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Supernatural: All Hell Breaks Loose, Part 1

Jake: "So we're soldiers in a demon war to bring on the Apocalypse?"
Sam: "Well, when you put it like that..."

This episode felt like And Then There Were None. And that was even before they found Lily hanging from a windmill.

So there they were, all of our demon seeds together in one really weird place. You could just tell that at least one of them had to be evil and faking it. I didn't want it to be Ava because I liked her. So darn. Ava was a nice person once; she went out of her way to save Sam's life. Have you noticed how female characters rarely survive longer than an episode or two on this show?

By the time we got near the end, it was obvious that supersoldier Jake would turn on Sam. I didn't expect Jake to actually kill Sam, though. Dean's reaction was utterly heart wrenching.

Will Sam stay dead? I don't think so. It's hard to believe it's permanent when we're talking about one of the characters on a two-character show.

We learned that Mary Winchester died because she walked in on the demon feeding blood to baby Sam. The big question (other than how Dean is going to bring Sam back to life) is how come Mary knew who the Yellow-Eyed Demon was? Red flags and alarm bells. Tune in for part two.

Bits and pieces:

— Lily was Rogue; she touched people and their hearts stopped. (Why wasn't she wearing gloves?) Jake has super strength. Ava's powers were progressing; she was controlling demons. Again, what about Sam? If he is resurrected. (He will be.)

— I liked Andy sending a visual image to Dean. Dean's reaction was fun.

— The Yellow-Eyed Demon told Sam that Sam was his favorite, but maybe he tells everyone that.

— The roadhouse got torched, and Ash of the world-class mullet is dead. Nooooooo. I liked Ash. Crap. And Ash knew something. What did he know?

— Dean's signature on a receipt was D. Hasselhoff.


Andy: "Calm down? I just woke up in frigging Frontierland."

Sam: "I think I know where we are, now. Cold Oak, South Dakota. A town so haunted every single resident fled."
Ava: "Swell. Good to know we're somewhere so historical."

Ava: "Don't worry. I'm fine. Except for every single thing that's happening."

Dean: "That was about as fun as getting kicked in the jewels."

Let's say three stars, as we move quickly to the finale,

Billie Doux adores Supernatural which is a good thing since apparently, it's eternal.


  1. Very good, indeed. And again that last scene of Dean calling Sam´s name just breaks my heart.

  2. As soon as Ash announced he knew something very important that would explain everything but could only say it in person it was like, well, crap, there goes Ash. I liked genius hillbilly. :(

  3. Not gonna lie, when Sam died (partly because I assume he'll be resurrected somehow) by first reaction was:


    Basically, this show is fantastic. Anything that can get me this invested in the characters is ding something right.


  4. Wow I apparently don't remember anything about the 2nd part of this finale because this is all I remember of it, lol... Ava, Andy, and Ash all killed off within one episode (along with Sam technically). Damn.


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