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Supernatural: Long Distance Call

Clark: "You're all so connected. But you've never been so alone."

With Dean's time running out and no hope of breaking the Crossroads deal, the worst thing they could do to Dean was give him false hope. So yeah. Let's throw Dean a lifeline that was actually intended to drag him under.

This was yet another tight, well-written, quality episode, but I found it disappointing. Yes, the phone thing, and especially Lanie and the IM, were suitably creepy and I loved the Thomas Edison spirit phone thing because it was a great touch.

But I think they blew a golden opportunity for a much better story. The teaser totally gave away the fact that the phone calls were demonic, which immediately lessened the suspense. What if the boys had arrived in town to investigate a mysterious death and had gotten a phone call from their father out of the blue, with no other reference point? What if Sam had gotten a call, too, that also hit him where he lived? What if they had argued about what it meant and whether or not it was true, and the audience didn't know what was happening?

One more observation. If Dean's soul had been eaten by Clark the crokata whatever, would that mean he wouldn't have to go to Hell? I think I might choose nonexistence if the alternative was millennia of suffering. How will the deal work? What if Dean created a great big Devil's trap in Bobby's garage or something, stocked it up, and stayed in it? Would that keep it from taking him? What if Sam died before the time was up? Would the deal fall through?

Bits and pieces:

— Brash, snarky Dean turns into an obedient little boy when his father is around, even on the phone. I think Jensen Ackles does such a good job with this dynamic.

— Pornography and flies and stealing your soul. I knew the phone company was evil, but hey. A little touch of current events and the FISA situation, as Clark talked about eavesdropping on all of Dean's and Sam's phone calls and email.

— Loved the tour guide with the air quotes. "And we're walking. And we're not touching that."

— This week, the boys went to Milan, Ohio. The motel featured green flowers, avocado appliances, and aqua formica. They were cops again, and called themselves Mr. Campbell and Mr. Raimi. Bruce Campbell and Ted Raimi?


Dean: "I just talked to an eighty-four year old grandmother who's having phone sex with her husband... who died in Korea. Completely rocked my understanding of the word necrophilia."

Dean: "Oh, good. Yeah, go hang out with jail bait. Just watch out for Chris Hanson."

Dean: "Guess I'm big game. My ass is too sweet to let out of sight."

Sam: "Dean, it's not Dad."
Dean: "Then what is it?"
Sam: "A crokata."
Dean: "Is that a sandwich?"

Dean: (phone message) "This is Herman Munster. Leave a message."

Stewie: "That's what happens when you mess with the phone company, dill weed."

Dean: "Deep revelation, having a real moment here, and that's what you come back with? 'And me'?"
Sam: "Do you want a poem?"
Dean: "Moment's gone. Unbelievable."

I haven't given a Supernatural episode less than three stars in a long time, but I might have to for this one,

Billie Doux adores Supernatural which is a good thing since apparently, it's eternal.


  1. I liked it a lot and Jensen again did an amazing job.

  2. I'm with you, Billie. This episode just seemed a little less-than. Something was lacking. It was good, but nowhere near as good as it should have been. I do love that Supernatural on a "bad" day is better than most shows on a good day, though.

  3. Yeah. And the premise is just really sad... I love that line about the grandmother phone sex though


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