jack said, "If we can't live together, we're going to die alone." I didn't make note of Jack's famous "Live together, die alone" speech. How did I know it would be famous?

Christian Shephard wasn't wearing shoes.

Jack has a savior complex, and yet Locke saved Jack's life in this one when Jack went off a cliff. And we saw the beginning of Jack talking reality while Locke was talking magic.

Sawyer called Shannon "Sticks" and Jin "Mr. Miyagi."

It's 16 hours to LAX from Sydney.

It's so long ago that I had forgotten, but the screencap I found for the front of the LostReviews site came from this episode.

Lots and lots of water references, from the drowning to the water bottles and water getting stolen, Michael telling Walt they can't drink salt water, Jack crying, ice in Christian's booze. And of course, the booze was what killed Christian.

In my original review, I was busy trying to figure out if Jack was hallucinating or not, and if the Island was doing it. Of course, now we know that this was the first time we saw one of the Walking Dead.

When Joanna was drowning in the opener, Charlie didn't go in after her. He said, "I don't swim." As we all know, he certainly does. And of course, we know how Charlie dies, don't we?

* * * * *
1.6 House of the Rising Sun

I mentioned the pouch with one white stone and one black stone, but not that it was found on Adam or Eve. (Couldn't tell which.)

Sawyer called Sayid "Omar" and "Captain Falafel."

Even though the two of them were physically fighting in earlier eps, here, Sawyer and Sayid teamed up to pull Jin off Michael. If they hadn't, Michael might have died. I wonder what would have happened then?

The ring of one of the set of handcuffs is still on Jin's wrist.

Kate asked Jack about his tatts and pointed out that they were out of character for a doctor.

The swarm of bees that got Charlie reminded me of the Monster.

The flashbacks spanned from right before Sun and Jin's engagement until the point where their marriage was about to break up. Essentially, the beginning to the end. Maybe Jin and Sun are Adam and Eve. It would be oddly fitting, since this was their first flashback episode, and Adam and Eve were introduced here. (Of course, it seems more likely that it's Rose and Bernard.)

* * * * *
1.7 The Moth

The flashbacks, like for Sun and Jin's marriage, showed Charlie at the beginning and end of his career as a rock star. On the Island, Charlie isn't a rock star. He is only himself.

Sawyer took over Jack's tent on the beach, even before Jack vacated, and of course, he was moving in on Kate. Sawyer ran after her and Sayid to tell her about Jack caught in the cave-in, but she was so nasty to him that he delayed telling her. I didn't like Sawyer at this point, but now, the hurt on his face speaks volumes.

Sawyer called Jack "Jacko," Charlie "Sport" and "Amigo," and Sayid "Muhammed". Sawyer referred to Jack as "Saint Jack." Later, in the cave "confessional", Jack said he was no saint.

It's about a mile from the beach to the caves.

Michael was the first to confuse Steve and Scott. It becomes a continuing joke.

I like Charlie now; I didn't at the beginning of the series. Charlie was willing to sacrifice his own life to save Jack. In retrospect, of course, this really jumps out at me because of what Charlie does at the end of season three.

* * * * *
1.8 Confidence Man

The flashback basically served to illustrate the letter Sawyer carries in his pocket. We are led to think that we are seeing the actions described in the letter play out, when of course that was not the case at all.

Sawyer called Jack "Cowboy" and "Chico," and Sayid "Ali."

I can see in retrospect that this was the official love triangle kick-off. In the previous eps, Jack and Kate were starting to show a marked preference for each other and doing some heavy-duty flirting. Here, Sawyer endured torture from Sayid probably for his own self-destructive reasons, but used it primarily as a way to get Kate to kiss him.

And again in retrospect, Sayid's completely focused determination to save the suffering Shannon at any cost appears quite a bit more romantic.

* * * * *
1.9 Solitary

Danielle mentions removing the firing pin and that Robert hadn't noticed.

I think Danielle has a romantic streak. She got interested in Sayid when she found the photograph of Nadia.

The flashback to Nadia was seven years ago and Sayid hadn't seen her since then.

Danielle told Sayid she heard whispers. At the end of the episode, Sayid heard whispers. I can't believe I didn't record that because this is the first time we get the whispers.

Who won the golf game? Jack or Charlie? We never do find out.

We now know that the cable Sayid followed goes out to the Looking Glass.

* * * * *
1.10 Raised by Another

Emilie de Ravin can scream like nobody's business. Prolonged, piercing, and twice.

Both of the pens Claire was going to use to sign her baby away didn't work. Obvious little destiny fate thing.

Ethan was our introduction to the Others. Interesting that Hurley spent most of the episode making a list of the survivors, when we all know that making lists of who is good is what the Others do.

Claire says that her father used to sing "Catch a Falling Star" to her. Her father, Christian Shephard?

Does Sawyer have a passport in his fake name, Sawyer? Was his real name on the manifest? If it was, why didn't Hurley mention that?

* * * * *
1.11 All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues

This episode had CPR at the beginning and at the end. In the beginning, in flashback, on the pregnant woman, and in the present, on Charlie. The first one failed and the second succeeded.

Someone in nearly every episode says the word "lost." This time it was Boone and Locke.

We know now that the Others are obsessed with pregnancy, and we know why. We also know now that Ethan himself was a doctor. And that Boone and Locke just found the first hatch.

* * * * *
1.12 Whatever the Case May Be

I didn't like this one much the first time. In retrospect, I can see it's because the flashback to the pointless robbery made me start disliking Kate, and I didn't want to dislike Kate. I think the writers made some serious mistakes with her character and this was the first one.

Most Obvious Symbolism: Digging up the marshal's rotting corpse was symbolic of digging up Kate's unsavory past. And there was an all important key in both the Island story and the flashback.

* * * * *
1.13 Hearts and Minds

What jumped out at me is how out of his element Boone is on the Island. He was a lot less boyish and more in control in the flashback. I also should have mentioned that this episode showed us what a good person Boone essentially is.

Loved the amused expression on Sayid's face when Boone was threatening him.

I mentioned the emphasis on doors. Should have also mentioned the emphasis on secrets, because Boone's and Shannon's relationship was all secrets and lies.

Locke gave Sayid a compass that Sayid thought was defective. Later in the series, of course, there's a lot about compasses.

Jack is still wearing the Incredibly Ugly Shirt.

* * * * *
1.14 Special

Michael got an opening eye scene, but he immediately turned his head and we saw the other eye. Different from the other eye scenes.

Michael is desperate to get Walt off the Island. He's almost irrational about it. Just like he was irrational about Walt wanting to spend time with Locke.

The car crash happens in the flashback right after Michael tells Susan on the phone he's going to Amsterdam to get Walt back. Note that Michael was hit by a gold car.

Boone has completely lost interest in Shannon and has become Locke's shadow.

Vincent was Brian's dog, not Walt's.

As far as I'm concerned, we still don't really know why Walt is "special."

Claire's diary said that she dreamed about the Black Rock. She tries to leave it, but it won't let her. That's certainly interesting.

* * * * *
1.15 Homecoming

In the love triangle competition, this episode's point goes to Sawyer for insisting on giving Kate one of the guns, while Jack was against it.

Sawyer called Jack "Hoss" and Ethan "Jungle boy."

Jack, Sayid, Sawyer, Locke and Kate as a team taking charge and doing something about a situation was new and cool in this episode. We saw it a lot in future episodes.

When this episode aired, I absolutely didn't believe that Claire was telling the truth about her amnesia. My bad, because she was.

Ethan came from the water when he killed Scott (not Steve). We know now that the Others had a boat.

* * * * *
1.16 Outlaws

In the flashback bar scene, Christian told Sawyer things he should have told Jack. And Christian was the one who talked Sawyer into going through with killing Frank Duckett.

