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Highlander: Judgment Day

Joe: "I'm going to blow my brains out tomorrow. Tradition. You gotta love it."

Clip show.

Some clip shows can be really good. Others are pointless exercises meant to fill up an hour of television. This one fell somewhere in the middle. It had a unifying theme: the history of Duncan's unorthodox friendship with Joe Dawson. And it ended with a dozen bodies on the ground, so that was different.

It made sense that Joe's actions would eventually catch up with him. He has indeed trashed his oath repeatedly, although sentencing him to eat his gun was probably a bit harsh. Those Watchers. What's with them? The least little thing, and they go all evil. Maybe it's because the Watcher/immortal relationship is, by its very nature, difficult. Watchers must watch immortals, knowing they can never be immortals themselves. They must witness immortals doing really evil stuff, but they can do nothing about it. Immortals who know that Watchers exist can't help but feel paranoid. Plus there was that whole Watchers-killing-immortals thing a few years back. Do the advantages of Watching outweigh the (still secret) benefits to history? I wonder.

The best part was that, after Duncan decided to literally hang with Joe, it was a reluctant Methos to the rescue. I thought at first that his story about the Watcher who became friends with Methos was something of a conceit. But then I thought about it. Creating a fake book would take way too much time. Was the book real? It must have been. Was that how Methos found out about the Watchers in the first place? I bet it was. I'd love to see that flashback.

All this angst, and of course, the Watcher slaughter wasn't Joe's fault, anyway. It was a homicidal immortal named Jacob Galati, who got a little free with a machine gun at the end. Joe was saved from a fatal gunshot by a whole lot of fatal gunshots. A little irony there.

Bits and pieces:

— When they took Joe, I thought they did it in front of Duncan because they wanted Duncan, not Joe. Guess not.

— New Watcher headquarters is in Lyon. Why did they move? Did I miss something?

— There was a little callback to when Duncan first met Methos under the tunnel.

— The room they kept Joe and Duncan in was full of bizarre fairy tale props. I wonder if it was deliberate? I can certainly assign some symbolism to it. Let's see. The kangaroo court was a twisted game. Or, Watchers were like kids, and immortals the adults.


Joe: "Pierson to the defense. Perfect."

Methos: "Think about it. The man knew Methos! What stories they must have shared."

Duncan: "What do you expect me to do? Stay here and die with him?"
Methos: "I wouldn't. MacLeod, you need a vacation. I hear New Zealand is very nice this time of year."

Executioner: "On your knees."
Joe: "Not in this lifetime."

To be continued. On to the season finale,

Billie Doux knows that there can be only one. And that's Methos.

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  1. This one really shows the deeply seeded degenerate nature of The Watchers and the need for their existence, in its current incarnation, to cease.


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