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Alias: Page 47

Jack: "There's a difference between concern and assassination."

Like the last episode, this one was about Sydney's personal life colliding with her spy life.

We finally got to meet Sloane's dying wife Emily (Amy Irving), and she's a sweetheart. Either that, or she's a great actress – but I don't think so. It seemed so Sloane-like to have a sweet wife who knew absolutely nothing about his evil, double life.

Talk about uncomfortable. The dinner at Sloane's house had layers all over the place, with Emily in one level of existence, Will in another, Sydney and Jack in a third, and Sloane in a world all his own. All those layers of knowledge, with only Jack knowing everything. And the discussion of Will's article about working for a man who was a monster? Transparent metaphors are us.

We learned that the Rambaldi journal (which of course looks like a DaVinci journal) is an instruction manual, and that page 47 (of course, it's 47, since Rambaldi has a thing for the number 47) has a picture of Sydney. Which is wild, as well as this week's cliffhanger.

Will, still cradle-snatching and getting awards, ditched Jenny to go out with Sydney, and got some instant karma when Jenny ditched him by the side of the road. Note to Will: don't break up with someone while they're doing you a favor: it's tacky, and can even be dangerous. Jack was doing Will a favor by kidnapping him and threatening him, interestingly enough. Will finally did the smart thing and dropped the story on McNeil and SD-6. For now. Again.

Bits and pieces:

— Sloane's finger still hurts. Serves him right.

— We saw Mr. Sark only briefly.

— Vaughn's Aunt Trish sounds like an aunt of mine.

— Francie is deeply bummed, but I think bum is the operative word. She's better off without Charlie. The scene where she and Sydney took off their rings together was very sweet.

— Syd lives at 4250 Cochran Street.

This week's...

... itinerary: Moscow, Tunisia, Sloane's house.

... hot look: Red halter-top and cutoffs, definitely Mary Ann instead of Ginger.


More Vaughn/Sydney sparks: "You look really pretty."

Sydney, holding a paperclip: "This is a bug?"
Vaughn: "It's good, huh? You should see the guys who make it. It's like they've never seen sunlight."
Sydney: "You should meet Marshall."

Three out of four spies,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. You nailed the dinner scene, Billie--my favorite "layer" was Will talking about the evil boss and realizing that he sort of felt the same way about Sydney's [cover] job, and felt uncomfortable that he was thinking of Sloane, even though we know that he's more right than he realized.

    How much did Sloane see when Sydney put the journal back in the safe? That's one inscrutable face he's got there.

    Is this our first non-mission cliffhanger since the pilot?

  2. Don't break up with someone while they're doing you a favor: it's tacky. LOL

    The dinner scene is amazingly well written and acted. I think Sydney and Will could be so cute together, but how jealous was Vaughn in this one? Twice he asked her whom she was taking to dinner.

  3. So Will is still pining for Sydney. And Vaughn is jealous. I don't think he's jealous in the romantic sense (well, not completely). I think, in this episode, it was a jealousy about not being able to have any normalcy in his relationship with Sydney. In reality, he. Is her confidante and knows her better than any other character. But, they can't even have a cup of coffee together.

    Meanwhile, Will can never be who Syndey needs. It's doubtful she would get into another relationship where she cannot be honest about what she does,


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