I mentioned "It'll come back around" but not that it was the whispers that Sawyer heard, or that it was the last thing Frank Duckett said.

Sawyer called Sayid "Mohammed", Kate "Sassafras", the bartender in the flashback "Slim," and Jack, "Sheriff."

Wonderful performance by Josh Holloway.

Love triangle point goes to Sawyer.

Kate is the one who says the word "lost."

* * * * *
1.17 ...In Translation

Jin was still wearing the handcuff, symbolizing his separation from the rest of the Lostaways.

There's mention of 8 kilometers. And $83,000.

I like Sayid and Shannon together. The focus of the episode was Sun and Jin splitting up because of miscommunication, while Sayid and Shannon managed to connect in spite of their extreme differences.

I'm sure I recorded the thought in a later review, but on an Island full of people with bad daddies, Jin had the best father of them all.

I'm recording vehicle accidents this time through. Does Walt burning the raft count?

* * * * *
1.18 Numbers

In retrospect, the message of this one seems to be that fate and luck and curses and destiny do indeed exist.

Three people said the word "lost": Toomey's wife in Australia, Charlie, and Danielle Rousseau. Toomey's wife said she had a car accident and lost her leg the night Sam Toomey won a lot of money using the numbers. (guessing the number of beans.)

Sawyer was reading A Wrinkle in Time. I couldn't see it when I first wrote the review. I've got a better TV now.

Hurley was arrested when his new house caught fire, and he got a settlement from the LAPD later on. He was again arrested by the LAPD later on in the series. And again, let go.

Charlie: "One minute you're happy go lucky good time Hurley, the next you're Colonel bloody Kurtz." Sawyer called Locke Colonel Kurtz in season four's "Confirmed Dead."

* * * * *
1.19 Deus ex machina

Here's what I noticed this time through: destiny destiny destiny destiny destiny destiny destiny destiny destiny destiny destiny destiny destiny destiny destiny destiny destiny.

Locke equated losing his kidney to losing Boone. Boone was more than that.

The kidney and the DNA test that was mentioned confirmed that Cooper and Emily are definitely Locke's parents. Cooper actually conned Emily into helping him steal Locke's kidney. Locke really does win the ultimate bad daddy on Lost sweepstakes, even with all the serious competition.

Emily referred to Locke as "special," like Walt.

In the flashback, Locke was hit by a car in a parking lot. A gold car, like the one that hit Michael. In the present, Locke had a dream or vision about the Nigerian plane crashing. And of course, Boone was in the Nigerian plane when it fell off the cliff. That's three vehicle accidents right there.

Love triangle point goes to Jack for helping Sawyer get a pair of reading glasses. Jack did it for Kate's sake.

We got the first of Locke's many, many weird leg injuries.

The cave set was actually pretty cool-looking. I had forgotten. It's been awhile.

Boone was wrestling with a body in the plane. That would have to be Eko's brother Yemi.

* * * * *
1.20 Do No Harm

In the opening scenes, Jack put a tube in Boone. When Jack first met Boone, Boone was trying to put a tube in Rose. I'd forgotten that.

Sawyer called Claire "mamacita" and Jin "Kato".

Mark Silverman, Jack's best friend, mentioned drinking eight beers.

Shannon had to choose between Boone and Sayid, and she chose Sayid. Boone's last words were of Shannon "tell Shannon..." but he didn't finish what he wanted to say. These two things seem linked to me.

Shannon asked Sayid, "Are you lost?"

Kate delivered Claire's baby, which is going to be Kate's. Kate told Claire the baby belonged to all of them. Charlie and Jin were there, but they were keeping their distance. I kept thinking of future Sawyer watching it happen.

* * * * *
1.21 The Greater Good

The flashback takes place right before the crash of 815, and explains how Sayid wound up on a different plane than the one he was first supposed to catch. One of the guys in the flashback says that Sayid coming when he did was fate.

In both the flashback and on the island, Sayid was asked to do something he desperately didn't want to do. And he didn't do either. Sayid is his own man, even in very difficult situations.

It's been seven years since Sayid left Iraq.

Sawyer called Charlie "Chucky" and the baby "Baby Huey."

Jack gets the love triangle point; Kate cared so much that she drugged him.

Jack can't sleep. Claire can't sleep. Interesting parallel. Did the writers know at this point that Jack and Claire were siblings? They must have.

When Charlie was rocking baby Aaron, he sang to him about the itsy bitsy spider drowning, not being washed out. Did the writers know at this point...

* * * * *
1.22 Born to Run

Communication problems on the Island again. What a surprise. Jack kept Sun's secret. Locke kept Walt's secret. Too many secrets.

When Kate ran from the hospital in Tom's car (with Tom), she hit first a police car, and then a gold car with Iowa plates. Another gold car. Son of a gun. How come it killed Tom but didn't hurt Kate? This was the only one of the four accidents in season three that seemed to be an accident.

Sawyer called Michael "Chief" and "Mickey;" he called Jin "Sulu,", and he called Kate "Puddin'", "Sweet Cheeks", and of course, "Freckles."

No love triangle points. Sawyer and Jack both ticked Kate off.

Walt told Michael that the two of them *had* to leave the Island. Did Walt know that if they didn't leave this time, Michael would do bad things so that they could leave the next time?

* * * * *
1.23 Exodus (1)

The scene where Sawyer tells Jack about the conversation he had in the bar with Christian is still one of my favorite scenes in the series. Josh Holloway and Matthew Fox did a terrific job; it's so moving.

Ana-Lucia approaching Jack in the airport bar was not a coincidence. And good on me; I speculated that Ana-Lucia was on the other side of the Island with Rose's husband.

Danielle didn't know what the Hatch was. That seems odd in retrospect.

Arzt was constantly talking about the dynamite, being careful with the dynamite, the dynamite could blow you up.

* * * * *
1.24 Exodus (2)

Charlie was all protective of Claire and then he left her alone with Rousseau. Oops. I thought it odd that Claire named her baby only after she lost him.

Sawyer mentioned Scott. Walt said, you mean Steve. Scott's dead. Walt was right; it's Scott who is dead.

Sawyer called Walt "Kazoo." Arzt called Kate "Princess."

Sun thought she was being punished. We know now that she was feeling guilty about her affair.

Hurley's guesses about what was in the hatch were actually right on.

In a flashback, Michael asked his mother to take Walt. She did end up with Walt.

* * * * *
1.25 Exodus (3)

Big episode about destiny and fate.

The raft got blown up. I'm definitely putting it in my "vehicle accident" list. Yes, it was deliberate, but a lot of the car accidents were, too.

Charlie got the credit, but it was Sayid who figured out where Danielle took the baby and led Charlie there to get Aaron back. Not that Charlie wasn't brave.

I sort of went nuts speculating on the fantasy elements, but that big hole down into the earth just felt way too Alice in Wonderland -- or even Buffy the Vampire Slayer's hellmouth. We know now that it's this nice guy named Desmond down there, and a living room and supplies and a button.

Locke was nearly pulled down underground by the Monster, just like Danielle's crew. It had Locke's leg. It's always Locke's legs.

Tom was wearing his scary fake beard.

* * * * *
Lost Season Two Rewatch Notes

2.1 Man of Science, Man of Faith

They've showed someone putting on music at the beginning of seasons two (Desmond), three (Juliet), and five (Dr. Chang). The majority of the music used on Lost is by dead people. This was the first time we got something by Mama Cass, but not the last. I think she and Patsy Cline are the ones we've gotten the most.

There was a looking glass at the bottom of the rabbit hole.

We didn't see the car accident, but it was Jack's future wife Sarah vs. Shannon's father.

Jack and Christian work at St. Sebastian hospital.

First vision of Walt, seen by Shannon. We still don't know what those visions are. I'm going to pay more attention this time to who sees Walt in visions.

