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Alias: Color-Blind

"I feel like I've been stolen from myself."

Oh, goody. More torture.

This episode was sort of fascinating, with the color blindness and programming and yet more torture. The escape from the asylum was cool, too. I felt like I missed the beginning of the Shepard story, though. Why would SD-6 go to all the trouble of programming an assassin? Total secrecy? And the programming broke down; wouldn't SD-6 know about that? It seems unlikely, but hey.

Moving right along... it was indeed moving for Sydney to discover that poor, unwitting Shepard was Danny's killer, and John Hannah was just wonderful in the part. How could she hate Shepard, when it wasn't his fault? At least she now has a teeny bit of closure. It will have to hold her until she brings down SD-6.

On the parental issues front, Jack and Sydney got a little closer. He proved to her that he had never been KGB, and in exchange, she gave him Thanksgiving leftovers. It's a start.

Eloise Kurtz is dead, which is not exactly a surprise. Will got the go ahead on the story, just when he was once again ready to bag it. If Sydney knew what he was doing, she'd go absolutely nuts.

The Thanksgiving party and Charlie proposing to Francie just seemed like it didn't fit, somehow. (Don't do it, Francie! I don't trust him!) And what the hell was Will doing with Jenny, who was so young she was carded buying wine? Having her there made Sydney look like a fifth wheel. But if Will is involved with little Jenny, it clears the way for Vaughn, who is definitely getting emotionally involved with Sydney. Plus he broke up with Alice and spent Thanksgiving with his mom. Hmmm.

Bits and pieces:

— Jack and Vaughn met for the first time. Jack was clearly unhappy about the file Vaughn pulled to show Sydney. Not the way to impress your prospective honey's father, Vaughn.

— Someone named Cretchmer is Jack's handler?

— Jennifer Garner even looks good when she's crazy.

This week's...

... itinerary: Mostly Romania, or whatever part of Los Angeles stood in for it.

... Rambaldi: Something in Tunisia? Tune in next week?


Sloane: "I believe in her as if she were my own daughter."
Does he, really? That sounded creepy, somehow, like maybe Sydney is his own daughter. What if he finds out she's a mole?

Marshall: "You want to stretch out? I can inflate the couch."

Three out of four spies,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. "Sloane: "I believe in her as if she were my own daughter." Does he, really? That sounded creepy, somehow, like maybe Sydney is his own daughter."

    I second that!

    John Hannah was wonderful, and I love the way they resolved Danny's death (in Sydney's mind, at least) in a way that didn't require vengeance.

    Jack and Vaughn's conversation reminded me of Jack's conversation with Danny in the pilot. Scariest prospective father-in-law ever?

    And now, a break in my schedule marathon. Alias is not available for legal streaming, pay or otherwise. Grr!

  2. The Jack/Vaughn conversation always makes me smile. Again, Vaughn doesn't back down from Jack, but there is a certain amount of "I know (read, love) Sydney best and you don't" from both of them.

    What's driving me crazy through this viewing is the music. I've only ever seen this show on DVD and I am watching it today on Netflix. I've watched it enough to know which songs go where and they are all different. The ones today are usually not as good, it must be said, so I am wondering if streamed shows don't get music rights.

    Does anyone know?

  3. Chris,

    it is a VERY strong possibility...

    I'll give you a "personal" example: WKRP in Cincinnati, an old comedy from the late 70's-early 80's had ONLY the first season (out of 4) put to DVD.

    The show was a bout......a rock radio channel...

    And because of those rights, more than 95 % of the original music was changed. Even worse, one of the characters was HUMMING a song. The scene was badly cut from the DVD. Horrible.

    And also, probably a good reason why we'll NEVER see the Wonder years on DVD.......

  4. OH !

    While we're at it : probably why the DVD sets of Glee are so....expensive...

  5. ChrisB, that drives me CRAZY too! Especially because I'm often too lazy to drag myself over to my bookcase to get the DVDs when my computer is already on my lap. Bones on Netflix does that too. I'm not sure it would bother people who haven't seen it before, but it's really jarring to know a certain song is coming up and then hear something else.

  6. I'm totally with you on the creepiness of Sloane's comment! There seems to be a tug-of-war between Jack and Sloane.

    I love this episode! I felt so bad for both Syd and Shepard. How backwards crazy is this? And, how twisted for Sloane to send her in to contact Shepard knowing that he was the one who killed Danny! (Well, I assume he knew, but I could be wrong.)

    My favorite part of this episode was Sydney and Vaughn. While Syd was talking to Shepard, she admitted that Danny was the one part of her life that she couldn't stand to be a lie (or something like that). Then, when she tells Vaughn about letting Shepard go, she admits that she was going to lie to the CIA about it, but decided she couldn't lie to Vaughn. It is still a friendship/professional relationship between them (with a lot of mutual admiration), but this comment (and Will's hooking up with Jenny) has opened the door to potentially more.


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