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Supernatural: Route 666

Sam: "You mean you dated someone. For more than one night."
Dean: "Am I speaking a language you're not getting here?"

A ghost truck going after guys who ran a car dealership. Sounds like supernatural road rage.

Actually, the A plot about the Flying Dutchman truck was very good. It included an excellent performance by the actress who played Cassie's mother, Mrs. Robinson (Kathleen Noone), when she told the story about the murders back in the sixties that started the whole thing. And I liked that the hick mayor turned out to be a good guy instead of a racist because in stories like this, the mayor is almost always a bad guy.

My favorite scenes were Sam's consistent amusement at Dean's attempts to be nonchalant about Cassie. She was smart and beautiful and gutsy, but I didn't think she and Dean had chemistry, even in that long, sexy love scene. (This was the first significant sex scene in the series.) At least we got a lot of Jensen Ackles with his shirt off, and that can't be bad.

And a terrific car chase. (I knew we were going to have a car chase.) The end of it, with the truck going through the Impala and dissolving, was quite cool.

Bits and pieces:

— The evil spirit was of a man named Cyrus Dorian, which made me think of the Picture of Dorian Gray. The killer truck with no visible driver also reminded me of the classic Spielberg movie, Duel.

— This week, we went to Cape Girardeau, Missouri on Route 6.

— Dean and Sam masqueraded as insurance agents from All National Mutual. They were wearing their Blues Brothers black suits, white shirts and black ties.


Sam: "You told her. You told her the Secret. Our big family rule number one, we do what we do and we shut up about it. For a year and half, I do nothing but lie to Jessica, and you go out with this chick in Ohio a couple of times, and you tell her everything? (silence) Dean!"
Dean: "Yeah. Looks like."

Sam: "Just an interesting observation in a, you know, observationally interesting way."

Dean: "I told you who I really was. It was a big first for me."

Sam: "Occasionally, I miss boring."
Dean: "Yeah. So, this killer truck..."
Sam: "I miss conversations that didn't start with 'this killer truck'."

Sam: "So burning the body had no effect on that thing?"
Dean: "Sure it did. Now it's really pissed."

Fairly good one. Two and a half out of four stars,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. Had to delete the comment; it had a spoiler in it.

  3. I´´ll change my comment then.
    My favourite scene is Mrs. Robinson telling the story of the murders. Excellent performance.
    And I like how Dean is completely honest with someone he loves.

  4. I simply loved Sam's smirks and Dean's discomfort around the whole idea of a romance. Reminded me of some of the interactions I've had with my little brother!

  5. I didn't think they had much chemistry either. Glad I'm not alone there.

    So now I have reason #82 not to visit the South. Ghost trucks. Other reasons include mosquitos, racists, and racist mosquitos.

  6. The South isn't so bad, (and by "isn't so bad" I mean "it's completely wonderful"). Though you have a valid point about the mosquitoes. Those things are evil. Pure. Evil.

    On a Supernatural-related note, I loved the fact that they didn't go for the racist-mayor with a hick accent cliche. It's slightly frustrating when it's assumed that someone with a southern/country accent must be both dumb and racist.


  7. Okay can someone tell me where this was really shot because I grew up in cape Girardeau Missouri this was not cape Girardeau

    1. I thought similar during the Benders, which is ironic because there really is a road on the way to Hibbing that looks like that, but the town that 4 miles outside there is smaller than Hibbing, not bigger. Of course when they went back there in the later seasons, I had a WTF moment. Hibbing is flat, it has a relay airport for the bigger commercial flights. The nearest location for the retreat is about hours down the road... Heading west.

  8. This was a great episode had great characters and amazingly enough the plot surrounding the ghost truck was great too. Which is amazing because I personally think the whole idea of a ghost truck is ridiculous. If they could have found a way to do this episode with a different form of haunting it would have been a perfect 10.

  9. I have a love-hate relationship with this episode.

    I do agree that Dean and Cassie didn't really have much chemistry (the fact that she ends up being a one-off character doesn't help matters any) and the best part of that relationship was Sam smirking at Dean's obvious embarrassment.

    It's nice that, while they did go for the racism plot, they managed to subvert most of the annoying tropes that automatically seem to come with such a story.

    Cassie's mother's monologue was beautiful and tragic...but every time Sam or Dean said the words 'Mrs. Robinson', I just spectacularly lost it so I fear I didn't really get the full impact. Why did they have to name her that?!

  10. Joining in with the "lack of chemistry" talk. I think while the actress who played Cassie was very beautiful (and very very tiny), she wasn't that good an actress. It was most noticeable in the argument with Dean prior to their kiss, and while she was wandering around the house before the truck turned up. Part of the issue is we never really got to see why Dean felt differently about her than he did every other woman. There was literally no clue given as to why he'd break all his rules for her other than he really really liked her. Weird!

    I'm a fan of the Killer Truck story, I have to say. :)

    - Arie

  11. They certainty didn't have mind blowing chemistry, but they did fit well enough together with their dualing personalities. Their interest in each other was believable, but the passion wasn't intense enough on a romantic level. Sex scene was done well though, from a physical standpoint.

  12. While I agree about the lack of chemistry, I am surprised that Cassie never came back. It feels like there were a lot of opportunities in the series where a comeback would have made sense.

    In general, I found this episode really boring, I struggled to get through it. But that might just be because it came after a much stronger one. It certainly isn't a bad episode, just not especially interesting.

  13. Ghost truck... somehow really cool and spooky while being prone to ridicule lol. I kinda wish it had a face... remember the DVD/poster cover of 'Ghost Ship?'


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