I did talk about Sarah's miracle and the whole science versus faith thing in my original review, but it seemed to me this time that this episode pretty much said faith was *it*.

The hatch is a half a mile from the caves. The caves are a mile from the beach.

Kate did the count-to-five seconds of fear thing after falling halfway down the rabbit hole, but only made it to four.

The shape of a stadium reminds me of the Dharma logo. Interesting that Jack met Desmond while they were doing a run through a stadium.

* * * * *
2.2 Adrift

This was the episode where Michael lost me permanently. Our hearts should have been bleeding for the guy, but he was such a complete and utter jerk that it was impossible to feel sympathy for him, especially in contrast to to Sawyer's heroism and concern for everyone else. Can we blame that on the writers? Had they decided at this point to make Michael a bad guy?

The repetition of the scenes in the Hatch where Locke, Jack and Kate encounter Desmond got old. We got to the end of the episode and it was still in progress.

The flashbacks were about Michael giving up his parental rights. It's after Michael's car accident, and Walt is maybe four years old.

Sawyer referred to Tom as "Bluebeard."

Evangeline Lilly showed some real athleticism in this episode, starting with getting her hands, which tied behind her back, over her butt and legs and in front of her. She climbed up into the ceiling from the food storeroom, too.

The statue of the Virgin Mary was again saying faith and destiny.

There's an old model ship in the law office. Black Rockish?

Some of the shark scenes were obvious homages to Jaws.

* * * * *
2.3 Orientation

I didn't like this episode when it aired, and was impatient with all of the Dharma details. I found it a lot more interesting now. We met Dr. Pierre Chang, calling himself Dr. Marvin Candle. This was of course after the "Incident," and he isn't using his left arm. The Hatch is Station 3, the Swan. Chang says, do not use the computer for any other purpose.

Someone on LostReviews (I forget who, are you still with us? identify yourself, and I'll give you credit on the review) guessed correctly during this episode that Locke's father was the man who conned Sawyer's parents.

Sawyer called Jin "Chewie" again, and Ana-Lucia "sister."

The whole episode is Jack (science and logic) versus Locke (leap of faith). Locke actually forces Jack to push the button at the end of the episode.

Desmond was reading The Third Policeman. And the photo of him and Penny is indeed of Sonya Walger. They must have cast her pretty far in advance.

* * * * *
2.4 Everybody Hates Hugo

This episode started with Hurley dreaming. He put on a vinyl record, just like Desmond did in the season opener, and then he had a wild dream about the food pantry, with Jin speaking English. Who was the guy in the chicken suit? Do we know?

This is the first time we saw a station other than the Swan -- it's station 2, the Arrow, although we don't know that yet. Also the first mention of "Chernobyl," which is the "incident." Eight feet of concrete.

Love triangle point goes to Jack; he got to flirt with Kate while she was wearing only a towel. Meanwhile, poor Sawyer was on the other side of the Island getting abused by Ana-Lucia. I have to give credit to the writers, really. They made us hate Sawyer, then they made us love him, then they made him heroic, and then they just kept hurting him all the time.

Hurley talked about Steve. Which one of them is dead? Steve or Scott? I've forgotten already.

* * * * *
2.5 ... And Found

I thought Goodwin was one of the Tailies. Of course, he was an Other masquerading, like Ethan. Interesting that the first time we see Goodwin, he's dead. Ever after, we see him only in flashback.

Michael and Libby connected.

I miss Mr. Eko. He was such a powerful character, from the very beginning.

Locke says, "I'm not lost any more."

We always see a flower as a symbol of Jin's and Sun's relationship. Here, Jin took off his flower and gave it to Mr. Lee, who had a date with Sun. That's interesting, since Mr. Lee came between Jin and Sun later on.

Love triangle point goes to Sawyer, because Kate was so upset at the thought that he might be dead that she was going through the bottle hoping he wrote a message. Which he didn't.

Meeting Sun at the end of the episode was like Jin's karmic reward for so honorably standing by his principles when he wanted that job so much.

* * * * *
2.6 Abandoned

It's so unfair that Shannon and Boone got killed off when Maggie Grace and Ian Somerhalder never got arrested in Oahu.

It's not that I was crazy about the two of them as characters, and I get why the writers killed them off. But they just felt like such major unfulfilled potential. Boone would never be the man that he wanted to be. Shannon never got the love and validation she needed so desperately; she died right after Sayid promised it to her. In fact, Shannon's entire life was screwed up first by her father's death in a car accident, second by the plane crash, and third, when she was in the wrong place at the wrong time, shot by Ana-Lucia. One big accident.

Shannon saw a dripping Walt again. This was something the Others were encouraging Walt to do, wasn't it? To astral travel? I've never been sure about it. Or maybe I just missed the ultimate explanation for the apparitions of Walt. Please let me know if I did. There's so many thousands of details about Lost that I try not to beat myself up for missing stuff. (That's what commenters on my blog are for.)

Maybe Walt was shushing Shannon. Shannon and Sayid heard whispers before she got shot. Mr. Eko got the whispers when Ana-Lucia blamed him for them losing Cindy. I didn't mention the whispers in my early reviews.

Sawyer: "She's lost."
Ana-Lucia: "I am not lost."
Later, Sayid said Shannon would rather be lost or hurt. And then she was.

* * * * *
2.7 The Other 48 Days

I don't have anything to add to my original review.

* * * * *
2.8 Collision

I actually don't have much to add to this one. That will probably happen more often as I get closer to the present.

The one big thing that jumped out at me is that I never related Ana Lucia's pregnancy to the Island, and the importance they put on babies.

Why did Ana confess so much to Sayid but stop short of confessing her original murder?

Love triangle point definitely goes to Sawyer.

* * * * *
2.9 What Kate did

This is a confusing episode and I still don't understand some of it. The car accident was just the car swerving to avoid that black horse; I still don't know what the horse means. Maybe all of the accidents really are just reminders of the plane crash. The accidents keep changing peoples' lives. Destiny.

Why didn't Kate even attempt to pass off the murder as an accident? It was like she wanted to be acknowledged as Wayne's murderer, and wanted to run for her life. Kate's stepfather Sam Austen said to Kate, "I didn't tell you (about Wayne being her real father) because I knew you'd kill him." This doesn't make sense. Murder isn't usually a reaction a person has to learning about one's biological father.

Kate met the marshal for the first time.

Daniel Dae Kim with his shirt off deserves a mention.

Sawyer said "I love her." Sayid said (over Shannon's grave) "I loved her." Jack has gotten better at funerals.

Pierre Chang said that using the computer for something other than inputting numbers could cause a second incident. In a way, it did -- didn't it?

* * * * *
2.10 The 23rd Psalm

I've never talked about the meaning of Eko's name. He really was an echo of other people. Especially his brother.

Eko said what was on his stick were things he needed to remember.

The flashback showed Eko's first step into evil, and his first step back into good. It began with him killing a priest, and ended with him becoming one.

Eko left a bloody handprint on the plane when it took off, and he looked at the handprint when he found the plane on the Island.

When Eko put the cross back on, he used a motion like he was putting a sash over a priest's surplice. What an actor AAA is. He's so mesmerizing, with an amazing presence. I still miss him.

Charlie said "I'm lost" when he couldn't find the Nigerian plane. Except he knew where it was.

We didn't actually see the Nigerian plane crash in this one.

* * * * *
2.11 The Hunting Party

Jack is a fixer. In this episode, he completely blew it, both in the flashback and on the Island. In the flashback, his patient died and his wife Sarah left him for someone else. On the Island, he went after Michael when it was the wrong thing to do, and practically threw Kate into Sawyer's arms by being such a jerk to her. I think this was the first time we saw that Jack isn't so good with women.

Gabriela said she didn't believe in miracles. Sarah did. Is that why Sarah got the miracle and Gabriela didn't?

