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Alias: The Coup

"Who the hell lives a double life like that? Seriously?"

Real life and spy life collided, as Francie and Charlie crashed Syd's mission in Las Vegas. Charlie was cheating, and Francie and Charlie are over. And I still don't care.

This episode introduced Mr. Sark, who works for "The Man." In this episode, the very young, cute and brutal Mr. Sark assassinated the head of FTL in Hong Kong, and then the head of K-Directorate in Moscow. He and/or "The Man" have a huge thing for Rambaldi, specifically Rambaldi's journal, much like everyone else in Alias-Spyworld. I'm assuming we'll learn who "The Man" is, sooner or later, since we keep hearing about him.

In this week's father/daughter bonding moment, Sydney acknowledged that she may have gone to grad school only because she thought her mother was a lit professor. Jack uncharacteristically opened up to Sydney about his wife, and also uncharacteristically, encouraged her to stay in school. These two may actually be on their way to a real, honest-to-goodness relationship. Jack is trying very hard, and it certainly isn't easy for him.

In this week's cliffhanger, Sydney is again literally hanging in the air, being shot at.

Bits and pieces:

— The Sydney/Vaughn romantic vibes are getting heavy. Vaughn wants to date, huh?

— Will is still with little Jenny. What can he be thinking? (Sydney: "Did the Clinton administration teach you nothing?")

— SD-6 (and Sloane!) gave Syd a little impromptu party for saving SD-6. How weird is that?

— That prick Haladki didn't win, since Vaughn is still Sydney's handler.

— The romantic Sydney/Vaughn scene was filmed at one of my favorite L.A. places, the Griffith Observatory.

This week's...

... itinerary: Hong Kong, Las Vegas, Moscow.

... cool gadget: A razor prism.

... hot look: The silver showgirl look. Woo-hoo! Dixon looked a little like Rick James with all that hair, though.

Three out of four spies,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. Sark!

    I had two goals for today: mop, and watch Alias until I got to Sark. I succeeded at one of them!


    Hooray! He looks so, so young, especially now that I'm six years older watching this. Still adorable, though. "The Man" is apparently quite scary...or is Sark himself. What a great con that would be. And "The Man" is a phenomenally stupid name: all the spies from K-Directorate to Sloane were right to look so embarrassed saying it. Isn't there a PJ Harvey song about "The Man"? As well as all the others from back in the day, of course.

    FTL is dead. This isn't that weird to me, as whenever I heard of FTL on the show, I thought simultaneously of FTD (flower deliveries), DHL (international shipping), and Gaeta from BSG ("Spool up the FTL!"). That chain of associations always took me out of the moment, so I welcome their demise. Also, it's worth sacrificing an entire Team Baddie for a entrance like that.


    I wish they'd included a shot of the cake that SD-6 got for Sydney. "Thanks for deactivating the C4!" would be a great message to ask the baker to fit onto a sheet cake.

    Random thing that occurred to me in the last scene: damn cheap Soviet constructions, they're all chipped plaster and no good for spying!

    In closing: Sark!

  2. Josie --- Sark or the mop? You made the right call!

    Am really enjoying following your 'Alias' journey. It's been a favourite of mine since it began and I'm really enjoying both your comments and Billie's reviews.

  3. I wish they'd included a shot of the cake that SD-6 got for Sydney. "Thanks for deactivating the C4!" would be a great message to ask the baker to fit onto a sheet cake. Laugh. Out. Loud.

    David Anders' birthdate is March 11, 1981. This episode aired February, 2002. Do the math. I didn't know how young David Anders was until much later in the series.

  4. What more can I say than to echo Josie -- Sark!

  5. 21? Pshaw, he looks 16! Sark!
    Rewatching for the...3rd? 4th? time...still love this show.

  6. Best parts about this episode...

    Sark, who is just an adorable bad guy.

    Vaughn is finally admitting his feelings for Syd, but is mindful of the line that he cannot cross.

    Jack is trying to be a dad. Not just the dad that is constantly trying to save his daughter's life, but also the dad that can take care of her emotional well-being. He's trying and I think Sydney is realizing that it will take more time than she was originally hoping for.

  7. Sark is indeed adorable. I'm enjoying your comments, Karen!

  8. Thanks Billie! I've seen Alias so many times, so it's fun to do some analyzing! I love reading your reviews and the other comments as well, especially Josie's.

  9. Vaughn to Sydney;- “I think that I wasn’t clear about something. That it would be nice to be in public with you. To actually get to look at you. Grab a pizza / go to a hockey game. I wasn’t clear that I would really like that too.”


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