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Highlander: Reunion

Kenny: "But I'm just a boy."
Amanda: "Like hell."

I wasn't wild about the first Kenny episode. This one was a lot better. Probably because it was less about Kenny, and more about Amanda.

As devious as Amanda is, she still has soft spots and Kenny was one of them. Kenny was her child for a year. Duncan was her lover (okay, sporadically) for what, three hundred plus years? When she had to choose between them, she faced the truth about Kenny and made the right choice. Fortunately for Duncan.

Amanda thought of Kenny as the son she never had, and Kenny loved her in return. The thing was, when they first met eight hundred years ago, Kenny really was the child he appeared to be. But the way Kenny kissed Amanda goodbye right after he set Duncan up clearly indicated that Kenny saw Amanda as a man sees a woman, not as a boy sees his mother. There was something really creepy about that.

The undercurrent to the Kenny story was, again, that immortals can never have children. So of course, Anne Lindsey finally showed up, visibly pregnant. Amanda befriending Anne instead of being jealous or standoffish again showed a positive side of Amanda. She has a sweeter nature and more strength of character than one might expect.


— 1778 South Pacific. The traditional desert island and an immortal sea captain, no less. Kincaid was a bastard, but marooning him on a desert island with no food or water and no way to kill himself was pretty awful.

— 1182 Hastings, England. Amanda was the first immortal to find the newly immortal Kenneth. He lucked out. Note the bad English accents.

— 1183 Hastings, England. Amanda and Kenneth spent an entire year living in the woods and stealing from tax collectors before getting caught, and separated.

— Lots of flashbacks to "The Lamb." Maybe they were running short.

Bits and pieces:

— Until I saw Amanda and Anne together, I hadn't realized there was such a strong physical resemblance. Does Duncan have a type? Does that mean Tessa wasn't it?

— Still with the annoying off-key nursery rhyme music. Very un-subtle.

— Myles Ferguson (Kenny) was good; it's not easy to play an adult when you really are still a child. (Ask Kirsten Dunst.) He was convincing as well as dislikable.

— Terence Kincaid was the twenty-sixth evil immortal with a K/C name.


Anne: "I was going to call Security but then I thought, what am I going to tell them? I got this kid who can live forever, but he's only safe in churches?"

Amanda: "It's like having a real family. (Duncan glances balefully at Kenny stuffing his face.) Duncan. This is as close as it will ever get for me, so would you please lighten up?"

Duncan: "Amanda. You're beautiful, you're smart, you're a lot of fun. Nurturing's in there. It's just not high on the list."

Anne: "This is really awkward."
Amanda: "Only for about the first hundred years or so."

Three out of four stars,

Billie Doux knows that there can be only one. And that's Methos.


  1. I thought this was a good episode. I just wish we could have gotten a backstory on Kincaid and Kenny. In the present day scenes he doesn't 't seem like the harsh Captain that Duncan strands on the Island. He is shown helping his crew load the boat , tells them thanks. This is a very much different Captain from the past where you can see his POV on wanting Duncan's head. I wonder if Kenny wronged him or was Kincaid hunting and easy prey. Still a good episode.

  2. How do you know what English accents were like in 1182? Is there something you need to tell us about yourself?

  3. If Kenny hadn't been a boy, or in a boy's body, Amanda and/or Duncan would have finished him off in the end instead of letting him run off to keep terrorizing people. Kenny's existence poses an intractable moral dilemma. Has there ever been an immortal who lived to extreme old age before their first death? Does the immortality kick in if the person dies of natural causes?

    1. Anonymous, I can't remember in which episode it is said, but immortality only kicks in if it's a violent death.

      And thanks so much for your comments. I'm enjoying them. :)

    2. It is in Highlander Endgame when Connor mentions that immortality kicks in after a violent death. At Duncan's wedding to Kate.

    3. It was also stated in the final episode of The Raven, Amanda's series. Spoilers!!! --- In it Amanda kills her lover who was poisoned with a gun. She knew he was inmortal but death by poison wouldn't activate his inmortality, so she shoots him. He didnt like that. He doesnt want to live for ever if it means that someday he might have to fight and kill Amanda since in the end it can only be one. And he didnt like that she made that decision for him. Thats how the series ends. Very sad.


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