Jack said (about Michael): "Do you think he's lost?" And Sawyer said, "What do you mean, you lost it?" in reference to Michael's trail.

Jin and Sun have been married for four years? I can't believe I missed recording that one in my original review.

In the Hatch, where Charlie and Hurley talked about Libby and Geronimo Jackson, Charlie played an album by the Pousette Dart Band. They're a real band. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pousette-Dart_Band

Sawyer told Tom, "You and me ain't done, Zeke." Sawyer killed Tom in season three's "Through the Looking Glass."

* * * * *
2.12 Fire + Water

Charlie acts like an utter lunatic in this episode. He was obsessed with saving Aaron, but kept taking him to the water. Had the writers/producers decided at this point how Charlie was going to die? Because the constant references to Charlie saving everyone as well as the references to water certainly make it seem that way. Constant references to Aaron as a holy child, too. Especially the whole thing about baptism, and John baptizing Jesus.

In an episode of wall to wall religious symbolism, Eko was marking out the boundaries of his church, and Charlie burned it down before it was built. We didn't know it was going to be a church when the ep aired, though, so I didn't catch that in my review.

In the opener, on Christmas morning, little Charlie was wearing bunny slippers. There are so many bunnies in the story, mostly later on. Charlie's mother told Charlie he was "special."

Hurley asked Libby if he knew her from somewhere. She said it was the plane. Actually, it was the mental hospital.

Dream Charlie heard whispers.

* * * * *
2.13 The Long Con

Sawyer did it all, pulled a long con in the present and in the flashbacks, not because he wanted money or guns but because he needs to be hated. He needs to be hated because he sees himself as a bad person. He couldn't let Cassidy love him. He couldn't let Kate love him.

Charlie originally had eight Virgin Mary statues, of course. There are only seven left because one was broken in the last episode.

The radio piping in Moonlight Serenade, probably from the forties, makes a lot more sense in the context of season five than it did then. Trickstersonii from the LostReviews list noted that Glenn Miller died in a plane crash over the ocean.

"You mean Steve. Scott's dead." I swear, I still have a hard time remembering which is which, but I finally recorded it for posterity. In season one, episode 15, Ethan killed Scott. Steve is alive.

* * * * *
2.14 One of Them

This episode introduced a lot of important stuff.

The first was Michael Emerson, masquerading as "Henry Gale." I've noted several times that he always looks beat up and injured; he was undamaged for about thirty seconds in his very first appearance. We also know now that Danielle hates Ben because he was the one who took Alex.

Jack met Ben, and thirty seconds later, Jack was operating on Ben (removing the arrow). It's their relationship dynamic.

Also got the introduction of Clancy Brown, who will turn out to be Desmond's Dharma partner, Kelvin Inman.

The tree frog was Sawyer's conscience. I can't believe I didn't put that in the review.

The glyphs are, of course, Egyptian.

Sayid said, "You know what I lost" to Henry/Ben.

* * * * *
2.15 Maternity Leave

I can see now that they are slowly introducing the Others, one by one -- Tom, Ben, Alex.

Ben's people can see some of what's going on in the Swan Station. They know where he is.

The photo over the sofa -- is that Tunisia?

New hatch -- the medical one. Did that one have a name? (I'm told it's "The Staff.) The baby mobile had a silver star and little Oceanic airplanes and the music was "Catch a Falling Star", which Claire said her father (Christian!) used to sing to her. The Oceanic airplanes still strike me as completely bizarre.

Alex saved Claire's life. And then Danielle saved Claire's life.

There are little hints that Sun is pregnant; it's two months after the crash. According to future episode "D.O.C.," she'd be about three weeks along. I think. In "D.O.C.," they'd been on the Island for 90 days, and Sun had conceived 53 days ago. Yes, three weeks is about right, isn't it?

Ben asks for Stephen King instead of Dostoevsky. Guest writer Josie K did some terrific reviews this past summer of Stephen King books and their relationship to Lost. Apparently, the Lost writers are deeply into Stephen King. Which I should have known.

Ben says, "No cheeseburgers?" when Locke hands him a bowl of fruit. I was remembering Juliet making that cheeseburger for Jack.

The main menu screen on the DVD for this group of episodes may be my favorite. It's a lava lamp and the stereo in the hatch playing old luau music.

* * * * *
2.16 The Whole Truth

Sun looked Jin right in the face and lied: she said she'd never been with another man. I didn't think she was capable of bald-faced lying in season two. We know better now.

Sun and Jin's fertility issues and the fertility doctor -- huge issue for the Others, but we didn't know that in season two. We were just getting hints.

Kate said she'd taken a pregnancy test. We see her do it in season three's "I Do" when she was married to Kevin.

Loved the headboard on Sun and Jin's bed in Seoul.

Ben is just utterly diabolical. He told Jack and Locke that if he really were one of "them," he'd have sent Ana Lucia and Sayid into a trap.

* * * * *
2.17 Lockdown

Lots of cons this week. Cooper *and* Ben conned Locke and Jack conned Sawyer. Love triangle point goes to Jack, because Kate got a kick out of seeing him beat Sawyer.

Locke got his second weird leg injury when the blast door pinned him down. That looked so painful.

Ben must have known about the airdropped food deliveries and that there would be a lockdown.

* * * * *
2.18 Dave

It's frustrating that we may never know what Libby was doing in Hurley's mental hospital.

There's a photograph of a desert island on the wall behind Hurley while he's talking to his doctor.

Ben was lying like mad.

* * * * *
2.19 S.O.S.

I like this episode much better now than I did when it aired.

I'm going to change my opening quote should be, "What does God have to do to get your attention?" Because I can see now that it was about science versus faith again. In the flashbacks, Rose was all about the science -- she was dying, had accepted it, and refused to believe in faith healers -- while Bernard was all about taking a leap of faith by marrying a dying woman and not giving up on finding a miracle. On the Island, it was reversed; Bernard wanted to create the huge sign for an airplane, while Rose had accepted that the Island had healed her and that it meant she was there for good. In the Hatch, Locke was in the process of losing his faith. He was becoming disenchanted with pushing the button.

In the first flashback, Rose had New York plates on her car. In the second flashback, Bernard proposed to her in front of Niagara Falls.

Love triangle point goes to Jack. He asked Kate to go along to confront "Zeke" and offer a trade of "Henry" for Walt.

In Australia, Rose said, "We're lost." Bernard said, "Saying we're lost doesn't mean we're lost, sweetheart."

* * * * *
2.20 Two for the Road

Christian told Ana that fate had thrown them together so that they could help each other. Christian was working out his Jack issues with Ana (and calling her Sarah) while Ana was working out her issues with her mother -- with Jack's father.

Ana Lucia met Christian at an airport bar, just like she met Jack.

I think there was a different person playing Claire's mother. [Stupid me! Claire's mother was in a coma; it was Claire's aunt. Thanks, Ceratopsianus.]

Libby: "Hurley, it's okay if you're lost."
Hurley: "Dude, I'm not lost."

* * * * *
2.21 ?

I found this episode totally confusing when I first saw it. I think I understand it now. Okay, maybe not.

The dead Ana Lucia and the dead Yemi -- both unburied, and on the Island -- come to Eko in a dream to get him to take Locke to the Pearl Station. If the Walking Dead are all the Nemesis, then the Nemesis wanted Locke to see the Pearl Station so that Locke would believe it was all a stupid science experiment and to become determined not to push the button any more.

Was that why Ben told Locke that he never pushed the button? But Ben reports to Jacob. Wait. I'm confused.

What I don't get is why Malkin lied about being a psychic and about his daughter's resurrection. It seems that the daughter's resurrection happened in order for the real Yemi in the great beyond -- or Jacob, maybe? -- to strengthen Eko's faith right before 815 crashed. Eko said they were being tested, that it was destiny, that they were meant to keep pushing the button. But Eko also found the printout that proved that Desmond accidentally crashed 815.

