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Alias: Detente

Weiss: "Oh, God. This is the greatest girl ever."

A continuing theme this season seems to be telling someone the truth about how you feel, but indirectly. This week, Sydney had to channel Sloane with the bad guy, and she took the opportunity to tell Sloane indirectly exactly how she felt about him.

Sydney has now joined Dixon in the increasingly vocal "I hate Sloane and don't forget it" club. Sydney keeps bringing up (too often, in fact, which lessens the impact) that Sloane makes her nauseous, while Sloane has started striking back, like with that snide remark about "Unless you need me to explain the essential nature of confidentiality." Offering to transfer her was pointless, and I'm sure Sloane knew it was pointless; APO consists of Sydney's father, sister, and lover, plus three close friends she absolutely trusts. Who could leave a team like that, Sloane or no Sloane?

Sloane may be evil, but he's the only parent Nadia has, and Sydney was spot on comparing Nadia's relationship with Sloane to her own with Irina. Jack was also spot on that Sloane should not even attempt to keep Sydney and Nadia apart; the two sisters are developing a strong relationship at work and at home, a relationship they both need. I have a feeling that this season's main plotline will blow them apart, damn it. No one ever lives happily ever after on Alias.

My favorite scene was the double couple stuff in the hotel room, with Sydney and Nadia up front playing glamorous Valley Girls, and Weiss and Vaughn behind the scenes talking about them. ("Wouldn't be weird for you, would it, if we were dating sisters?") After last year's debacle with the much maligned Melissa George, I'm pleased to report how much I adore Mia Maestro. She and Jennifer Garner just fit together, and Nadia's toughness combined with her intense vulnerability make her extremely likeable.

I had one complaint about this one. I just don't buy the bad guys not recognizing Nadia, even if she was disguised as a maid. Nadia is striking, and her face is too distinctive not to notice. She should have worn a wig, glasses, or a fake nose, or some combination of the three, like Sydney has done in the past. (Although that conjures up a picture of Nadia as Groucho Marx.)

Sloane appeared blank last week when Dixon attacked him, but he seemed hurt and vulnerable this week when Sydney did the same. And Jack and Sloane, former close friends, appear to be re-bonding. I keep wondering what's going on behind the scenes, what Sloane is really up to, and what their plan is.

Bits and pieces:

— Nadia's code name is Evergreen. Sort of compliments Sydney's, which is Phoenix; evergreen stays alive throughout all seasons, and phoenix rises from the ashes.

— When she was a delinquent kid, a judge told Nadia that he thought she was "lost." Was that a sly acknowledgement of their new sister show?

— More Mission: Impossible-type music.


Lots of Marshall this week, ergo, lots of comic relief: "Not much of a sports fan. More of a Scrabble club type, maybe a Boggle tournament if I'm feeling dangerous..." and "Will you marry me, Mr. Bristow?"

Sydney: "He owns a fleet of sports cars: Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Bentleys..."
Weiss: "This guy's living my junior high fantasy."
Marshall: "Or my current one."
What's with guys and cars? At least we didn't get a Ford Focus ad this week.

Marshall: (excited) "Check it out. (whistles) Huh? It leveled an entire city block, and that's just a little drop of Black Thorine. Imagine if you had the whole... (realizes what he's saying) it's actually really depressing..."

This week's...

... itinerary: Irkutsk, Monte Carlo, and a yacht on the Black Sea.

... hot look: the red and purple sister act, followed by the all-black hair-back sister act.

This episode made me miss my own sister.

The standard good Alias episode. Three out of four spies,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.

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  1. This was delightful. I agree that Nadia fits in perfectly and is fascinating in a way that Lauren Reed never was. The slow-burn romance with Weiss is adorable, too.


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