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Supernatural: Hook Man

Lori: "It's like I'm cursed or something. People around me keep dying."
Sam: "I think I know how you feel."

It wouldn't be a series about urban legends without doing the Hook Man. Unfortunately, it was more about the Hook Man, and not so much about Dean and Sam. And even though we had the requisite clever twist (that it was Lori, not her father), tracking such a famous and widespread urban legend to only one church and one person didn't feel quite right. A legend this big should have been, well, bigger. Plus I couldn't help thinking – puritanical preacher, rebellious daughter, parties, dancing – this was just a bloodier version of Footloose.

The B plot was Sam having a little romance with the extremely dangerous Lori. Except that he wasn't, because he still wasn't ready. We saw Lori in the rearview mirror of the Impala as the boys left town. Nice symbolism there.

Bits and pieces:

— Dean loved the parties. They were his idea of the college experience.

— Why would arrest records going back to 1851 be stored in a library? And wouldn't there be more than two boxes of them?

— It was so wasteful melting all that silver. I wish they could have found a way to keep the melted silver for bullets or something.

— At least they had shotguns full of rock salt. Since salt has already been introduced as a ghostly deterrent, that worked for me.

— This week, the Impala took us to Eastern Iowa University. And the brothers masqueraded as fraternity brothers from Ohio. And church-goers.

Quotes, all of them Dean's:

"Nice job, Dr. Venkman."

"Saved your ass. Talked the sheriff down to a fine. Dude, I'm Matlock."

"Dude. Sorority girls. Think we'll see a naked pillow fight?"

"Remind me not to piss this girl off."

(Standing in the graveyard covered with dirt) "That's it. Next time I get to watch the cute girls' house."

Two out of four stars,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. Good episode. Nothing really special about it, just good.

  2. Have started to watch this show based on the many recommendations on this site. So far, I am lukewarm.

    I love the dynamic between the brothers - it feels very real to me. However, the weekly damsel in distress who falls for one of them is quickly getting old.

    I shall persevere.....

  3. I was bored by Lori in this one. She just felt like a carbon-copy chick who was just there to supply exposition and re-emphasise the point that Sam isn't quite ready to move on from Jess yet.

    The rest of the episode was okay. Not good, but okay. I did like the dynamic between Sam and Dean...and I wish we had seen more of Dean's trying to fit into college life. As I re-watch it for my own review, though, I'm reminded of the issues I had with it. Mainly the somewhat predictable and unoriginal girl-of-the-week-menaced-by-monster-and-falls-for-one-of-the-hunky-brothers plot that plagued so much of early season 1.

    Still, it wasn't bad. I have yet to see Supernatural actually do a bad-to-the-point-of-unwatchability episode. Even 'Bugs' or 'Swap Meat' still have their moments!


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