So I *think* that Eko passed the test of faith, and Locke succumbed to the Nemesis. Tell me if I'm wrong.

The orientation film in the Pearl was dated 1980, but Pierre Chang's arm was fine. He loses it in 1977. Was it an old film?

Locke: "You lost already?"
Eko: "Your map is inexact."

* * * * *
2.22 Three Minutes

I just now discovered that I'm not the only blogger doing a "rewatch." :) I really should check out other Lost sites more often -- but I'm always worried it will influence what I write if I read what other people think.


Introduction to the despicable Danny Pickett (Michael Bowen). And when we first see him, he's peeing.

It's so funny that Sawyer thought Jack and Kate being "caught in a net" was a metaphor. It's also rather nice that Sawyer and Jack had a "friend" moment, although now I realize it was setup for the first part of season three.

The Swan hatch became Eko's new church.

The hatch that Michael saw at the Others' camp was a fake with nothing behind it. It's called the "Door" or the "Golden Rectangle" by fans.

Miss Klugh threatens to put Walt in "the room." I bet she means the same one they had Karl in.

Locke says, "I've lost the trail."

* * * * *
2.23 Live Together, Die Alone

Season two went a bit slowly. This finale went much faster. Adding Des to the cast was, of course, a wise decision.

Desmond couldn't find his way on his boat because he didn't have the correct heading. And he went from one prison to another.

We meet Widmore for the first time, as well as Penny. Desmond calls the Others "hostiles" for the first time. And of course, we see the great big foot for the first time.

All the stuff Inman said about Radzinsky was funny because we know him now. Not a surprise that he killed himself. What a lunatic.

Desmond crossed himself before he turned the key. Locke said he was wrong to lose faith.

We know why Ben wanted Jack. Ben wanted Kate in order to keep Jack in line. Why did he want Sawyer? Have I forgotten?

The guy in the Portuguese sequence really does look like Jack. It's an actor named Len Cordova. He's real, isn't he? He has an IMDB page. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0502653/

* * * * *
Lost Season Three Rewatch Notes

3.1 A Tale of Two Cities

We're introduced to Juliet, Karl, and New Otherton.

We see the break-up of flight 815 from New Otherton for the first time, but certainly not for the last.

We all know now that Juliet is cool, but initially, I thought that her introduction was ambiguous. Her hatred for Ben and total unhappiness at being trapped on the Island is pretty obvious. She's also very gentle with Jack.

This is the first time we see Jack in a negative light -- stalking Sarah, hurting Juliet, causing his father to fall off the wagon. At the same time, we're seeing Sawyer making the most out of his imprisonment, being sweet to Kate and giving her fish biscuits, and of course, getting hurt all the time. With 20/20 hindsight, I can see that they're reversing the Jack as hero and Sawyer as antihero roles.

Jack tells Juliet he's a repo man. Later, she tells him she's a repo woman. That was her way of saying she was a doctor, too.

When Juliet and Sawyer meet for the first time, he's escaping and she tases him. A solid basis for future bliss.

Tom told Kate she's not his type.

Jack is listening to... I think it's Benny Goodman, in the car when he's stalking Sarah. Big bands, anyway.

* * * * *
3.2 The Glass Ballerina

3x1 showed Jack in a truly negative light for the first time. This one showed Sun in a negative light for the first time, too. Sun lies all through this episode, cheats on Jin, and kills Colleen.

Who killed Lee? When this episode aired, I couldn't quite accept that Sun did it. But maybe she did. She dropped the glass ballerina at the start of the episode and it broke, and she lied about it and made someone else take the blame. Sun's father wouldn't have killed Lee, because he sent Jin to do it. So either Sun killed Lee, or he committed suicide.

When Jin chased Lee out of the elevator, you can see the floor number -- it says "2". But the suite number is 1516. Oops. They rarely make mistakes like that on Lost.

* * * * *
3.3 Further Instructions

Some characters on Lost become better people as the series progresses. Not Locke. The flashbacks and the current story slowly reveal him as a failure. He even becomes pathetic. Constantly searching for a family he can belong with, people who will make him feel important, but he keeps screwing things up and making himself an outcast every time.

The skeletons and Dharma clothing in the bear cave must have come from the pit of bodies.

* * * * *
3.4 Every Man For Himself

The love rectangle approaches. While Sawyer is being extremely protective toward Kate, Jack is for the first time protective toward Juliet.

Why doesn't Claire have a better shelter? She and the baby must get wet every time it rains.

Nice parallel, Ben and the Warden. They were both manipulating Sawyer like mad.

* * * * *
3.5 The Cost of Living

This episode makes more sense if you think of "Yemi" as Jacob's nemesis. "Yemi" tells Eko, "You speak to me as if I were your brother." Eko wouldn't repent in the end; whatever the Nemesis wanted from Eko, he didn't get it. That must be why the Monster killed him. Eko's last words to John were, "You're next."

Eko got an eye closeup, but his eye was closed.

Ben said that a spinal surgeon falling from the sky was proof of God's existence. But we know now that it was Jacob that did it.

Ben probably did pick Juliet to subvert Jack because she was a beautiful blonde like Sarah. That would explain why he picked someone he didn't trust; he must have thought her appearance was the most important thing.

Juliet told Jack he was going to watch To Kill a Mockingbird. I guess Ben is the mockingbird. :)

We got the first part of the Nikki/Paulo story at the Pearl station.

We saw Patchy for the first time, presumably at the cow/communication station.

Why did they play Brenda Lee singing "I wonder" at Colleen's funeral? That's never made sense to me.

* * * * *
3.6 I Do

Kevin loved what he *thought* Kate was. Sawyer loves her true self. So does Jack, actually. We know now that Jack really does, and did, love Kate. That makes what he did in this episode even more unselfish. The opposite of what he did to Sarah.

Since Nathan Fillion has a series again, we probably won't see Kevin in season six. Darn.

Danny Pickett mentioned Shephard not even being on Jacob's list. First mention of Jacob. Even though we know about Jacob and the Nemesis now, I'm still confused about their actions. I assume one of them had the "Monster" kill Eko because Eko wouldn't repent for the bad things he did. Right?

I missed that Sawyer called Danny "Blockhead." I think that I have now caught all of Sawyer's nicknames for posterity.

The phone booth where Kate called the marshal using an egg timer so he couldn't trace her call (when did caller ID come in, again?) had a logo, "Palmetto Telesis." Does anyone know what it means?

* * * * *
3.7 Not in Portland

For the first time, we meet Richard Alpert, who is recruiting Juliet.

Juliet's nasty ex husband Edmund Burke was played by Zeljko Ivanek, who has been in everything lately. Poor Juliet went from being manipulated and dominated by Edmund to being manipulated and dominated by Ben, who is even worse.

There is, of course, one of the many vehicle accidents. The Others take down Burke with a bus, knowing that Juliet will realize they did it deliberately because she mentioned him getting hit by a bus. And then Richard mentioned Juliet's sister. Obvious threats to make her cooperate. Juliet couldn't say no to the Others. In fact, this episode is full of one difficult decision after another for Juliet.

Ben asks to speak to Juliet alone and Jack gives them three minutes, like Michael and Walt.

The building Karl was held in had a Hydra logo. There were several eye scenes in the brainwashing film, as well as fireworks and moons and flowers -- lots of circles. Plant a good seed and you will joyfully gather fruit, everything changes, we are the causes of our own suffering. I'm still not sure what it all means. Second mention of Jacob: "God loves you as he loved Jacob."

Juliet killed Danny and saved Sawyer's life. Now *that's* a foundation for future bliss.

* * * * *
3.8 Flashes Before Your Eyes

This episode looks a lot different to me now than when it first aired.

