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Alias: After Six

"Have you ever felt that someone's your soul mate?"

This one was so much fun: lots of plot development, and a decidedly romantic theme, with couples all over the place. Let's see: we had Sydney and Vaughn with the romantic confusion and Jack's attempts to keep them apart; Marshall and Carrie's comic relief wedding; Sloane with, of all people, the shrink Dr. Barnett; and finally, Lauren and her obvious soul mate, Sark.

Lauren and Sark are both cute, blonde, and ruthless. They were made for each other. Lauren's seduction of the first cell leader intimated that she'd already had sex with him. And her smile after she killed him – she actually enjoyed stabbing that guy. This is the first time we've seen her being completely evil.

The character of Toni Cummings (Viveca A. Fox) was introduced. I thought her coldness toward what she thought were exploitative white South Africans made it appear that she has a social conscience. So: not completely a bad guy. We learned here that Quentin Tarantino was the man behind the man in charge of the Covenant. Is Cole truly the big boss? Did Lauren get him out of U.S. custody?

Finally, what the hell was that green crap that Sloane injected himself with? And what is his big secret? The implication is that Sydney is his daughter, but I just don't believe it.

Bits and pieces:

— "After Six." As in after dinner mints? Or as in six dead cell leaders?

— How did they get up the electrical tunnel?

— I couldn't help but contrast the casual dinner Jack and Sydney had here, and the way he stood her up in season one.

— I guess it isn't surprising that Barnett has a thing for Sloane. He is certainly a personality that would interest a shrink, and she has studied him, after all.


Sark: "You know, you're unbelievably good." and "A woman after my own heart."

Weiss: "However, I did have the same intense feelings for both Sporty and Posh Spice."

Marshall: "I love you, Mrs. Flinkman!"
Carrie: "I'm keeping my name!"

This week's...

... itinerary: that incredible chalet in Chamonix, plus Zurich, Berlin, Athens, Salzberg, and St. Petersburg.

... hot look: Sydney and Weiss' matching tiger stripes.

Two out of four spies,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.

1 comment:

  1. This was a fun episode, mostly because, as you said, Sark and Lauren are a perfect evil, blond spy couple. She seemed to really enjoy killing that guy. Like, really enjoy it.

    Mixing up the pairings also adds a fun element: Sydney and Weiss are a neat set of spies, and I'm always happy when Weiss gets more to do. Especially now that he's ordained in the Church of Mammals.

    If you listen carefully, you can hear Quentin Tarantino's voice telling Sydney to kill that guy in one of the flashbacks in "Full Disclosure." It's neat continuity, especially as that flashback is something that we know but Sydney only has the summary of--so she doesn't remember that Cole is Covenant.

    What was that green stuff?


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