The big one is that we know now what happened to Desmond in this episode, and that Eloise Hawking must have deliberately gone back in time to make certain Desmond didn't propose to Penny. Desmond really did see Charlie playing for change on a street corner, too.

Eloise told Desmond all the things he was going to do, including the fail safe key. "And if you don't do those things, Desmond David Hume, every single one of us is dead."

This is the first episode with Eloise, and we don't learn her name (although we did see Stephen Hawking's book in the previous episode!). Widmore is in this episode, too, and that's interesting, considering his relationship with Eloise.

Desmond talks about time travel with his friend Donovan, who is a physicist. I got Faraday vibes with that one, although I don't think we meet Donovan again -- do we? Did I forget it? (I've been appalled at how much I've forgotten. I thought I was going to be on top of all this Lost rewatch stuff.)

During the flashbacks, Desmond had been dating Penny for two years.

It seemed to me that the delivery guy who said "delivery for 815" and the photographer at the marina were the same actor. Does anyone know?

At one point, Penny tells Desmond not to rewrite history. !!!

* * * * *
3.9 Stranger in a Strange Land

What happened to Jack in Thailand still makes no sense to me. People don't eject you from a place because you get an interesting tatt. If it's just supposed to be symbolic, though, it works. Jack and Juliet were both outsiders, both were marked, and both were ostracized by the group.

The best scene in this episode is Jack negotiating with Ben. I particularly liked Ben almost laughing as he realizes he's being blackmailed again.

* * * * *
3.10 Tricia Tanaka is Dead

This episode still makes me laugh. I just love the guys and Vincent driving around in the van with Shambala playing.

What happened with the minivan was like a reversal of all of the car accidents.

We know who Roger work man is now, and whose father he is. This episode is also about a father/son relationship. Then again, tons of Lost episodes are about dysfunctional father/son relationships, so no big deal.

* * * * *
3.11 Enter 77

Patchy tells Sayid and Kate the truth about a lot of stuff we see later. He just lies about being the last member of the Dharma Initiative. What Miss Clue and Patchy said to each other still doesn't make sense to me.

The film with Doctor Chang takes place after 1977, because his hand is fake.

* * * * *
3.12 Par Avion

There's so much about life and death on the Island that I just don't understand yet. Claire was wishing her mother dead when the accident happened, almost like Claire inadvertently caused it. Mikhail/Patchy died for the first time in this one, and we know Patchy comes back multiple times. Christian suggested taking Carole off life support, that he had an alternative in mind, but we never learned what it was. Desmond again kept Charlie from dying while doing something for Claire. And we know what's going to happen to Claire and Christian, except I'm confused about that, too.

Another car accident. We didn't see it, since the action starts after the crash. Claire later says that it's her fault.

I don't think Carole was played by the same actress. We never really get a good look at her, though, so it hardly matters.

Mikhail said, "The man who brought me here, who brought all of my people here, he is a magnificent man."

* * * * *
3.13 The Man from Tallahassee

Ben manipulated Locke into blowing up the submarine, exactly what Ben wanted. Just like Cooper manipulated Locke so many times.

I remember being totally frustrated with Locke at this point. After the sacrifices Jack made for his friends, Locke wouldn't wait an hour so that Jack and Juliet could leave. And how hard can it be to accept that your father is a monster after being faced with it over and over again? How much denial is there in the universe?

Did we ever find out why Ben kept lying about being born on the Island?

Locke is watching Expose on TV.

* * * * *
3.14 Expose'

I don't really have anything to add to this one. It's such a quality episode, though, and even though it's not about the main cast, I enjoyed watching it again.

* * * * *
3.15 Left Behind

Kate's car broke down. Not an accident this time.

The way Desmond uses the word "brother" is much the same as the way Hurley uses the word "dude." :)

I noted before that Kate and Cassidy were both Sawyer's honeys. Juliet isn't yet, but she will be.

* * * * *
3.16 One of Us

I finally had an "a-ha!" moment with this one. Ben said Jacob would cure Rachel himself if Juliet stayed on the Island; I'm more inclined to take this statement at face value now. Is this why Ben got cancer himself? Did Jacob give Ben cancer because of what Ben did to Juliet and Rachel? Ben's face suggested it, and this *feels* right to me. It feels like the answer. Let me know if I forgot something. I've been upset with myself about how much I've forgotten!

I love Juliet, and she was just awesome in this episode. Sense of humor, didn't complain, took the brunt of being an "other" when she really wasn't. She showed real courage when she was cornered by Sayid and Sawyer, too.

In the car, Juliet and Rachel are listening to the song "Downtown." Same one Juliet was listening to in her first episode. She must associate it with Rachel.

I have to add a quote:

Hurley: "I don't remember you from the dock where you put bags on our heads, after you shocked us."
Juliet: "I had the day off."

* * * * *
3.17 Catch-22

Brother Campbell had a photo on his desk of himself with Eloise Hawking. Who is Brother Campbell? He was in charge of Desmond in the monastery. He "fired" Desmond at exactly the perfect moment so that Desmond would meet Penny Widmore for the first time. Desmond tells Penny, "I was told in no uncertain terms that the Abbey wasn't where I was meant to end up. It's just a step along a path. God allegedly has bigger plans for me." !!!

Desmond showed Charlie the photo of himself with Penny. That's writer set-up so that Charlie will know who Penny is in "Through the Looking Glass."

Vehicle crash. Helicopter this time. It apparently splashed into the ocean.

Charlie said the word "Kryptonite" just as he was hit in the throat and killed. Nice touch there.

* * * * *
3.18 D.O.C.

Patchy came back from the dead for the first time.

The writers must have decided that some of the cast were going to leave the Island and that Sun would be one of them.

The dollar amount for the blackmail is $100,000. That's about a million WON, I think.

Jin's father is a male Korean Stella Dallas. :)

* * * * *
3.19 The Brig

This is an awesome episode, one of the best.

Ben says that he was healed because of proximity to Locke. I don't think so. Ben also said that when people join the group on the Island, they make a gesture of "free will and commitment." Is that true? Or was Ben just trying to humiliate and control Locke by making him kill his own father?

Cooper says that the Others used a car accident to kidnap him. We don't see it, but hey, another car accident.

Ben says they're all moving to an "old place."

* * * * *
3.20 The Man Behind the Curtain

Some of the stuff that initially confused me makes sense now. Some of it doesn't.

I thought Ben was making Jacob up for reasons of his own, making Ben the "man behind the curtain." We know now that Jacob is real, and he actually is the "man behind the curtain." The Others all look concerned when Locke says Ben is taking him to see Jacob, and that makes sense now. Ben wanting to kill Locke makes more sense now, too.

I'm confused about Richard's part in all this. In the flashback, Richard seems to believe young Ben's story that he saw his dead mother, whom I assume was really Jacob's nemesis. I remember Richard was Jacob's "adviser" and couldn't interfere with the battle between Jacob and the nemesis, am I right? But Richard did help Ben gas the entire Dharma Initiative. Why?

Who or what was in the cabin? It wasn't Jacob, since he lives under the foot, and I don't think Jacob would beg Locke to help him.

We still don't know what happened to Annie, do we?

I found Horace's death rather sad, now that we know him a lot better.

Ben says to Patchy, "I thought you were dead." Was this a joke?

* * * * *
3.21 Greatest Hits

Without a doubt, the best Charlie episode ever. Made me cry.

Not a car "accident," but the first flashback starts with a flat tire.

Desmond says he saw Claire and the baby leaving in a helicopter, and Charlie died to make that happen. And Claire never left the Island.

* * * * *
3.22 Through the Looking Glass

Jack caused a serious car accident on the bridge. We don't actually see the accident -- we just hear it.

There are a couple of hints about the Oceanic Six. Dr. Hamill says Jack is a hero "twice over." The guy in the Pharmacy said Jack was a hero, too.

Was Ben lying about Jacob instructing him to jam communications? Probably not. Jacob wanted people to come to the Island, but not to leave, right? I need to see the end of season five again because I don't remember it as well as I should.

Patchy definitely came back from the dead. How? He wasn't acting like the walking dead. And hey. I understand that Jacob's Nemesis was the walking dead, but what about Walt? Could he do Walt, too? Someone definitely used Walt to get Locke up and out of the pit, and on his way to killing Naomi, in order to keep people on the Island.

Locke's legs were paralyzed when he was in the pit. Another Locke leg thing.

Tom said (of Ben): "He's lost it."

Ben was beaten up and tied to a tree just like Cooper. That's what happens to bad daddies, I guess.

* * * * *
Lost Season Four Rewatch Notes

4.1 The Beginning of the End

The season starts with a car crash (not a CD or record), and it's Hurley crashing the Camaro into a parked GOLD car!

Sawyer called Desmond "Scotty." I missed that one.

Minkowsky definitely wasn't the voice of Fisher Stevens in "Through the Looking Glass."

In Santa Rosa, Abaddon was sitting in front of a set up chess board. White and black, good and evil.

There were whispers before Hurley found the cabin in the middle of nowhere and Christian was in it.

Locke said, "You got yourself good and lost there, Hugo." Hurley said later, "I got lost."

Jack nearly killed Locke. Killing Locke was definitely a season four theme.

* * * * *
4.2 Confirmed Dead

Adding these four people seems so random -- but we know now that Daniel, Miles and Charlotte all came from the Island (Others, Dharma and Dharma) and of course, Frank was supposed to be the pilot of 815.

Charlotte says, "He wants to know if we're lost."

Ben is the one who says Charlotte was born in 1979, a big point of discussion with fans later on. Oops.

* * * * *
4.3 The Economist

I had guessed that the reason Sayid was killing people for Ben had something to with Nadia. So good for me.

Locke isn't a good leader. He's too focused on himself.

* * * * *
4.4 Eggtown

Locke was sleeping in Ben's bed. :")

Ben said (to Locke), "You're more lost than you ever were."

Another backgammon game.

This was a big love triangle episode: Kate with Sawyer, Kate with Jack.

* * * * *
4.5 The Constant

If Daniel Faraday was born in 1977, he's only 19 in the 1996 segments. They don't say this time, but he's a prof, isn't he? Yes, prodigy, but that's really young. Maybe he's just a grad student?

Daniel tells Desmond that his constant is supposed to be something he cares about. I don't think Daniel cares about Desmond, so that doesn't make sense.

Eloise the rat (named after Daniel's mother) died of a brain aneurysm, like Charlotte will.

The phone call between Desmond and Penny may be one of the best moments in the series. It still made me cry, even knowing they'd end up together. And I loved the mention of Charlie.

* * * * *
4.6 The Other Woman

I get now that Ben was definitely behind the gas. Ben was lying to Locke about Widmore, and Charlotte and Dan were pretty much telling the truth. I don't understand about Harper, though. I assumed she wasn't dead... but was she? There were whispers before she appeared and she was carrying instructions from Ben, who was unable to give instructions at the time.

* * * * *
4.7 Ji Yeon

I knew Jin was still alive, and I still cried at the graveyard scene.

No new observations to make -- except that I have definitely seen Juliet as a heroine while rewatching seasons three and four, and that's not how I initially saw her. Same with Jin. When the series began, I thought he was an abusive jerk, but he's soooo not.

* * * * *
4.8 Meet Kevin Johnson

I'm still mad about Danielle, Alex and Karl dying.

Michael not being "allowed" to kill himself makes more sense now. And he's constantly seeing the walking dead. He's being manipulated.

Another car accident: Michael drove deliberately into a cargo container.

Tom is the one who says the word "lost."

Wonderful performance by Harold Perrineau.

* * * * *
4.9 The Shape of Things to Come

Ben lied to Sayid -- told him that he used Desmond's boat to get off the Island. We know now that Ben went to October 2005 at the end of season four.

Ben really didn't believe Widmore would allow his employees to kill Alex, because Others don't kill each other. Widmore tells Ben, "Everything you had, you took from me."

Miles knew that Claire was going to die. Claire said (after the explosion), "I'll live," and Miles said, "Don't be too sure about that."

Yes, I think that Claire died. I think the Nemesis is taking the forms of the walking dead in order to manipulate the living. If Claire died, and when, is one of those big unanswered questions, and we may never know. But (as a mom myself) I just can't see a "good mum" like Claire leaving Aaron alone in the jungle if she was still alive. So I believe she died.

Sawyer is the one who says the word "lost."

* * * * *
4.10 Something Nice Back Home

Bernard says sarcastically that Jack got sick because he offended the "island gods." That does seem to be the case, though, just like Ben with the tumor on his back. The writers were playing with us.

It occurred to me for the first time that Jack, Claire and Aaron (and Christian, as well) being related has something to do with them also being "special" to the Island. Is it genetic? "You're not supposed to raise him, Jack." This whole "raised by another" situation with Aaron still isn't resolved.

I was doing "love triangle" points earlier in the re-watch. As far as I'm concerned, Juliet got all the points in this episode.

* * * * *
4.11 Cabin Fever

That dream about Horace and the cabin came from the Nemesis, I presume.

Richard was looking for "candidates" (or, I guess, for a leader) when he visited young Locke. Locke was of course supposed to choose the compass.

This ep and the previous one got me thinking again about the "eye scenes." I've gone back and forth with them. Are they just a storytelling device? Are they the writers playing with us? Jack, Claire and Locke are the only people who have gotten both left and right "eye scenes". Does it have something to do with being a "candidate", which I think is a person being able to connect with or channel the "island gods"?

(Jack, Locke, Claire and Jin have gotten right eye scenes, Jack, Locke, Claire, Sun, Boone, Michael, Sawyer, Aaron, Desmond, and Juliet have gotten left eye scenes. Ben got one with both eyes. Here's my list of "eye scenes".)

Ben said that the leader of the Others twelve years ago made the decision to wipe out the Dharma Initiative. Eloise was the leader in 1977. Did she order the Purge?

Ben also tells Locke, "You'll understand soon that there are consequences to being chosen." And how.

Christian said he wasn't Jacob but could speak on Jacob's behalf. Liar. :)

* * * * *
4.12 There's No Place Like Home (1)
4.13 There's No Place Like Home (2)

Do we know why the ones Jack said survived the crash but supposedly died on the Island were Boone, Libby and Charlie? It still doesn't make sense.

Dan thinks Ben keeps getting beat up because of karma. :)

It's hard for me to admit since I stopped liking Locke awhile back, but Locke was right about Jack and company not leaving the Island. Locke just went about it the wrong way. In the science versus faith war, faith just won. Jack had to lie, like Locke told him.

Ben did *not* lose control due to grief over Alex; he killed Keamy on purpose in order to kill everyone on the freighter. With 20/20 hindsight, it's obvious that the Others are religious fanatics, totally certain that they're the "good guys" and what they're doing is right.

I always thought this episode signified a full character circle for Sawyer -- villain to hero. Everyone he cared about (nearly) was on that chopper.

That was Pierre Chang's coat Ben was wearing on his trip down to the donkey wheel. And there are hieroglyphs near the wheel, of course.

Claire said, "Don't bring him back." Meaning don't bring Aaron back to the Island. Was that Claire herself, since it was a dream?

Desmond and Penny reuniting is one of the great moments in this show.

* * * * *
Lost Season Five Rewatch Notes

5.1 Because You Left

So I was wrong about the time stream being the cause of the walking dead and Michael not being able to kill himself. It was a good guess. :)

Daniel Farraday said that the Island was like a record skipping, like Dr. Chang's record in the opening scenes. That must be why the records and CDs were shown in the opening scenes of seasons two and three -- not skipping. The Lost writers are so freaking devious.

In this episode, Richard told Locke that Locke had to die in order to get everyone back to the Island. But we now know that it was Jacob's Nemesis, in the form of Locke, who told Richard to tell earlier Locke he had to die in order to get everyone back to the Island. Jacob's Nemesis has manipulated everyone to get what he wants. I think.

Locke gets shot in the leg again.

I love this episode. I enjoyed every moment, just like the first time I saw it.

* * * * *
5.2 The Lie

Not much to say about this one. After getting creeped out by Ana Lucia's appearance, I laughed all the way through it; it's delightful. There's something so funny about a serious character like Sayid being carried around unconscious.

Daniel Faraday says, "I was really lost."

* * * * *
5.3 Jughead

Since we're in the know now, I thought it was funny that we were told they had to find Daniel Farraday's mother, and we immediately met her -- but in 1954. Widmore was there, too, so it was an unknowing Back to the Future meet-the-parents for Farraday.

* * * * *
5.4 The Little Prince

Juliet again gets the love rectangle points -- she was so sweet to Sawyer.

Don't have much else to add. Except that the Lost writers/producers did such an outstanding job of weaving all of the flashbacks and historic details into this time travel season. It's awesome. A mindblowing achievement.

* * * * *
5.5 This Place is Death

In the last episode, Danielle saved Jin's life. In this one, he returned the favor. Which I still find confusing. Jin's life can be saved without changing the timeline, but not Danielle's.

Montand under the Temple not screaming after he lost his arm sort of went with Richard (later on) taking young Ben into the Temple to be healed.

Locke's bad leg karma got him again.

It's interesting that "Christian", who is (we assume) Jacob's Nemesis, really dislikes Ben. And yet, everything he's doing to manipulate everyone is intended to get Ben to kill Jacob for him.

Couldn't Daniel Faraday have been Charlotte's constant?

* * * * *
5.6 316

In the sympathetic magic department, Locke was supposed to take Christian's place in the "recreation" of flight 815. He did that in a bigger sense than I thought, though. Christian has been used constantly as the Nemesis' conduit, and Locke was intended for that, too, but in an even bigger way.

The length of Jack's hair corresponded with his attitude. When he was mighty leader and chief science guy, it was short and under control (although he had beard stubble). In the latter half of season five, it was longer and less controlled, while Jack was coming to the conclusion that fate and destiny existed. (And yet, in the end, Jack had to take control back and force the timeline change.)

Caesar was the one who gave Jack his condolences.

* * * * *
5.7 The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham

Widmore said that Locke had to be on the Island before the war started, or the wrong side would win. Widmore must be on the side of the Nemesis, against Jacob. Right? Ben was supposedly behind the poison gas, but that never made sense. Was Widmore going to use the poison gas to kill everyone on the Island, including Jacob?

Walt had a dream about Locke in a suit surrounded by people who wanted to hurt him. I assume that wasn't Locke he was dreaming about, but the Nemesis in Locke's form.

The reason Ben switched gears and suddenly decided to kill Locke was after he heard Eloise's name. Did Ben realize that Locke was inadvertently working for Widmore? But later, Ben and Eloise seemed to be on the same side. I'm still confused about this.

Caesar found a sawed off under the desk. That was Ben's desk.

The car accident involved two other cars. One of them was gold, of course.

* * * * *
5.8 LaFleur

Whatever happened, happened. But I just don't believe that living with the Dharma Initiative and killing those two guys in the jungle didn't affect things. If there's a re-set of sorts, it probably doesn't matter now.

Amy and her husband Paul *had* to be Others. But I still don't understand why those two guys, supposedly Others, killed Amy's husband.

Juliet completed her emotional journey in this episode, delivering a healthy baby on the Island. (Oddly enough, Ethan.)

Chess set. There are so many chess sets and backgammon sets in this show. You see them over and over again.

I love this episode. One of my favorites of season five.

* * * * *
5.9 Namaste

We still don't know why Sun went with Frank and Ben to 2007 instead of 1977. Wouldn't Sun be connected to the rest of the Oceanic Five? For that matter, why not Frank? Wouldn't Frank be connected to Miles and Daniel, at the very least? Dan (my Dan) said that maybe Sun didn't go with the 1977 group because she had the baby she was carrying when they left, so her body was different. Maybe Frank didn't go because he's a "candidate."

* * * * *
5.10 He's Our You

The whole thing with Sayid killing Ben was a smaller taste of the bomb changing everything. Hinting that nothing can be changed.

Burning bus crashes into building! Vehicle accident.

Dan was totally down with Sayid killing Ben, and when it happened, he said one of our favorite Buffy quotes: "Do it again! Do it again!"

* * * * *
5.11 Whatever Happened, Happened

I honestly don't know what I'd do under these circumstances: let little Ben die or do my best to save his life.

The woman in the store said of Aaron, "He looked lost."

Jack looks so much better without stubble.

* * * * *
5.12 Dead is Dead

Ilana and company are carrying the airline crate around, like a litter carrying royalty. We all know now that Locke's body is in the crate, and the living Locke isn't Locke. It seems so obvious now -- the way he's manipulating Ben. But he's more than just one of the Walking Dead. It's like Locke is the Nemesis's perfect vessel, like on Supernatural. It's probably more permanent.

Locke says, interestingly enough, that he didn't think the Island wanted Ben to have the Others live in houses. And Locke knows where the Monster comes from.

This week's game board is Risk. It's usually chess and backgammon.

* * * * *
5.13 Some Like it Hoth

When he was trying to recruit Miles, Bram said he worked for the team that was going to win. I assume he was talking about the upcoming "war" between good and evil that's been mentioned?

* * * * *
5.14 The Variable

I feel a bit more charitable toward Eloise now. Why did she send everyone back to the Island? Did she really believe it was important? Or was she trying somehow to save Daniel Farraday's life by screwing up the timeline?

We still don't know where the name "Farraday" came from. Why wasn't he Daniel Hawking, or Daniel Widmore?

This episode reminded me of the classic Bill Cosby line to his kid: "I brought you into this world, and I can take you out of it."

* * * * *
5.15 Follow the Leader

Richard noticed there was something different about Locke, but didn't guess what it was.

Ben: "This must be quite the out-of-body experience."
"Locke": "Something like that."
Big honking clue for us there.

* * * * *
5.16 The Incident

In the coming war between good and evil, Locke is now the Nemesis and it seems logical that he'll be leading the forces of evil. The others that Jacob chose -- Kate and Sawyer as children (leaders on the Island are usually chosen as children), Sayid, Ilana, Jin, Sun, Jack, and Hurley -- will probably be the forces of good, now that Jacob is dead. I think.

Was the Nemesis the one in the cabin? I wonder if Jacob had been trying to contain him there and that's why it was circled with ash?

Jacob says to Sayid, "I'm sorry, I think I'm lost." Later, he said, "You get to talk to the people you've lost."

Nadia was hit by a silver car. Not gold this time.

It occurred to me that Miles would have known about Locke and the Nemesis if he'd been in the 2007 beach group.

The scene with Locke's body in the crate was shot exactly like the one where we found out it was him in the coffin.

Mark Pellegrino (Jacob) is currently playing Lucifer on my other favorite show, Supernatural. And Titus Welliver, who played Jacob's nemesis, was also on Supernatural as one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. I just think the symmetry of this is interesting.

The DVD disk with "The Incident" on it starts with a picture of the statue, and at some point, it just blows up and everything goes white and stays white. Very funny. I love the creativity and effort they put into the DVD sets.

I did it. I rewatched the entire series in time for the final season! I'm very glad I did. I'm sure I'm still going to miss stuff because Lost is so complicated, but I was also amazed at how much I'd forgotten.

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